Happy Easter!

Hope your day is full of blessings and happiness knowing that He has risen!

If you want to feel your heart soar, watch this performance of How Great Thou Art. Wow.


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39 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Boy if that doesn’t bring you to tears nothing will. What a wonderful performance by Carrie Underwood. She has an amazing voice.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. I felt you would offer a wonderful Easter note today and you didn’t fail. Thanks for the wonderful link to the Gill/Underwood performance…AND I hope you and your family celebrate an Easter filled with love and joy.

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Thanks for sharing the video clip.
    It was exactly what I needed as I am missing mass because I am still recovering from labor and delivery.
    Hope to be better soon so that I can enjoy your class in Buffalo.

  4. Although I love every craft project you post, this was the best post ever! What a blessing to hear that song on Easter!

  5. I watched that just now while sitting in the ICU next to my new baby girl, and it just made me cry. God is good all the time, and to see such praise sung so powerfully and so publically to Him made my soul soar. Thank you for sharing that, Jennifer, and a very blessed and happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. Just discovered this video last night and watched, had my husband watch, watched it again–Her voice is amazing and he is the most amazing musician!!! LOVE this!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. Thank you so for sharing the video. I still have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful way of sharing the joy and love of this special day.

  8. Thanks Jennifer. Wonderful post. That is one of my favorite hymns. Easter blessings to you and your loved ones.

  9. Thanks for sharing that! That brought tears to my eyes. I love both of those performers as Vince Gill has been my favorite forever. But the way they sang this was just so heart felt and passionate.
    Happy Easter!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this! I had heard so much about it-and am so very blessed to get to hear it! What a better way to celebrate Easter!

  11. WOW!!! Thanks Jennifer for sharing…I don’t watch TV…so I really appreciate this…What a FANTASTIC rendition of “HOW GREAT THOU ART!!!” This is my favorite hymn and as a singer myself I only wish I had as strong and powerful voice has hesr…Thanks for blessing me…Have a Blessed and Happy Easter,
    Valerie Martin

  12. Happy Easter to you too!

    I ran across Carrie’s version of this song at Christmas time on iTunes and had to have it. I love it too! 🙂

  13. I truly needed a reminder yesterday … this post truly made my day. Thanks so much for posting that amazing video Jennifer, I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  14. Jennifer, God BLESS you for passing this along. I missed it on TV but so glad to shared it here. Carrie’s rendition is right up there with Sandy Patti’s version. If you haven’t heard it, track it down. AMAZING! Have a great day!!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this video with us. We serve an awesome God and he is worthy to be praised!The video brought me to tears and made me also rejoice in our risen Lord. May God continue to bless and use you as you walk in his ways.

    Have a great day!

  16. Oh how awesome that video was! Goose bumps and tears…just beautiful to hear! Thanks for the wonderful post. I always enjoy your blog and inspiration so much. This was an added treat!

  17. This is my favorite hymn, and I can never perform it because it makes me cry – I loved watching her sing it. And, yes, I wept while watching her. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  18. OH MY! That was such an amazing rendition of one of my all time favorite songs! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing it. Can’t wait to meet you in person when you are in Buffalo!

  19. This song gets me EVERY TIME!!! When my sweet Mom was dying, she requested this song–her favorite–be sung at her funeral. Ever since, I cry nearly EVERY TIME I hear it. It has only been as recently as this year (nearly 12 years later), that I can YouTube it with my baby and sing/dance to it with my baby in my arms. Thanks for posting this AMAZING rendition!!! Gave me chills!!!

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