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12 thoughts on “Room”

  1. That is such a pleasing shot. Are there really 6 levels to your ink blending tool carousel???? You go girl!

  2. Now this is my idea of heaven. A place for everything and a sweet little boy to delight in!

  3. Didn’t think there was anyone else who had a nicer set-up than you! But I am up to getting some new ideas for my craft room and sewing room!

  4. Having an organized space just paves the way for creativity — and calms my spirit. Since my space is in full view of the world in my home, I would love to see their ideas. Being handicapped makes it difficult to reach things and I need to really think through where I locate things and keep them organized!!

  5. Awesome! Love all the hundreds of drawers and compartments lending to a clean workspace.

  6. What an incredible space. It is beautiful. Would love to win a copy of this magazine. Thanks for the chance!

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