Super Stamping Secrets Online Class + 20% off Sale

I shared yesterday about this online class now available for $9.99. I had a few questions, so I thought I would answer them here…

Super Stamping Secrets is a class I taught as part of the True Scrap event. This event was several weeks ago and I taught along with lots of teachers. But you can now just buy my portion for $9.99. You will get to see a 32-minute video from me sharing secrets for stamping+scrapbooking along with my favorite techniques. In the video, I create 3 pages and 6 cards – never seen before.  For more information, click HERE. You can also buy classes from other artists such as Ali Edwards, etc.

These projects are exclusive to this video. I share tips for stamping in scrapbooks and show lots of examples. I also share my three favorite techniques, along with three variations of each.

If you have any other questions, just leave them here and I will pop in to answer them.

I also wanted to give you a heads up about a sale over at Ellen Hutson. It is a Father’s Day sale that will be running June 1st through 7th… 20% off their Father’s Day category. Awesome deal. Click HERE to see what is on sale. (Use the code “dadsday” for the sale.)

Off to pick up Colin from his last day of preschool. How is it possible that my heart is breaking and very happy all at once?!

Happy Thursday!

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12 thoughts on “Super Stamping Secrets Online Class + 20% off Sale”

  1. Aww, it’s so tough to see them grow up. . .no more preschool. . .can’t believe he’s that old either! But I also know how happy you are that summer is here and you’ll have him home all the time, along with the girls. . .yay! Enjoy, Jennifer!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Have had the same feeling so many times. And even though my kids are pretty much grown up (19 & 24) I still have those moments when I am so happy and excited for them but also a little sad knowing that they are one day closer to having their own busy life and eventually a family and less time for mom and dad. So enjoy every moment this summer with your cute little guy.

  3. Hey, there! Yay, Colin! I can completely relate! My middle one had her last day of preK on Tuesday and will start kdg next year! I’m totally going to cherish this summer! Hugs and blessings to you!

  4. That feeling is so confusing and it will happen often. My son just graduated from college – my oldest has her MBA -so I thought I had that feeling of happiness and tears all out of my system after her two graduations but no – I still had it big time! Perhaps it was because his girlfriend spent the whole time with us – they are very serious about their relationship and Christ which is such a blessing but that also made me want to cry and laugh for joy at the same time! So < and congrats on finishing a year of school with Colin – you were a busy woman!

    And thanks for the sale code – I just placed an order-:)

  5. Wow $9.99 to get 30 minutes of your techniques…I call that a deal. Thanks for the clarifications!! It’s hard to see Colin grow up and have the mixed feelings. Totally natural 🙂 Vacation will be a wonderful break for you and a great way to celebrate the milestones with your beautiful family. Big hugs, Kathy

  6. Oh, it’s just the beginning of those mixed feelings. My daughter, who is 25, finished school ( RN) and just moved out…so happy for her, and yet, there was that picture board I made for her when she graduated from high school, which I would swear, was just yesterday. I know that they were happy tears, proud tears, mom tears. Enjoy your time, it flies by! How fun to have kindergarten to look forward to! Kinders are so cute at our school, love ’em! Got a little side tracked, sorry! Your online class sounds great!

  7. This sounds AWESOME! I will be purchasing the class!

    My daughter just graduated from high school…sad/happy at the same time! I home school my kids…so very happy that I have one less to worry about, but sad that she is growing up!

  8. Hi Jennifer, just watched your online class and it is fabulous! Thankyou so much for all your great techniques, cannot wait to try them all out. I have been addicted to stamping since finding your classes on you tube – You are my stamping guru! So a big hello from Tasmania, Australia and Thanks again for making my life more crafty and fun, love Karen x x

  9. Hi Jennifer – that is just as it should be! You take time to help your child/ren become happy confident people & it kinda breaks your heart when that happens…
    My 3 boys are all stepping into adulthood, although I miss the little boys… I am enjoying the young men they have become – still loving and so kind to me!
    Your colin looks so cute & mischeivious – he reminds me of my eldest, Daniel who will graduate next month, has secured a good job & is preparing to be married in October…where has the time gone? Enjoy your boy – lots of fun…
    Barbara (from Aberdeen, in bonny Scotland)

  10. Jennifer I purchased your video, paid through pay pal and then was going to click on the continue or return button to get my video and I have to tell you there wasn’t either one of those buttons throughout my time on paypal. So I just paid for the video and can’t get to it. The link that it says to use doesn’t work. help please [email protected]. I’m sad now:( I really wanted to watch the video. Help

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