On my wall…

Many people have asked what I do with the projects I create.

Cards? Most I send. Some I donate. A few get pitched.

Layouts? They all go into a box, waiting to someday make it into an album.

Mini albums? I never know what to do with them, so I don’t ever make them. 🙂

And rarely – just rarely – do I put out on display something I have made.

But this one? It is out in my studio so that I can see it often. I just love the photo…

I actually made this one for CHA over a year ago – for Tim Holtz to use in his Idea-ology booth. It was a fun one to create…

Just layered and stitched lots of Idea-ology fun on it…

This photo is extra special to me because I actually remember when it was taken. Colin was a bitty one and I was so very happy. But when he turned 6 weeks, I was hit with postpartum depression and the next 6 months were a blur. But those first 6 weeks? I remember them clearly. And this photo captures that time. Thank God for photos.

Off to relax. This week has been trying. Looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow!


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64 thoughts on “On my wall…”

  1. Jennifer, I just want to say that your photo and frame are just fantastic and beautiful. Your frame is the most original, creative, piece i have ever seen! I hope you dont mind if I use your inspiration to make myown. thank you very much for sharing.

  2. I can see why this photo is one of your favorites ~ It really is PRICELESS! I love how you framed it out, too! Just beautiful, Jennifer!!!

  3. Jennifer,

    Not only is the project itself gorgeous, the photo is absolutely stunning! It is such a beautiful photo and really captures your eye when you see the entire project. Its truly a special Mom moment that you will treasure forever!


  4. such a precious photo. so beautiful! love that you used Tim’s elements in a non-grungy way. absolutely gorgeous project! thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jennifer,
    How special. It is so interesting to see how you use Tim’s line, vs. the way he uses his line. (grunge) I love both ways, actually…..just saying :0)

  6. Thanks for sharing this special memory with us. Such a beatiful picture and I absolutely love the frame you created.

  7. Thanks for sharing this special memory with us. Such a beautiful picture and I absolutely love the frame you created.

  8. This is just gorgeous. I love it framed as a house, with the key & keyholes to match the sentiment. Beautiful photo, and all the more because of its rich meaning and memory. What a special keepsake! Unfortunately, my postpartum hit right after birth, so I was in that fog for 5 months before recognizing what it was! I’m so thankful for God’s grace and mercy in it, but I was even more thankful that there was no postpartum the next 2 births! =P (I think the initial shock with the first had a lot to do with it). May God continue to fill your home with abounding memories of abundant life (and maybe even a new life to add as He desires!) 😉 Blessings!

  9. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! What a great moment captured & then to see what you did to it….fantastic. I hope that you always remember that special moment.

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