Welcome to Invited Sponsor Lawn Fawn + Giveaway!

Hey there, stampers.

Today I am excited to welcome another of my invited sponsors, Lawn Fawn.  (For more info on my sponsorships, click HERE.)

I adore Lawn Fawn – both the company itself and their wonderful stamps. Here are ten reasons why:

(10.) Lawn Fawn‘s stamps are made in the USA with a high quality photo-polymer. And you know how strongly I feel about US-made stamps. These stamps stamp beautifully.
(9.) Lawn Fawn is owned by Kelly Marie, one of the sweetest, smiliest (that is a word I made up) gals I have ever met. I like that.
(8.) Lawn Fawn is relatively new, having opened just over a year ago. However, they already have 36 stamp sets. Talk about success!
(7.) Lawn Fawn is good friends with Hero Arts. Yes, it is fabulous when companies play well together!
(6.) Lawn Fawn has great design team members that are constantly offering fresh new ideas. You can find fabulous ideas on their blog, or at Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
(5.) Lawn Fawn stamps are unique – a look that is all their own. I admire how they have carved out their own spot in the stamping world by creating stamps that are cute, whimsical and even a bit quirky.
(4.) Lawn Fawn does a lot of giveaways. And, well, you know I like those. 🙂 In fact, they have an Inspiration Week starting April 9th with lots of prizes, amazing design team samples and, of course, giveaways!!
(3.) Lawn Fawn stamps work for simple “I-gotta-get-this-done-quick” cards or for more complicated “I-want-to-break-out-my-Copics-and-color” cards.
(2.) You can buy Lawn Fawn from their site (very low/free shipping) or from your favorite stores like Simon Says Stamp or 2Peas.
(1.) Lawn Fawn stamps make me smile. Isn’t that what stamping is all about?

They are great, aren’t they?

And I have a fun giveaway game for you! Go over and visit Lawn Fawn HERE and pick out your favorite three stamp sets.
Come back and post them here. On Tuesday at 11:59pmEST I will pick a name and that person will win their favorite three stamp sets! (If you already own your favorites, you can list the next three on your wish list.) Want to see my faves? Here they are – Just My Type, Just My Type, Too and My Silly Valentine

And how about some cards using these cute stamps? I think Lawn Fawn stamps are great for making cards for kids. I needed “congrats/way-to-go” cards for my three kids, so here they are…

Kay always wears funny socks, so I had to have fun with these. Yay to her for getting her first job…

Audrey just made it into cheerleading – a natural…

And Colin used a snorkel and mask with no problem (a must since we are going to Virgin Gorda soon)…

And even if a card is simple, you can add some fun with some shine. For the keys, I used Black Enamel Accents. For the scissors? Glitter pen

Off to play with the little man. Take care!

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752 thoughts on “Welcome to Invited Sponsor Lawn Fawn + Giveaway!”

  1. What a great giveaway! I’ve been seeing more Lawn Fawn around and I’m relaly liking their stamps. Hoping to get some soon.
    My three favorites are:
    Sophie’s Sentiments
    Hello Friend and all of the Critters sets! (couldn’t pick just one)


  2. I love her stamps, too!! My silly valentine, cozy christmas, and forest critters are my favorites. Sooooooo cute!

  3. I heart Lawn Fawn so much! I buy a stamp set every pay day (I have three sets now!), just because they make me smile so much!

    My favorites that I don’t have are:
    Lunar Lights
    Hello Friend

  4. I love that Kelly is coming out with so many new stamps, and that they are available online and in stores. Very convenient. Her stamps are too adorable for words, especially Cozy Christmas, the forest critters (is that the correct name?), and My Silly Valentine—-they can be used in so many ways, too! LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. My 3 favorite stamp sets, even though it’s hard to choose, are: Plus One, My Silly Valentine, and Cozy Christmas. They are really cute, all of them.

  6. I love Lawn Fawn and I’ve just started collecting them! I’d love to have these to my collection –

    Plus One
    Happily ever after

    thanks for the chance to win Jennifer! You rock!

  7. I love all the Lawn Fawn stamps and these are the next 3 on my wish list – My Silly Valentine, Bake Me a Cake and Critters in the Sea. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  8. I love Lawn Fawn stamps too! My favorites to win would be:
    Silly Valentine
    Hello Friend
    Teeny Tiny Backdrops

    Thanks for the chance to win, Jennifer!

  9. i looooveeee Lawn Fawn stamps :] they help me with the cutest projects! My favorites are Say Cheese, Say Cheese Too && Sew Lovely.

  10. I just love Lawn Fawn and Kelly is so sweet. The stamps are so cute and so fun to work with. The next three on my wish list are…
    My Silly Valentine
    Critters in the Forest
    Critters in the Sea

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. Wow! I love your “Ten reasons why”. All very good reasons! Your cards are so clean and crisp. Love that, too! My most current Lawn Fawn wish list has these 3 at the top: Sew Lovely, My Silly Valentine, and Swimsuit Season (hey, I’m in Texas! I need this one! It’s swim season already. 🙂 )

    Thanks so much!

  12. Love, love, love the Plus One. Also would love to have Jessie’s ABC and Swimsuit Season is absolutely adorable!

  13. I have just recently discovered the Lawn Fawn stamps. They are all just too cute. This is a great giveaway!! I think my faves are: Say Cheese, Bannerific and Teeny Tiny Backdrops.

  14. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Lawn Fawn stamps and my favorite three are “Plus One”, “Cozy Christmas” and I’m torn between Say Cheese and Sew Lovely for the third. (Does that count? LOL I can’t decide!)

  15. I’m in love with Lawn Fawn…can’t wait to start seeing it locally!! My three favorites, if I must narrow it down are:
    1.Say Cheese
    2.Say Cheese, too
    3.Plus One

  16. oh for sure no chance of winning this , but would love to as I do not yet have any of these stamps! Very hard to choose only 3… but..here goes….Just my Type, Sew Lovely, and Cozy Christmas… but truly..they are all nice sets and would be happy to own any. Saving my pennies!

  17. Hi Jennifer this is a great giveaway! I love Lawn Fawn and just bought some sets! :> My 3 favorites would have to be: My silly Valentine, Lunar lights and plus one! I love your love cards for your kids! :>

  18. I love Lawn Fawn!! I recently found them & fell in love with their adorable images 🙂 Each one really is so cute! Kelly Marie is so sweet too. My top three on my list now are lunar lights, say cheese & plus one .

  19. i’m sooo loving lawn fawn as well.. isn’t kelly marie the best???

    My fave stampsets??
    Jessie’s abc’s
    all the critter’s set! LOL critters in the forest..if i had to pick.. wait critters in the city! ugh hard one!!.
    teeny tiny backdrops.

  20. I love say cheese 2, cozy Christmas, and harold’s abcs! Love the cards! Just purchased plus one and say cheese and I love them!!!

  21. Lawn Fawn is great and has sweet stamps. LF stams aren’t sold in Poland unfortunately, so I have a dream and hope that I’ll win these stamps 🙂

    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  22. Thanks for giving us a chance to win some of the fabulous stamps from Lawn Fawn. There are so many favorites, but if I must choose Just My Type and Just My Type Too are favorites and Plus One, that “bun in the oven” who can resist that one! Thanks again Jennifer!

  23. Wonderful giveaway! I just found Lawn Fawn stamps through my LSS and absolutely adore them. My favorite sets are: Lunar lights, Critters in the Forest and Critters in the ‘Burbs’. I just got my Plus one set and am really looking forward to making some baby shower invitations with it!

  24. i like all of them. i do like the saysings, animals and i will go back and look at them again and see everyone again.

  25. wow..your top 10 mirror mine. Theyre so fun to work with..kids and adult cards alike!! Love how Kelly Marie still includes a hand written thanks in each order!.

    My favorites are: Bannerific, Hats off to You and Winter Snow Bunny!

    I’m totally coveting the new ones though too..Wedding Dress and Fanciful Frames! Yikes!

  26. I absolutely adore Lawn Fawn’s stamps! My favorites are: Say Cheese; Say Cheese, Too; and Sophie’s Sentiments. (Since I can only pick three! I love them all!!!)

  27. I love the cute CAS cards you made – bet the kids loved them! Very sweet giveaway, too – thanks for the chance to win!

  28. All lawn fawn creations are adorable, My favorites that I wish I had are:
    Bake me à cake, smittys ABC and critters of the woods.

  29. Gosh, I am SUCH a doofus – forgot to add what my 3 fav sets are:
    my silly valentine, bannerific, and critters in the forest.
    Can you please delete one of my comments, to make sure I only have 1 chance at your draw? Sorry!

  30. What a great giveaway!!!
    My next three additions to my Lawn Fawn growing collection would be:
    My silly Valentine
    Cozy Christmas
    Critters in the sea
    Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

  31. Your cards are too cute! I love the simplicity of them yet strinking. I love all the stamp sets but if I had to pick 3 it would have to be Bannerfic, Say Cheese, and Critters in the snow. Thanks for the opp! 😉

  32. Great cards Jennifer, and love the simplicity of the stamps – yet they catch your eye! SOOoooooo cute! Ok, I’m close to the edge of getting a few sets! Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to win 🙂

  33. Those cards are really clean, simple, and CUTE! I need some black enamel.
    I love “Just My Type”
    “Sew Lovely” and “Say Cheese.”

  34. OOH I hope it’s not too late to enter. I adore lawnfawn stamps and Ive been contemplating buying a few but with my budget (I’m a student) I’m afraid I’ll end up spend more than I can.

    It’s so hard to pick but my top 3 are:

    -teeny tiny backdrops
    -hello friend
    -smitty’s ABCs



  35. Awesome giveaway, you’re card is very nice.

    My fav are: “sew lovely”, “bake me a cake” & “hello friend”

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