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Hey, folks. I have lots of random things today. 🙂

Yes, I will admit: I am one of “those” moms. You know, the mom who spoils teachers and always offers to help? Yep, that is me. So I decided to make a bunch of cards for all the teachers, bus drivers, etc that will be in Colin’s new Kindergarten life. Yep. I am one of “those” moms. And proud of it. 🙂

Here is a glimpse at some of the cards I made – they are featured today over on the Paper Crafts Connection blog. For more information, details, photos and a *giveaway*, be sure to stop there.

I used papers from Studio Calico, stamps from Paper Smooches (you can buy them HERE) and embellishments from KI Memories. And you can get some of each by heading over HERE for the giveaway.

Oh, and speaking of giveaways, here are a few for you:

Be sure to to visit these fun links:

A few people have asked questions, so I thought I would share some things here about my Inspiration Showcase class:

  • There are three stores offering 15% off for students in the class – Simon Says Stamp (will also have free gifts), Two Peas In a Bucket (free shipping) and Ellen Hutson. That rocks.
  • There will be lots of great prizes. Really good ones.
  • Even if canvases aren’t for you (you can count me in this category), this class will still have something to offer you. There will be lots of card ideas and talk/examples of how to apply the 40+ techniques to cards.
  • If you took my canvas class at Simply Scrapbooks, Stampaway, Absolutely Everything or Buffalo Stamps, please email me before registering for a discount.

I also am excited to announce another event I am honored to be part of – the Spawn of True Scrap. I was a part of True Scrap event in the spring and had SUCH fun. It is a weekend of classes from the comfort of your own home with lots of teachers…


Registration opens 9/1. Those who sign up from the link on my blog will get to take a bonus private online video class with me after the event. So be sure to check back here.

OK… that’s it! Have a good night.

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15 thoughts on “Back To School Cards + Giveaways + more…”

  1. Good for you for being one of “those” moms! I’ve somehow found myself being PTA president at my youngest son’s school, and while it’s a complete kick in the tushie timewise (because I work too), I want to know the people my boys will be around so much at school and also thank them for all they do. I enjoy your blog–thanks and good luck w/ kindergarten!

  2. As a teacher, I so appreciate “those” moms! Wish that parents didn’t forget how hard high school teachers work for their kids, too. A little support and recognition goes a long way since we often don’t get it from the students. I admire you for supporting all the adults who come into contact with your child. It will mean the world to them!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I’m really interested in the spawn of true scrap class. I just registered for the newsletter. I’m not sure though i will be able to clear my whole schedule, do you know it the video parts will be available after broadcasting them? That’s one of the featured I really loved about the summer card camp, maybe it will be the same for this course too???

    Thanks for sharing your cards, I think kind gestures never hurt anyone 😉

  4. Cute, cute cards, Jennifer – I almost wish my daughter was back as school so I could be one of “those” mums :o) Very intrigued by the upcoming “Spawn.. Class”. Will it be available after the go-live, like the online classes – I may have missed that information on the video, if so I do apologize 🙁

  5. Bless your Heart! You’re a GOOD Mom!!

    My boys are now all grown and this is only my second year of not sending a child off to school. I have to admit I miss it and miss having little ones around! Cherish every minute — the time will fly by!!

    Hugs and happy wishes,

  6. I’m exhausted just reading this..hope you are taking your vitamins! Thanks for all the great inspiration and hard work!

  7. I was popping in out of my google reader to see if there was a support group for being one of “those moms.” I see there is one in your comments section :D. (I ask this as I’m putting the finishing touches on a probably over the top scout event tonight and I was wondering why I jump in so fully… I see you can understand.) It IS a blessing to the teachers and others and it may be the only thanks they get all day. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your servant heart! Be Blessed!

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