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20 thoughts on “giveaway”

  1. So if i take all the classes available maybe I can be as creative as Jennifer and the 16 other amazing teachers in the Spawn class. I can try!! Can’t wait for Inspiration Showcase !! I love the way you create and teach all your amazing ideas!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer and InkLinks Manager, for the opportunity to win a gift certificate to SimonSays Stamps. Can’t wait to try out your Links Manager free through November! Thank you! (Jennifer, you ROCK!! 🙂 Susan

  3. Wow, what week you have had! I hope you are feelingbetter by now. And I hope your husband is doing well after being so close to the tragic air show accident. My prayers today are with all who have been involved. TFS your beautiful card and for offering your giveaway…I’d love to buy the stamps you used. 🙂

    Beth Anne in PA

  4. I do have to tell you I do miss you when you are on a break:) But you need it ! Hope you are feeling better and Thankful your husband is OK – Wish I could have gone to Scrapfest. Thanks for the give-aways.

  5. It has been an unthinkable event here in Reno. The stories will continue for many many weeks to come. I’m so glad to hear your husband was OK! What a scary few hours for many of us who knew friends or loved ones who were at the race on Friday. Our community has made us very proud in their response to this horrible event. Prayers go out to everyone involved especially to your husband as he deals with witnessing such a horrific event.
    Sheri W.

  6. I knew something had to be going on when you didn’t post for so long. Very happy to hear things are going better for you and family.
    Studio Calico is a new-to-me company. I’d love a chance to start shopping there. Patti

  7. That card is just beautiful! Love the 6×6 pads as well. I was eyeing up those butterflies, but with the print on them, had not thought to cover them. Thanks for the chance for the gift card!! I get goodies each month from SC, so it will certainly come in handy!

  8. jennifer, i have been following your blog for a little over a year now and it all started with me trying to figure out what the heck a “die cutting machine” was. i had never been into scrapbooking and had never heard of such a thing, so i looked it up on youtube. i found your youtube page which led me to more of your videos and now i have a room dedicated to cardmaking and scrapbooking! thank you so much for all of the things you share, you give me so many great ideas!

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