I love rain. Real rain that falls while I am inside, cozy with my family. The rain that feeds my flowers.

However, rain that falls in the lives of my family and friends – not so much. The kind of rain that comes with sadness, loss, struggles, etc.

And when someone has that kind of rain, sometimes the best umbrella comes in the form of a card. It is truly is amazing how uplifting a thoughtful card from a loved one can be.

And this card? I hope this umbrella blocks the rain away from one of my friends who has experienced a sad loss. I hope, I hope, I hope.

122910 Rain MFT JenMcGuire

I like to make these types of cards a bit brighter, in hopes of brightening their day. I even made the little girl smile with a pen, and brightened her eyes with Black Enamel Accents.

The raindrops are Glossy Accents – perfect with the Echo Park cloud paper. (A new fave of mine.)

122910 Rain MFT JenMcGuire 1
The girl stamp and die (that comes with a cute stamp set – look HERE) are from the sweet folks at My Favorite Things. I have a big crush on this die cut. Lovely.

I (unfortunately) bet that all of us have a loved one who could use an umbrella in the rain. Why not send them a card?

Hugs to you all.


Rain Card Supplies:

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42 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. PRECIOUS, Jennifer!! How WONDERFUL that you are sending this sweet card to your friend. It will certainly make her smile. I lost one of my dearest friends on the 23rd, certainly a struggle. I pray your friends heart can heal quickly. Thanks for always sharing your FABULOUS ART and INSPIRATION!! 🙂

  2. The card’s precious indeed, Jennifer – TFS! I keep meaning to tell you how appreciated tho’ I imagine time-consuming it is that you include links to your supplies for your cards. I love the rain drops and must get out my umbrella stamps as April’s fast approaching!

  3. What a lovely well meaning card. Love the use of the Glossy Accents for the rain. This card would certainly brighten my day. Lots of people suffer loses of all kinds during the holidays. My heart goes out to all of them. Happy New Year!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  4. I, also, am thinking of those hurting/struggling. What a perfect card that conveys your care of walking along with them, and not trivializing their difficulties. Love the coloring & white dots on the umbrella; the brighter colors on the girl is great against the subdued sky with lovely raindrops. Fab die cut, and love the little smile!

  5. These are the hardest types of cards to make…they always tend to make me so sad when I need to send one out…but I like this take on it. I think you’re right–an umbrella and a cute girl on a card could at least put a small smile on someone’s face..even if it’s just a quick smile…

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, this card is really pretty! I love the rain drops that you made! Great idea! And such a nice thought to make a card like this for a friend who needs some support, very nice.
    Hugs, Wendy

  7. January is a bad month for me but we get through it. Your little umbrella girl is just adorable and would put a smile on my face. thank you, stamping sue

  8. Precious…just precious! I have 2 friends who are struggling right now that this card would be perfect for. As always, THANKS! You’re the best, hands down!

  9. What a precious card to give to a special friend in need! You are very thoughtful in everything you do Jennifer. I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year! May it not rain too much!

  10. What a precious, sweet card for a friend in need! I love this little girl and hopefully one day will be able to color as wonderfully as you…oh at least marginally would be good! Love your work, Jennifer and your heart so easily shared here with us.

  11. Your card does make me smile. This card would be a great idea to send someone who is having a rough time of it right now. How could you not smile when you receive this. I just need access to all of the awesome stamps you show us – your ideas are so motivating – can’t wait to get back in the swing of making some cards.

  12. Such a precious card! It is perfect for those “rainy” days. And thanks for the links because I think that umbrella girl is perfect. Reminds me of the song lyric “I will praise You in the rain”!

  13. Jennifer, this is such a sweet card. I love the raindrops. This card would definitely make anyone smile. Thank you for sharing so much of you and your time and talent with us. Have a great day.

  14. A beautiful card, Jennifer. In the last 2 weeks, five people I know have died; my aunt, three from church and a friend. All were Christians so I know they are much happier now and will see them again.

  15. Very pretty. I’m one of those who could use an umbrella card right now – for me. Had a bad experience Christmas Eve, and looking for things to brighten my days. Just looking at this cute girl made me think of my granddaughter, and she makes my heart smile.
    Hope this card makes your friends heart smile too.
    Happy New Year jennifer.

  16. God has gifted you, Jennifer not only to create beautiful things but also to touch hearts with your words and creations. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

  17. does the die cut set have two different sizes included? it looks like you layered the white on top of the blue.. i didn’t see it listed that it came with graduated sizes.. how did you do it? and the die can be found if you go to the left hand side column under die-namics now.. i just found it.. you have to page through til you find it..

  18. What a lovely card – the world could do with more people like you Jennifer. I do think that we crafter’s are a special breed – I’ve met some lovely people both face to face and through visiting blogs etc since I started card-making about 5 years ago.

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