Giveaways galore… Today is my favorite giveaway ever!

So, I have lots of giveaways. Lots.

I have recently purged my crafting stash. (I do every 2 months.) And I have a lot of great stuff to pass on to a few lucky folks.

But before I get to the crafty goodness, I have a very special giveaway. Very special.

First, I want to share the story behind this giveaway.

Years ago, I was looking for some fabulous little girl photos to use in the yearly Hero Arts catalog. I was looking around 2peas and saw a photo of a little girl named Sarah. I emailed her momma, Erin – who was so very nice – and asked if I could use her photos for scrapbooking. She said yes and I was over the moon.

Turns out that same little girl won the Gap Casting Call – a HUGE kids photo contest. She was THAT cute.

So… every year, come catalog time, I  Erin for great photos of her little Sarah. She is always so kind to share. Her photos are striking and amazing. SO SO SO fun to scrapbook.

Last year I found out Erin was coming to my neck of the woods. I immediately reserved a spot for my family to get in front of her lens. A dream come true. Truly. Between Erin and Lisa, my photo album is complete.

Unfortunately, the girls were out of town while Erin was here, so we didn't get photos of them. But my mom, dad and brother joined us. We had such fun. Erin is beyond talented behind the camera. And so extremely good, sweet, kind, funny, cute and comforting. Erin is a little angel walking around this world. We need more like her.

(Yes, I am getting off the topic.)

And since getting our pictures taken by Erin (which are framed all over my house), I have longed for my photos to have the same "life" in them as hers do. Her photos are simply "alive" and bright. The day after meeting with Erin, Ken bought the same lens she used and other tools, hoping we could capture shots halfway as good as hers.

But I always miss the mark.

Yesterday, I got some photos back in the mail. Bummer. They looked so "dead" and I immediately said to Ken, "I wish my photos were alive like Erin's."

Then I looked at my email. I saw Erin was offering a tutorial video showing her workflow – how she edits photos and brings them to life. Answered prayers. Amen.

I immediately went and purchased the tutorial – Clean Color. I didn't hesitate for a second. I then emailed Erin thanking her for being all around amazing and for creating this product for me.

And what do you think that sweet, generous, kind Erin said? "Wanna give one away on your blog?"

Woohoo! I am over the moon. To share with you Erin's talents? THAT ROCKS. I am so excited.

Now you and I can have photos this amazing…

108 All photos taken by Erin Cobb.

I just really enjoy people who are truly talented and where God meant them to be – like Erin. If you want Erin's awesome Clean Color download, click HERE. It is simply amazing. Honest.Move quick – she is offering an extra low price just this week only.


Want a chance to win a Clean Color video download? Just leave a comment here by Friday night. I will pick a lucky winner. If you win but have already paid for it – no worries! She will give you a full refund!

Thanks for listening. I love to share my favorite things with you.