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  1. So excited! I just got my gelatos in the mail today, and have already bought some of the big brush pens! These pencils are all I need to finish my “mixed medium” collection of tools. Thank you so much to you and Faber-Castell for the chance to win!!

  2. So many amazing products and so many techniques!!!!!!! Would love to own one of these sets!!!! Maybe it’s my lucky day??????
    Sure hope so!!!!!!!!
    Keep the good stuff coming………………………………!!!

  3. Wow!!! These Aquarelle Watercolour pencils look awesome*!* I’m just being blown away by the inspiration I get from your website Jennifer, thank you SO much for sharing.

    Much love, joy and creativity…


    P.S. If by some lucky chance I was to win the give away I’m more than happy to pay the postage to Australia 🙂

  4. OhMyHat! I so love Aquarelle’s! I’ve had my set for over 15 yrs, and some of them are just stubs now, haha. It sure would be fabulous to win these! And Jennifer, I haven’t said so yet, but your new blog looks lovely :o) Thank yo for the chance to win this gorgeous prize!

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