My drug of choice…

Some people like chocolate.

Some like wine.

Some like shopping.

Me? My drug of choice is teaching.

I love everything about it. It is such such such fun to me.

It is a struggle for me, though, like any addiction I guess. I wish I could travel and teach more, but I also want to be home with the family. So for a long time I didn't go to stores to teach, but recently decided to go to the stores who have been asking for some time and/or the stores with owners who I adore.

This past weekend I went to Canada to teach at Scrapbook Centrale. Natalie has been asking me to come teach for her for 9 years. Yes. 9 years. It is about time I said yes, huh? Thank you, Natalie. You are the best and I can't wait to come back.

JenniferMcG & Nat_edited-1
(And thanks to my dear old friend, Mel, who took this photo. And who had the most thoughtful present for my family. And who gives the best hugs. Ever. Love you, girl.)

 I had such a wonderful time. Such wonderful help. Such wonderful people. We did 3 giant classes on Saturday and again on Sunday. Could have kept going.

Anyway… I am working on the class weekends for 2011. I am heading to some of the great/patient store owners locations in Buffalo, Ohio and Boston (several times). I am not booking past May right now. Stay posted for class dates. I won't be doing many trips, but just enough to feed my addiction.

Moving on…

Many folks have asked about the new Liquid Pearls. Yes, the are wonderful. Yes, they are a good price. Yes, you need them. 🙂 My favorite colors? Bisque, Silver, Platinum, and White Opal.

Here is a card showing a fun way to use the Liquid Pearls. This uses the fabulous Bisque color. I just traced stamped image, leaving some fun and simple dimension…

102310 BAF JenMcGuire
102310 BAF 2 JenMcGuire
I will share some other fun things to do with these pearls in future days.

Have a great weekend!


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70 thoughts on “My drug of choice…”

  1. Gorgeous card Jennifer, you’re right we do need those liquid pearls!!

    Do you ever come down to Southern California? I’m moving up to a mountain community near Bakersfield soon and have found a stamping store there and they have a monthly card club. I’m sure they would love to have you teach there!!!

  2. Jennifer, how do you get such a nice, thin line of the Liquid Pearls? Mine came out pretty thick and I was careful. It is an older bottle, but I’ve never cut the neck or such, it’s always flowed thicker. Are you going to be doing a video with them (Liquid Pearls) any time soon?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Buffalo in May? When? I am trying to get my scrapbooking niece who lives in North Tonawanda interested in stamping. I will have to make sure she knows about this. I know you can get her hooked too! I was always just a scraper until I found you. Now I have drawers and drawers of stamps and inks. It’s all you fault! 🙂

  4. beautiful card! that looks like a yummy color for pearl! will have to get it! =) will you ever come to the west coast?? like the Bay Area, Northern California to be exact? pleeeeeease… =)

  5. I just wanted to thank you for coming to Montreal. I had a great time
    in the class and the projects were beautiful. The students
    appreciated all your time and hard work that went into the weekend.
    Thanks and hopefully it won’t be nine years until we see you again. Your Canadian “relative”, Lynn McGuire

  6. OH Jennifer! Love this card! And I love the cards you’ve been doing on the Thinking Inking with the perfect pearls…unfortunately you can’t buy perfect pearls around here, I believe I’m going to have to order them, because yes, I think I’ll need them 🙂

  7. My sister & I are thrilled that you will be coming to Buffalo next year. We are looking forward to meeting you in person!!!! Love your ideas and constant inspiration! Thanks!!!!

  8. Great card and what fun it would be to attend one of your classes. Can I ask if your necklace is an etsy find? I love it and the combo with your shirt.

  9. Great picture!! Love that top on you. Your card was gorgeous, want to get some of those.. Glad you made it to their store.. I am sure they all loved it.. I loved your class at Simply Scrapbooks in Dayton..

  10. Jennifer, thank you so much for coming to Montreal. I was at your three classes on Saturday and loved everything you did. You’re a fabulous teacher, but tough!!!! LOL I wasn’t so much into cards (because I didn’t feel confident about them), but signed up because I knew the techniques would be amazing and maybe this would get me into making cards. I was right on both counts and love cards now. Thank you so much… oh, I already said that. Now I really understand why Natalie loves you so much :))))

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