Tim Holtz Auction


Just popping in quickly to let you know about a great auction

Kristina Proffitt‘s daugther was just diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes – something my brother also has. She is doing a big fundraiser to support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Right now she is auctioning off a signed album by Tim Holtz. It is gorgeous.

Yes, Tim has touched this album. Cue the swooning of ladies all around the world. Ha. 🙂

Please go check it out and consider bidding. It is a great cause. You can find it HERE.


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12 thoughts on “Tim Holtz Auction”

  1. I know it was on her site earlier today because I followed it from twitter. But now the whole post is gone from her site.

  2. I was just ready to say the same as above. I’ll check back later to see if it is up and running.

  3. Thanks to all who have brought attention to this cause…my family has been touched by diabetes also.

  4. It seems blogger is having issues the last few days and posts have been disappearing. They said everything should be back to normal sometime today.

  5. I wish someone would give a direct link for this auction. I read a month’s worth of posts and clicked on the link to the auction but cannot actually see a picture of the auction nor be able to bid on it. If you want to promote something, giving us a better link would be helpful!
    Aloha, Kate

  6. Hi ladies!
    Definitely check the link out again today! Blogger was having major fits the past couple of days and I lost the last post I had created, which just so happened to be the Tim Holtz album auction! The good news is that the post is back up, but ALL of the comments were gone unfortunately. I did post in the comment section though where the last bid stood, so go and check it out and if you want your chance at it – please do bid! It’s ALL going to a wonderful cause to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in honor of my daughter. Tim is such a sweetheart for making this album and donating it to our cause. The photos don’t do this album justice – seriously. It’s THAT beautiful. Sigh. The autographed photo that comes with it is nice, too! 😉 Thanks so much everyone! Oh and if you want to bid anonymously – just leave your anonymous bid and then email me your name and email so that I know the bid is legit.

    Have a beautiful weekend and thank you Jennifer for spreading the word about the auction!! 😀 Hugs to you all!

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