New Adhesive + Giveaway!


While at CHA, a friend of mine named Kim Conlin came running over to me saying she found an adhesive I would love. But considering how adhesive-picky I am, I didn’t believe her.

I was wrong. After playing with this adhesive, I was sold and am now considering it a favorite. (You can see a video about my other favorite adhesives HERE. I still do love all of these adhesives – it is good to have a few faves within reach.)

This adhesive is unique in a few ways – in ways that make me really like it.

First, it holds in your hand so nicely. I hold it like a pen, so it is so very easy to control and place where you want it…

Refilling it is easy. Pops right in.

The tip applies the adhesive nicely in a nice almost-like-dots honeycomb pattern that is strong yet can be rubbed away. A must for me.

And here is the best part: There are three different widths to the adhesive that comes out. LOVE this…

So if you get the blue one, it puts out a pretty wide strip of adhesive – much like others on the market. If you get the pink one, it is a medium strip. And that green one? It is my favorite. It puts down a thin strip – great for all the little pieces and strips I am always using on my cards and pages. Love. It.

You can get these adhesives HERE. The prices are great and ends up being comparable to the other adhesives I like. So here are the types:

A big thanks to Simon Says Stamps for being willing to order these new babies when I showed them to them at CHA. And since she is so kind, she sent me a set to giveaway…

So leave a comment here by Sunday night for your chance to win one of each of these adhesives and one of each of the refills!

Good luck.