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My friend, Lain Ehmann, has a new class at Big Picture and said I could do a giveaway! She is talented and fun – her classes are, too. Here are the details:

The Mother LOAD (Layout a Day): A Scrapbook Marathon

Are you a marathon scrapbooker? Do you want to be? As crazy as it may sound, scrapbookers have a lot in common with runners. Both can run into the same problems – lack of time, isolation, a routine that has become more of a drudgery than a help. The good news? You can easily overcome these obstacles.

No, Lain won’t make you run 26.2 miles in just a few hours – but she will challenge you to scrapbook 26 layouts in 26 days! Through The Mother LOAD – A Scrapbook Marathon, part of the 4Experts series for 2011, Lain will show you how committing to making scrapbooking a priority in your life will help you:

  • Scrapbook faster
  • Love your pages more
  • Actually USE your stash
  • Connect with what you love best about this hobby of ours
  • The first two months of class will be spent on “basic training” to increase your stamina, refine your process, and get you mentally and physically ready for the ultimate challenge: creating a layout a day for the first 26 days of September. After you cross the finish line, there will be time for reflection – and celebration!”

For more information, please visit HERE.

Want to win a spot in this class? Just leave a comment here by June 19 for a chance to win – a $79 value!

Also, you can get $20 off by using the code “load2011.”

See you there!

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266 thoughts on “Class Giveaway + Discount Code”

  1. A layout a day? Winning would be awesome! I would have the opportunity see if I could actually do this! Thanks for the chance…

  2. Oh my goodness would I love this! What a great class. With the new baby in the house I will need this kind of push to get some layouts done.

  3. I took one of Lain’s LOAD classes a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I had never have gotten so many LO’s completed (and haven’t since). That’s fantastic that she’s doing another one. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  4. would love to win a spot in this class! I’m the kind of scrapbooker who’s poring over 1 layout for 3 days! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  5. I really could use some help with scrapbooking and I have never taken a class so I think this class would help me a ton.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Wow!! I need this, I have been practicing for just such a class. I need to power scrabbook … I am years and years behind. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. This would be AMAZING to win. I’m still a “Scrapper in the Making” and I could sure use some classes. Thanks for the giveaway. Smooches…

  8. This sounds great. Please put my name in the hat for this one. Scrap faster? I didn’t know that was possible. I’m so pokey. This class might rid me of that being too picky problem I have.

  9. Would love to win this….need to win this! Just printed a ton of photos to get caught up on. How dare life get in the way of scrapping!

  10. I have so many photos to scrap and no motivation…I would like to win this class for that alone!

  11. I would totally *love* to take part in the LOAD Marathon – I did a layout a day with Shimelle’s “learn something new every day” class a couple of years ago and it was challenging, yet sparked my creativity. Unfortunately I am unemployed at the moment and can’t afford the $79 fee for this class so would LOVE to win a place!!

  12. Oh, my! I’d love to learn better planning so I could dig deep into this stash I’m accumulating! And to learn how to be more efficient with my time working on a LO… I don’t go to crops because I have no idea how to take just what I’ll need! Thanks for a chance to win a spot!

  13. This looks like a great class! I am crossing my fingers that I can win a spot in this class. But even if I don’t, I appreciate the discount code. Now I really have no excuse not to get moving!

  14. I would love to be able to Scrapbook faster and it sure sounds like loads of fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I am a regular reader of Lain’s blog, but haven’t been able to take a LOAD class yet. Would love to win!

  16. i’d love to win this. i need a jump start, i’ve been on a scrap hiatus and just can’t gear myself up.

  17. This would be an amazing way to get me motivated to get my kid’s baby album completed. With him just having a 13th birthday means that I have put this off for way to long. With only a handful of layouts completed, something like this would get the job done and my kid very happy!

  18. Wow this sounds intense! But probably just what I need to get me going again on my photos. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. It would be awesome to win!! I feel like I just don’t have enough quality time to scrapbook. How can you do your best work when the tape is stuck to your face because you fell asleep again!!!!

  20. Jennifer, I’d love to win the class. It sounds like just what I need to get motivated to scrap all those pictures I’ve bought supplies for and never got done! I’ve now got grandbabies to create layouts for, too!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  21. The looks like a super fun class. I love the line “acutually USE your stash”. Yeah that fits me to a T. Jane S

  22. Oh, I would LOVE this class!! I have lots of LOs in my head, and I’d love to have some direction for them!

  23. I would love to take this class and learn to scrap faster and still love my layouts more! thanks for the chance!

  24. In where I live, there’s no scrapbook store that teach classes… so I’d love to have a chance to join this online class!! =) Thx!

  25. wow…sounds like a great class. Definitely love to be in this class 😀
    thanks for the chance..

  26. I would love to win a spot in this class. Sounds like I’d learn a ton and get some pages made. Woo Hoo!

  27. Let’s see…I average one page per month on a slow month and about 5 or so when I just stick stuff down and be done with it already…that’s my problem…I could rearrange all day long and not stick anything down for good!

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