Making Molded Flowers and Buttons + Giveaway!


Months ago, I had promised to do a video showing how to make molds for creating flowers and buttons. I filmed the video back then, but never got around to finishing it. So I filmed some more video a few weeks ago… and am just now getting to pulling it all together. Sorry to those who waited!

This video shows how to create molds and how to use them. It is all very easy! You use this these methods to create your own plastic/sculptured/resin/cabochon flowers, buttons or other hard embellishments. And it is a lot of fun!

(Something seems to be wrong with YouTube. If you can’t see the video below, please go HERE to watch it.)

So, here are the products I like to use…

This is Mold N Pour from Ranger. This product simply rocks as it is easy to use and creates molds that are durable, flexible and safe to bake at temperatures needed for clay. It is fun to create molds from many things with this stuff! They are flexible and reusable. A little goes a long way, too. You can find Mold N Pour HERE and HERE.

This is the Ice Resin you can use to create “resin” embellishments. It is easy to use and you can use many types of reinkers or paint to add color. You can try anything! You can get Ice Resin HERE.

As for clay, there are a million places to get it. I prefer the resin. 🙂 If you have a Melting Pot and UTEE, that works, too.

If you are looking to buy some resin flowers or cabochons, you can get some HERE and HERE.

I also like to create my own colorful pieces from some of the Tim Holtz embellishments, such as THESE. (Don’t tell Tim that I am taking his brown embellishments and making my own colorful versions – ha. 🙂

If you don’t want to make your own molds, you can get them from THIS seller on etsy. However, making them is fun!

So how about a giveaway? Just leave a comment here by Friday at 11:59EST and I will pick a winner of a set of Mold N Pour. You will love it.

Good luck!

Project Supplies: