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Awhile back, I shared the invitations I created for Colin’s 5th birthday… which had a Super Mario bowling theme. (Interesting, huh?)

And I am just not getting around to sharing the favors I created for the kids I invited. Bad me. 🙂

We had quite a few kids at this party as I invited all the kids in his class. He goes to a Montessori where the kids are close and I have great respect for the families there. Many of them are from other countries – I love how diverse it is. So when it was time to create favors, I knew I wanted to do something with some personalized pieces. Many of the kids have unique names so I thought it would make it extra special. (I know how frustrated Kay was as a kid when she could never find a pencil with her name on it! Ha.)

So each kid got a bag. The bags are from Hobby Lobby. They were sold in packs of three and were 40% off… coming out to about $1 a piece.

I used the Silhouette and the Clean Cut Fabric Interface to cut the names and adhere them to the bag. This is SO very easy. SO easy. (Or I wouldn’t have made so many – hee.)

The girls got flowers with gem centers and their name in the Cocktail Shaker font…

The boys got a basic font with lots of stars using fabrics Colin insisted on…

The kids were over the moon with the bags. It made me so happy.

Each bag also had a tag with a note from Colin…

Colin helped with picking the goodies that were inside the bags, too. I printed lots of Super Mario themed coloring pages that I found on the internet. (The coloring pages for the girls had lots of Princess Peach.) Colin also wanted to put in a few of the glow-in-the-dark stars. To save on costs, I broke up bigger packs and gave each kid 3…

And here is another personalized piece. I created this circle in Photoshop and laminated it. I then glued it to a clothes pin and put a magnet on the back. Perfect to put on the frig to hold a masterpiece…

Oh! And Colin wanted bookmarks, too. All the clipart was free online…

And, yes, these did take a lot of time. But they were so very worth it when I saw those kiddos smile. The girls helped me out quite a bit, too, and had a lot of fun with it. Isn’t that what this craft is all about anyway?! Yay!

Have a great night.

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58 thoughts on “Birthday Party Favors”

  1. I love those! and I love that you used my name in your photos, LOL. growing up I could never find Cassie on anything. I’m sure the kids loved all of it.

  2. A Mario Brothers theme party is such a great idea! I love when birthday party favors are personalized with a child’s name on it too. You most certainty have a creative mind and thanks for the idea! My kids love Nintendo and would this.

  3. I bet all the kids loved these wonderful personalized bags and favors – what a talent you have for creating fun, usable gifts!

  4. okay I’m way late in commenting (I’m taking your cut above class but where did you get the Mario stamps for the tags? I love those and might have to do them for my son’s party!

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