Coming out of the water…

… to log in and say hello!

We are still on vacation and it is heavenly. Here I am snorkeling with the kiddos…

I love being in the water. It is amazing here.

Anyway, I know I have a lot of winners to announce, but I will do them all when I am home. Internet is very sketchy down here. This is my first success so far. But, I do have to admit: I am ok with that. The water is calling my name.

See you soon!

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64 thoughts on “Coming out of the water…”

  1. Wow, such memories, Love that place. Hard to describe how beautiful it is; you just have to experience it once.. and your hooked for life. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Oh….. I am jealous beyond all reason! I’d much rather be wet!

    As far as Echo Park goes, I’m right there with you. I’ve been a fan since they started too! I love this new dots and stripes collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Looks so relaxing and beautiful! Would love to get some information on this place for my husband and I…it looks like just the place I need!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  4. Looks like a great spot to snorkel. So glad you have the chance to get some rest time with family. Thanks for a chance to win!
    Aloha, Kate

  5. My husband and I went on the Cuan Law several years ago. We dove the RSS Rhone and did some snorkeling as well. We visited several islands including Virgin Gorda. I totally hear the call of the water and the boat. It is indeed heaven on earth in the British Virgin Islands and the warm Caribbean water is so conducive to rest and relaxation. sigh. How lovely! Totally enjoy.

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