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Awhile back, I shared the invitations I created for Colin’s 5th birthday… which had a Super Mario bowling theme. (Interesting, huh?)

And I am just not getting around to sharing the favors I created for the kids I invited. Bad me. 🙂

We had quite a few kids at this party as I invited all the kids in his class. He goes to a Montessori where the kids are close and I have great respect for the families there. Many of them are from other countries – I love how diverse it is. So when it was time to create favors, I knew I wanted to do something with some personalized pieces. Many of the kids have unique names so I thought it would make it extra special. (I know how frustrated Kay was as a kid when she could never find a pencil with her name on it! Ha.)

So each kid got a bag. The bags are from Hobby Lobby. They were sold in packs of three and were 40% off… coming out to about $1 a piece.

I used the Silhouette and the Clean Cut Fabric Interface to cut the names and adhere them to the bag. This is SO very easy. SO easy. (Or I wouldn’t have made so many – hee.)

The girls got flowers with gem centers and their name in the Cocktail Shaker font…

The boys got a basic font with lots of stars using fabrics Colin insisted on…

The kids were over the moon with the bags. It made me so happy.

Each bag also had a tag with a note from Colin…

Colin helped with picking the goodies that were inside the bags, too. I printed lots of Super Mario themed coloring pages that I found on the internet. (The coloring pages for the girls had lots of Princess Peach.) Colin also wanted to put in a few of the glow-in-the-dark stars. To save on costs, I broke up bigger packs and gave each kid 3…

And here is another personalized piece. I created this circle in Photoshop and laminated it. I then glued it to a clothes pin and put a magnet on the back. Perfect to put on the frig to hold a masterpiece…

Oh! And Colin wanted bookmarks, too. All the clipart was free online…

And, yes, these did take a lot of time. But they were so very worth it when I saw those kiddos smile. The girls helped me out quite a bit, too, and had a lot of fun with it. Isn’t that what this craft is all about anyway?! Yay!

Have a great night.

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58 thoughts on “Birthday Party Favors”

  1. I love the idea with using fabric to cut out the names to put on canvas bags. Thanks for the fantastic idea.

  2. Wow these are magnifico! Lol. My son is a big Mario Fan and loves the video game and show. I actually showed him the invitation when I checked your blog before and he thought it was so cool. Thanks for the ideas, they are so great. TFS

  3. Wow, Jennifer. Great job! Oh I love the little pins for the frig. The bags are a great idea. What would we do without our Silhouette….. 🙂


  4. I remember those days with birthday parties for my boys and all the goodie bags. mine were mostly paper lunch bags nothing like what you did. you are fabulous! I’m going back 25 – 30 years and back then I had no idea what stamping was…needless to say i have been stamping a good 15 years now.
    stamping sue

  5. What fun bags and party favors! My kids would be thrilled!

    I, too, have a son named Colin and his last birthday was a Mario pool party….sometimes you just have to get Mario in there somehow 😉

  6. One more reason I NEED a silhouette!! My next major purchase will be one….Helping my Girls with Birthday parties this month….it would have been so much easier to have one!! LOVE these favors you did Jennifer…you are a Super Mom!! Hugs…..

  7. Very nice birthday goodies! It definitely looks like a lot of work, but I’m sure the kids loved them. I tried ONCE one year to do personalized goodie bags. Some people I expected didn’t show and some I didn’t expect showed! That was the last time I did that. 🙂

  8. These are AWESOME! I would love to have been a kid at Colin’s Party! so coooool! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  9. This is so special! I love the time you put into Colin’s party. You used your talent and resources for the best purpose – to celebrate! Love all of the details and how professional everything turned out! You deserve the best mom award!

  10. You are definitely a super mom to make all these wonderful things for Colin’s party! I love it that Colin had a lot of input into what he wanted in the bags, too! You are teaching him such wonderful lessons in life in including him in the decision process. All the items you made were adorable and treasures for all the kids at the party. How lucky they must feel to know you and your family. Thanks for sharing.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  11. Those bags are awesome – oh how I would love a die cutting machine!! I really loved all the personalized pieces inside – you are an amazing mom!!!

  12. AMAZING!!! I even want a bag! Way to go mom…your son must have been busting at the seams with excitement! The time, effort, and creativity are unbelievable!

  13. Jennifer you are so creative! I wish I could come up with some of your ideas – or at the very least be able to replicate them! The kids must have LOVED those bags and goodies! And the moms too because they weren’t filled with candy!

  14. Those are so awesome! What a nice thing (and hard work!) making something personalized! Awesome!

    I”m putting this in Evernote in case I ever get a cutting machine!! 😉

  15. You went all out Girl!!! I Love It! I would love to make my two little Grand Children a bag. But I don’t have a Silhouette. You did a Super Job. Thank you for Sharing. :0)

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    OMGosh, I can’t get over how FABULOUS your goodie bags turned out! I’m sure Colin was quite proud to give them to his friends, and of course proud of his talented mom! You are so very thoughtful and generous….I’ll bet those kiddos LOVED everything!!!
    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

    Barb G.

  17. These are fantastic!!! You are so generous with your time, but I know you love your kids! I want to go to one of Colin’s birthday parties!

  18. Cute! Those bags are great (and what a great deal!). I love the Mario theme. I make Mario cards for my Etsy shop and they are my best seller.

    I’m sure Colin’s 6th year will be even better than the first 5!

  19. So very cool! I totally belive that the kids would have been thrilled with their personalised items. The bags are just sensational. I love what can be done with the Silhouette!

  20. Wow, what an amazing gift bag! I was feeling so proud for making the envelopes for the frozen yogurt gift cards I got for my daughter’s thank you’s; you’ve given me the inspiration to try for even more next time (I’ve got 6 months, maybe I should start now~LOL).

  21. OMGosh!!!! can you adopt me? I Love those totes, such a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing you idea, wowsers indeed:)

  22. Wow! I’m so glad you finally shared these because they are AWESOME and I have a couple kids birthdays coming up! I see some copies in the near future. So cool! I have to say I am surprised you didn’t stop with the bags because that is probably enough to do me in, but then the frig magnets and bookmarks are so special too! 🙂

  23. I forgot to ask… Did you experience any trouble cutting the fabric with the Silhouette Interface? I tried to cut American Crafts fabric paper (which has a sticky middle when you pull it off the backing) and it ruined a brand new blade with one use. If you didn’t have trouble, was your blade useless for paper cutting after that? Just curious if I should plan for that or not…

  24. such thoughtful party favors and LOVE those personalized bags! wow! love that you carried the theme all the way to the favors. love it when you can get your kids to help you with this. super project and just so fun to see! thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  25. These favors are incredibly cute!
    What’s this about a “Cameo Silhouette” coming out? I must Google it now!

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