Creative Chemistry online class video + quick share

Hello folks.

I bet most of you saw this video that Tim Holtz posted on his blog today… but I thought I would share here just in case. It shows a peek into his Creative Chemistry 101 online class. A lot of people were asking – It isn’t too late to sign up. If you sign up before the 9th, you can ask questions of Tim in the forum, share in the student gallery and use shopping discounts. After the 9th, you can still sign up, but just won’t have those live aspects I just mentioned. Regardless, you will have lifetime access to content. To sign up, go HERE.

Yes, you read it right. Over 5 hours of video with Tim. As my friend would say, “isn’t that every girl’s dream?” Hahaha.

Also, for those of you who are subscribers to the Online Card Classes newsletter, you should have received today information on signing up for the our next class. We will announce it to everyone soon!

Next up? A card share. I did this one awhile back. But I don’t *think* I have shared it here yet. So here it is…

Used lots of Studio Calico chipboard butterflies here… wrapping thin string around them several times and tying in a knot at the top for antennae. After finishing it, I felt it was too much brown, so I added one small Glossy Accent covered heart.

See you tomorrow.


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42 thoughts on “Creative Chemistry online class video + quick share”

  1. Thanks for the info about Tim’s class. Love the thin string you added for your butterflies’ antennae!

  2. Just love your butterfly card, Jennifer! I’m enjoying Tim’s class and looking forward to your next class – got the email today. I so appreciate the ability to watch the videos at my own pace and doing the projects when able. Thanks for putting on these classes – love them!!

  3. I was in Tim’s class-it will take me month’s to assimilate all the knowledge he shared.Really fantastic experience.
    Making cards this weekend-going to try your string technique-it’s so cute!

  4. Love the butterfly card! Absolutely loving the class with Tim! Learning so much! Please have him come back for another!! Already signed up for the class on die cutting! Two weeks of Tim and distress inks and I think three weeks of you, Kristina and Nichol on die cutting! I am in class heaven!

    How are you getting this all done with a five year old, pregnant and due soon and house renovations??? You are an inspiration!

  5. luv the card! and ty for offering Tim’s class…I have enjoyed it quite a bit…natural teacher like yourself…. good luck on house redo…its sooooooo much work! been there…lol… and get more rest…soon you wont be getting much at all! lol

  6. Beautiful card, Jennifer! Love all the shades of brown. And the string tied around them, ending in their antennae is a really nice touch. Finished off with the pearls and glossy heart – gorgeous!

  7. Just love this butterflycard here Jenniffer, it´s awesome. Ans so is anything from TH too. That man is a real genius, when it comes to crafting and stamping. Boy would I love to be able to attend one of his classes for real one day, that would be soooooo cool, but it probably never is going to happen in real life thoug LOL.
    Love all your work too hun, it´s sooo awesome as well.

  8. Love all the shades of browns on this card and you gotta love all those butterflies! Learned so much from Tim’s online class– so much fun, as have been all of the other Online class courses I have taken. You all do a great job putting these classes together.

  9. Amazing card – I love how you take something simple and make it so beautiful! I took Tim’s class and was absolutely blown away by the amount of information I learned – never knew there was so much theory to distress.

  10. Thanks for sharing all the info on Tim’s class…he’s amazing! This card is perfect! Love the browns, the strings add so much to the butterflies and that little heart…well, like I said..perfect!!!

  11. Jennifer this is a STUNNING card! I love how you did all the butterflies (reminds of the transformation of CC101 & what it’s done for me, in allowing us to spread our wings)…just fitting for the post follow-up for the class. I’m excited as I just signed up for your newsletter & can’t wait to see what online card classes has to offer.
    HUGS & TY for all that you do.

  12. What a gorgeous card! I would never typically use these colors, but it looks awesome!

    I also wanted to THANK YOU and Kristina and everyone who put in so much time and effort to make Creative Chemistry and wonderful awesome class, hosted in your classroom.

    I am already signed up for the next class and will be looking forward to it. It was on my WISH list of classes you would offer down the road, so I was very happy to see the email! WOOHOO!!!

    Special thanks again to everyone involved in ALL the wonderful classes that have been offered. I’m very thankful and lucky to have been in each one and they have all been absolutely AWESOME!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope and the baby are feeling good!!


  13. Love your butterfly card!
    I took Tim’s class & loved every second of it. He shared so much great information.

  14. Beautiful card! This card is lovely in brown and I would never think of using that color by itself! Thanks!

  15. Love the butterfly cards and how you used the string for the body and antenna. Got the newsletter email and am definitely signing up and also picking up one of the earlier classes I didn’t do in the past. Thank you (and your team) for putting these together…so valuable and I’m having so much fun (as always) with these classes and Tim’s class is top notch!

  16. Love the butterflies Jennifer–just like I’m loving Tim’s class. May have to check out your next class–but I hope you can convince Tim to do another class!

  17. Love your card Jennifer (as always). Thanks too for all of your behind the scenes work on the Creative Chemistry 101 classes. (And all of your cohorts too!) I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Can`t wait for the new classes to begin. As always – chomping at the bit to learn more!

  18. Loved Tim’s class. I learned so much. Also love your card, too, with the butterflies. Interesting color combination. What a great idea with the string. You clever girl!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  19. Wonderful card – love the look of it and of course, the little red heart! I have enjoyed all the on-line classes – including Tim’s. They have all been wonderful! I was glad to hear I could sign up for the first half of the next class since I don’t have the machine for the second half. I am looking forward to it! Thanks so much for all you, Kristina, and Tim do for the stamping community!!! Hugs!

  20. You never cease to amaze me, Jennifer! I love how you add the smallest details to your cards to create the biggest impact! As always, thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Woo Hoo ~ I can’t wait to hear more about your next on line class 🙂

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