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14 thoughts on “IS_larger_post_header”

  1. You rock!! I am going to try to sign up for this…my budget is tight but learning to use more of what I have will stretch my budget and my right brain too!! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity and expertise!!

  2. I do not have paypal (I am 73 years young). I am assuming you are not taking Visa. Could I please put a check in the mail to you??? You will receive it in just a few days which will give us plenty of time before September 12th. PS I won your button heart canvas last year from the Breast Cancer charity.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for the great classes at Stampaway! You and Shari are great. You make it all look so easy. Thank you for your love of the craft and sharing your time with the community!
    pam dickert

  4. I need some postivie inspiration and I hope to get that from this class. I love your teaching style.

  5. Thank you for another class… I am quite new to this electronic form of learning. (at 74!!!!!)
    Its almost Spring down under so a good time to start.

  6. A really great idea for finding inspiration quickly. I would love to learn a technique and then apply it straigh away.

  7. I really want to sign up for this class however I am having trouble paying with my paypal account. Is there any other way that I can pay for this class?

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