I am here! … and a giveaway!

Sorry for being MIA for a bit. Took a much-needed relaxing weekend with friends. Soul-refreshing. Ahhhh.

But I am back and have lots to share over the next few weeks!

Today is a pocket card I plan to give to Colin’s teacher this week after parent teacher conferences. I totally admire what she does, so I gotta spoil her when I can.

Just created a sewn pocket on the front to hold a gift card…

See you again soon.

And I wanted to do a giveaway! Holiday Card Boot Camp is currently going and we are having such fun. Lots of ideas, videos, prizes and discounts. And it isn’t too late to join! All the content will be there forever, so you can come in anytime. And as a thank you to all of you who signed up, I wanted to give another spot away today. If you are already in the class, no worries! You can “pay it forward” and give your spot to a friend. Nothing feels better then giving, right? Just leave a comment here by Friday night for your chance.

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312 thoughts on “I am here! … and a giveaway!”

  1. This is such a FANTASTIC idea Jennifer. I just walked in the door about an hour ago from my daughter’s Logan and Kennedy’s Parent/Teacher Conference this evening and they did OUTSTANDING….and BOTH the girls teachers are AWESOME….so a card like this is so great to give them. THANKS so much for the chance to win as well!!!

  2. Jennifer, you are such a giving person. What a wonderful way to show appreciation for Colin’s teacher, and with an amazing card as well. It’s been a rough year, and I could sure use some creative inspiration from each one of your guests at Boot Camp. Thank you for the chance at your generous giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I would so love to join in the Boot Camp. This would be my first on line class. That you for sharing with all of us.

    What a thoughtful gift for Colin’s teacher.

  4. I would like a chance for card boot camp. If it was a physical boot camp, I don’t think I would sign up! LOL!!

  5. What a nice gift! I got a gift from a student’s family after our parent teacher interviews and felt so spoiled!! I’m sure Colin’s teacher will feel very thankful as well. And I appreciate the chance to win a spot in the boot camp – wanted to participate but money was a bit too tight to swing the cost since it is close to holiday time … : ( Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  6. I’ve been racking my brain for some creative holiday card ideas. The class sounds like just what I need. The gift card holder is adorable. Colin’s teacher will love it!

  7. Super cute card! I love your felt leaves, button and pearls! They add the right 3D touch! The traditional Christmas colors also really satisfy my need for the red and green, too! Thanks so much for your regular inspirations!!!

  8. What a cute gift card card! It would be marvelous to attend the Boot Camp! A girl can hope, right? Thanks for the chance 🙂

  9. Oh I would love to be able to take this class. I loved your last online card class, you do an amazing job with teaching. I teach my clients about card making every holiday season and we make christmas cards for the troops. I work with pregnant women and mothers who are overcoming substance addictions and who are coming from the most tragic backgrounds one can imagine for human existence. When they have a chance to learn these paper crafting techniques and release some of their own creativity, it literally brings them back to life and to themselves in a way that is truly heartwarming and inspiring. And then they pass it along to their children and that is even more amazing to witness!

    I pass along what I learn from you and other amazing women in this paper crafting world the many techniques and your PASSION for what you do, so I just wanted to thank you for all you share and let you know just a tiny portion of the influence you are creating in the world!!!!! It’s the ripple effect at it’s finest.

  10. Hi Jennifer
    Great card – inspires my gift list!
    Can I ask, I bought the heart die from My Favourite Things when doing Inspiration Showcase ( which was super by the way!). Is there any simple way of separating the hearts so I can just cut one at a time? Or is that just not done because I might damage the die. Thanks in advance, 🙂 C

  11. I’d LOVE a chance to win a spot in your Holiday Card Boot Camp!!! I loved the Inspiration Showcase class!! Thanks for the opportunity to dream for a bit!

  12. I love your thank you card to the teacher. What a thoughtful person you are, and such a good role model for your little boy in being appreciative. WOuld love to win a place in your class.

  13. I would LOVE to have a chance to win this class! I could watch you and Kristina and all the other designers make cards all day long!! You are all SO talented! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. You sure are a thoughtful mom! Love the card idea too. Colin’s teacher will surely be tickled too 🙂

    Boot Camp would be lots of fun. I thank you for a chance to win the experience!

  15. I would enjoy the chance to win all your information and expertise in this class! I took Inspiration Showcase and just soaked up all you and your guests had to offer! Thanks for the chance!

  16. i so need the inspiration Jennifer,
    thank you for the chance to get some from this giveaway
    love that card idea with the gift card tucked in there

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