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When I started my new blog, I mentioned that I would be doing some sponsorships. However, these sponsors are very unique as they are by invitation only. By doing this, you can feel confident knowing that if I have invited a sponsor it is because I have respect for them and their products. I only want to promote products I truly love and would select to use myself. I am sure you will recognize these companies and their products as I have been using them here for ages. Having sponsors makes it possible for me to do more giveaways and offer more upcoming perks to my readers. Please be sure to visit the websites of these generous sponsors. I know you will love them, too.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my sponsors, Ellen Hutson. Ellen Hutson is an online store offering fabulous stamping and crafting products. I have been shopping there for quite some time now.  Why do I love the Ellen Hutson site? Well, here are 10 handy reasons…

(10.) Ellen Hutson has “the CLASSroom” – a blog focused on education and ideas. Ellen’s design team shares how-to’s on some really great projects. Here are a few of my favorites: Faber-Castell post, cool Copic technique post, and Copic coloring post.

(9.) Ellen Hutson brought Copics to the crafting world. Yes – she is to blame for that addiction! Her site is definitely a must-see and go-to for anything Copic. (To learn about Copics and which colors I like, click HERE.)

(8.) Ellen sells Neenah paper, my favorite white cardstock and the only one I use. You find it HERE and it is a great deal.

(7.) Ellen also has a blog where she shares lots of step photos for very interesting techniques HERE.

(6.) The Ellen Hutson design team has some truly amazing artists.

(5.) Ellen Hutson sells a lot of stamps. A lot. Including Hero Arts.

(4.) Who doesn’t love a free goodie now and then in their order?

(3.) Ellen often has guest designers that are fabulous. I loved when Tami Hartley was a guest HERE.

(2.) I really enjoy the products in the “Essentials from Ellen” line – fun products only Ellen Hutson carries. More on this below…

(1.) Ellen Hutson herself is a class act and is known for taking care of people in the industry. I love that.

Now you see why I love Ellen Hutson so much. 🙂 I hope you will consider visiting her site as a thank you for supporting this blog.

How about a quick organization tip? I am constantly trying out new ways to store my craft goodies in a way that is “put away” but also “quickly available” to use. And I LOVE this next system.

I struggled for a long time on how to store my thin dies… and my collection is growing fast. (My favorite thin dies? My Favorite Things and PaperTrey Ink. Oh, and this works great for Spellbinders dies, too.) I had the idea to tape sheets of magnetic paper on the inside of my stamp cabinet doors. Just stick the dies on it and close the door. And it works beautifully and they do stay put…

I used Essentials by Ellen Art Magnetic Masking Material… which is basically very thin sheets of magnetic paper. Since it is lightweight, I just used a few mini glue dots to hold it to my doors. Perfection! If you don’t have doors to do this, you can also put them on a wall or in a notebook with page protectors. I just love how easily you can get to them and see them all. And, the price for the magnetic paper HERE is really good to other places I found.

Off to rest. Have a great night!

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59 thoughts on “Welcome to Invited Sponsor Ellen Hutson + Organization Tip”

  1. Great tip! I’ve got a bunch of PTI dies in my cart and definitely need a good way of storing them so they don’t get lost.

  2. I love Ellen Hutson.com and have since your post on Copics basics, I went right there and bought a bunch. They have the best customer service folks too! Thanks for the great storage tip!

  3. Great post – I am also a huge fan of Ellen’s store thanks to the awesome customer service. Despite the fact I live on the other side of the world (NZ) my orders from Ellen’s store regularly get to me quicker than orders from local sites, and always with a frienly thank-you note! And the regular discount coupons are a big help when I have to wait to do a big order to justify shipping costs.

    Love the storage tip too – I have been doing a similar thing with my Spellbinders dies using extra copies of my wedding invitations that were A3 size fridge magnets – but (d’oh) I hadn’t thought to store my PTI dies like that too, silly me!

  4. oh Jennifer! How sweet are you … I totally agree Ellen has many awesome products…and I am TOTALLY addicted to the classroom..usually the first email I open ! I am saving up, but I so want her cardstock that you suggest…and I love the magnetic idea…I would need the binders too I think…as it might be tuff to reach in between my bifold doors LOLOL>>>what an image I got! anyway…you picked a great FIRST sponsor and Im sure everyone will agree! tyvm

  5. Love this fun and handy way to organize the dies! And I love Ellen too! I have ordered Neenah paper from her a few times now. . .I receive it so fast and always with a bit of beautiful ribbon for free! Love the CLASSroom too! Hope your week is off to a good start, Jennifer! 🙂

  6. Wow! I love your idea for organizing your dies! Totally perfect! I can see I’m not alone in my die obsession–Happy to be in good company. 🙂

  7. Thanks Jennifer. This is how I organize my dies too! I didn’t know you could get that material from Ellen Hutson so I bought magnetic paper from Office Depot (you can put it through your printer even) and adhered it on my doors. I added a tack in each corner just as extra strength…I found that when you put A LOT of dies especially Nesties the magnetic material can start to peel back or fall….learned the hard way! 🙂 Off to check out Ellen’s site. Curious about shipping to Canada.

  8. Presently I don’t have cabinet doors but I hope to some day and I love your storage idea for the small thin dies! I’ve never shopped Ellen Hutson although I do love to visit her blog and see all the wonderful creations.

  9. I would love to order products from Ellen especially the Neenah paper. But shipping costs are very high for us folks in Canada. 🙁

  10. So how do you really feel about Ellen Hutson? LOL 🙂

    Anyone that knows you, Sweet Jennifer, would trust your endorsements whole-heartedly. Thank you for the info on her site; I am completely enabled!

  11. I’ve been shopping at Ellen Hutson for several years. I live in the west and like to shop with regional companies as the orders arrive so much faster. Love the Classroom and the huge selection of products in the store. So SHE”S the one to blame for all the money I’m spending on Copis, huh?

  12. i too love Ellen Hutson and follow her blogs and the stuff she sells is the best. i use the magnetic sheets in a CD binder for my dies and it works wonderfully.

  13. Wow, such great information! Its always fun to share favorite places/products to fellow crafters!!!
    And I hadn’t seen the piece posted below of you and your son..so warming! And on a personal note, I think its good you wrote about the post partum because I don’t think enough woman talk about things like that and its good sometimes to know that we all struggle. If any of that made sense! LOL!

  14. I love how you always introduce new places (blogs) and ideas! Thanks!! The magnet inside the door is fantastic…a must do for me! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the “Ellen Hutson” website … you turned me on to it awhile back when you showed a product that linked back to that site, I’ve been shopping there ever since. Thanks for the awesome connections you provide us and that great idea for storing the thin metal dies, now I know what to do with all of mine.

  16. I am so in love with this idea!! I am definitely doing this in my craft room. OMG!!! I was just staring at my spellbinder’s dies thinking “Where to put these?”

  17. Purchased two reams of Neenah paper from Ellen and should be getting it in the mail tomorrow. You are right, a great deal! Am glad I checked it out when you prompted us to do so 🙂

  18. Thank you for sharing all those links. LOVE the magnetic paper storage for thin dies. I am requesting kitchen cabinets for my little room. I think part of the “backsplash” could be dedicated to this system! Right by my Big Shot…a girl can dream!

  19. Great organizational tip about the magnetic paper /thin dies… I’ll have to give that one a try. I am off now to check out Ellen’s site – sounds very interesting. I bought copic markers last fall and haven’t used them as much as I thought I would – now to learn more about them so I will use them more… thanks.. you are inspiring as always.

  20. What an awesome idea! I am on an organizing kick – just posted some pix of my new sentiment index that I made on my blog. Maybe I will tackle my dies next …

  21. Love, love, love Ellen and her store!! She’s always got the latest and the greatest!! Your organization tip is so clever! I would never have thought to put magnetic sheets on cabinet doors.. not that I have cabinet doors but even if I did, I wouldn’t have come up that idea!! Thanks so much for the great tip!!

  22. I too love Ellen Hutson and if you want your order shipped the same day…..Order from Ellen ! Her products are wonderful and the Classroom is exceptional. Her monthly newsletter has so much information also. Really, I can’t praise Ellen Hutson enough.

  23. Great idea on the blogs thanks love it when you suggest a good place or product. Also I store my spellbinders in cd case using those free magnetic business cards that come in telephone books or business places to hold them in place and then label the edge so I know what they are. The others that are singles or only a few to a set like PTI- MFT I cut a piece of card stock the width size of my box by the bigshot and put a cut strip of magnetic if tall like a border die and sew a piece of acrylic to make a pocket and then write on the card stock whos product it is for refrence when making my cards. So example the card stock is 3×5 and the acrylic is 3×3. Its worked for me.

  24. I love shopping with Ellen! And if I had cupboards and doors, putting the dies on the doors is a great idea.

  25. Love that storage tip!! I have been struggling with that same issue myself. I have been using Quikutz magnetic binders, but you can’t see your dies unless you open them up. Off to get some magnetic paper!!!

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