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I have received some questions about my classes coming up at Absolutely Everything (Boston, April 16 & 17), Buffalo Stamps (Buffalo, May 14 & 15) and Simply Scrapbooks (Dayton, OH, May 27-29). I thought I would talk about them a bit here. (Note: To sign up for any classes or find more info, just click on the links.)

First, the techniques in each of the classes are different. So, if you take more than one class, there won’t be crossover – you will just learn even more new techniques. Each class has over 16 techniques and the canvas class has over 30. I take special care to make sure that each class is unique so that if you want to take them all, it will be worth it. 🙂 Oh, and you will rarely see my in-store class projects on my blog as I feel it isn’t fair to those who pay to come to classes.

At Absolutely Everything and Buffalo Stamps, I will be teaching 3 classes. At Simply Scrapbooks, I am doing a weekend event with Shari Carroll… with four classes and two crops. This weekend will be outstanding – worth coming into town for. (Call the store for hotel info. Shari and I will be staying at the hotel and cropping – she is SO much fun. All the cards at this event will be new to this store.)

Here are some peeks…

And the Inspiration Showcase canvas class will be especially fun. This one has a TON of techniques – each and every single piece. I can’t wait. Here is a peek…

I hope to see many of you there!

I also wanted to give a big thanks to the many folks who help me kit, write handouts, etc – Sandi, Heather, Alyssa, Sarah, Mary Dawn, Mom, Melanie, Julie, Christy and Candy. Oh, and Colin. You all rock. Tim may have Mario, but I have the best bunch of girls around. 🙂

See you soon!

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36 thoughts on “Class sneak peeks”

  1. Jennifer, love the look of the canvas. Please will you do some on-line classes for those of us that don’t live in the US?

  2. Getting VERY excited over here! Can’t wait to see you again! Your classes look A-MAZ-ING! Oh, and you’re VERY welcome. 🙂

  3. It sounds like an amazing time!! Wish I could pull it off to come, but I don’t know that it’s in my cards. You who are able to go are very blessed! Have fun!

  4. I can’t wait to meet you at Absolutely Everything on the 16th! I’m so looking forward to the class! (the 2nd one)

  5. I LOVE the heart card. For those of us unable to take your classes, are we going to get lucky enough to see the completed projects? 🙂

  6. wow you project pictures look amazing, I wish I lived over the pond so that I could come along. Please say HI and give Shari a Friendly hug from me.

  7. Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for the sneak peeks! I really wish I could come to the classes 🙁 Not only would it be great to meet you in person, but also to see more of your creations sounds like so much fun!


  8. You can’t imagine how mauch I’d like to take your classes!!!!!
    I’m so envious!
    Hugs from Italy

  9. Jennifer I have learnt so much from you in your on-line videos. You are truly an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for sharing with us.

    I wish you would publish the tutorials from your classes eventually, because those of us who don’t live in the USA can’t come personally and we really want to learn from you.

  10. Jennifer,
    I hope to see you in Buffalo for the Canvas class…I hope my newborn cooperates.

  11. I cannot make it to any of them-:( Would definitely come to Ohio if you ever did another weekend like that! Sounds fabulous all those classes and cropping with you AND Shari – scrapper’s heaven-:)

  12. I wish you could teach some of these classes at CKC (hint hint San Marcos – LOL!). They look awesome!

  13. I am so excited! I just signed up for all of the classes at Simply Scrapbooks! I just couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity!

  14. I am sooooo hoping I can make it to at least one class at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff. I have heard from a cyberfriend just how wonderful your classes are, so hopefully I’ll see you there.

  15. Well even though it’s about 325 miles, I’m making the trek from Nashville TN to Dayton OH…thank you for sacrificing your holiday weekend. I couldn’t do it any other weekend! I’m so excited!

    (Assuming there is still an open spot for me when I call tomorrow…my fingers are crossed.) 🙂

  16. Your little peeks sure do look amazing, I only wish I could take one of the classes, but alas I’m not near any of those locations. I bet the participants will have a great time.

  17. I’m hoping that maybe some day you’ll come to Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area) to teach some classes.
    BTW, I like how you have “enabling” on the blog banner! I think I can say that you enabler for my new copic addiction:) I even just signed up for the certification class in June. I can’t wait.

  18. I signed up for the canvas class at Simply Scrapbooks in Kettering OH. I am sooooo super excited. Thanks Jennifer and Simply Scrapbooks!

  19. That canvas looks awesome! Im soooo jealous! I wish I could go to one of your classes, but if you ever come to Spain, you know what they say: Mi casa es tu casa, lol. So nice to be able to dream, ha ha

  20. Awesome sneak peeks! Your cards are SO pretty – I love your amazing colouring on the flower in the upper left (large flower pattern?) and on the butterfly flowers! And your canvas is gorgeous!

  21. Hey Jennifer thanks for the sneak peeks but, it’s a tease…I want to come to one of these classes so bad 🙁 I am pretty bummed. Maybe I can catch there WHEN you come again??
    Miss Ya’ Hugs,Kathy

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