Registration for Inspiration Showcase closes at midnight!

See you tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Reminder…”

  1. I am so sad I missed this! Took the one this summer and it was great. If you can squeeze any last minute attendees in, let me know.

  2. Jennifer, I guess I am whining but I sent an e-mail explaining the difficulty I was having getting into the site to register. I had taken the other class ealier this summar and somehow, my password kept me from getting into the registration site for this new class. I got an answer to my inquiry and was given an answer to use Firefox, which I do use. In that e-mail, I asked if there was another way I could register but had no response to that. I was okey for missing this classs until I was looking on our site and then the “whines” got to me. Please look into this because there could have been others that this might have happend to. I use LasPass password manager and have never had any problems in the past. I am really bummed out by not being able to get into the class.
    Thanks for allowing the opportunity to let you know what happend.

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