My drug of choice…

Some people like chocolate.

Some like wine.

Some like shopping.

Me? My drug of choice is teaching.

I love everything about it. It is such such such fun to me.

It is a struggle for me, though, like any addiction I guess. I wish I could travel and teach more, but I also want to be home with the family. So for a long time I didn't go to stores to teach, but recently decided to go to the stores who have been asking for some time and/or the stores with owners who I adore.

This past weekend I went to Canada to teach at Scrapbook Centrale. Natalie has been asking me to come teach for her for 9 years. Yes. 9 years. It is about time I said yes, huh? Thank you, Natalie. You are the best and I can't wait to come back.

JenniferMcG & Nat_edited-1
(And thanks to my dear old friend, Mel, who took this photo. And who had the most thoughtful present for my family. And who gives the best hugs. Ever. Love you, girl.)

 I had such a wonderful time. Such wonderful help. Such wonderful people. We did 3 giant classes on Saturday and again on Sunday. Could have kept going.

Anyway… I am working on the class weekends for 2011. I am heading to some of the great/patient store owners locations in Buffalo, Ohio and Boston (several times). I am not booking past May right now. Stay posted for class dates. I won't be doing many trips, but just enough to feed my addiction.

Moving on…

Many folks have asked about the new Liquid Pearls. Yes, the are wonderful. Yes, they are a good price. Yes, you need them. 🙂 My favorite colors? Bisque, Silver, Platinum, and White Opal.

Here is a card showing a fun way to use the Liquid Pearls. This uses the fabulous Bisque color. I just traced stamped image, leaving some fun and simple dimension…

102310 BAF JenMcGuire
102310 BAF 2 JenMcGuire
I will share some other fun things to do with these pearls in future days.

Have a great weekend!


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70 thoughts on “My drug of choice…”

  1. Jennifer, just loved taking your classes – you’re the best! There is always something new to learn with you and you have so much energy and creativity! I’m glad Nathalie did not give up on you and I hope you come back! If you do, I’ll be there! Thanks again for a great day!

  2. Such a beautiful post Jen, just loved that you shared photos of you time in Canada, it is always nice to see photos like that considering how far away I live from all you lovelies, I feel like I have joined in then. Also, Oh WOW! on the card, your creativity is such a pleasure to always view. Hugs!

  3. My friend CeeCee went to your class – she loved it and put the beautiful projects on her blog! And now you’re going to Buffalo? I just MOVED from there – darn!!! Maybe you’ll come to Nashville one day, I hope! Lovely card, too (duh!).

  4. Beautiful photo of the two of you! Your card is gorgeous! Love the beautiful shade of yellow on the flower and that new Liquid Pearl color has me adding to my wish list!

  5. It’s so hard to be torn like that! I’m sure wherever you go to teach, the students will have a great time.
    Beautiful project! I would never turn to yellow for a card, but I am rethinking that prejudice having seen this one!

  6. I can hardly wait for the new Liquid Pearls to come out! Do you know how hard they are to get right now? Everyone seams to running out of stock while waiting for the new to arrive. I never thought of drawing with Liquid Pearls! I usually just create pearls with it. I have smeared edges with it a couple of times, but never thought of drawing or following stamp lines! Thank you for sharing.The yellow flower is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Your love for teaching really comes through in the classes you teach. You are a natural and inspiring! I noticed that you didn’t list VIRGINIA!! Can you add that pretty please. Many hugs,Kathy

  8. What a great picture! Can’t wait to see your class list becuz Buffalo is really close…I would LOVE to take a class!!! The flower card is gorgeous-now I have to have liquid pearls. The list just keeps growing & growing. Hope the rest of your weekend is happy!

  9. I love your classes. You taught me everything about inking…and now I’m totally addict. But I would like to be more than a virtual student.
    Have you ever thought about teaching in Paris ?

  10. I’m a little sad that I can not participate in your classes, whereas many miles separate us. But I am grateful for each new tip and technique that you share with us on your blog. You are the best!

  11. Oh what a beautiful happy photo!!! And, I love your shirt!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for just ‘being you’. Genuine. Real.

    And a mom who is trying to balance all things gracefully.

    Happy Thanksgiving…

  12. Completely off topic I know–but I love that top you’re wearing in this photo! Thanks for sharing your struggle and as long as it remains a struggle then I think you’ll make good choices about keeping a good balance. =) If that makes sense.

  13. I’m doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!I live 1 hour from Buffalo and know the store you are referring to! They are super wonderful and the store is fabulous! Tim was there in May! I missed that class but WILL NOT miss yours! I can’t wait! I’m so excited!! I am hoping you come to Buffalo either way before I have my fifth baby or way after! LOL!

  14. So glad you had such a wonderful visit. I think you are such a great and genuine nice person. I wish I had more large stores near me….what a thrill it would be to be in one of your classes!!
    Love what you did on your card…so lovely.

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    So glad I had the chance to meet you. You are everything Natalie said you were. Extremely talented,caring, loving, sweet, honest, energetic, classy, fun, genuine, and just so easy to adore! Thank you again for your generosity and for spoiling us with all those cards and techniques. I wish I could have spent more time with you but I will have to wait until the next visit.

    Have a great day,

  16. It’s great that you love teaching, because you are the best! I live much too far away (in TX) to ever get to take a class from you, so I really look forward to and enjoy the videos you make. Many thanks for making those for us!! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  17. We are so lucky to have had you come to Scrapbook Centrale! The classes were amazing. The cards were beautiful and you have a wonderful teaching style.

  18. Hi Jennifer,
    I love your necklace/shirt! I was wondering, how is this new Liquid Pearls different from the old one? I still have tons of the old one, and I love it, but maybe the new ones are a little better? If so, that’s a perfect reason to stock up 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  19. yeah! for teaching! u look very cute in that pic! now..ohio is not far from MI! come on over girl! u have many followers here…promise! luv the pearls too! xo

  20. I was so excited the other day when I got an e-mail from Buffalo Stamps & Stuff saying that you will be visiting in May. I can’t wait. I have a friend that took one of your classes somewhere in Ohio and she said it was amazing. Now I can’t wait for May to come!

  21. Thank you Hennifer for coming to Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed your class. You are a very gifted and generous teacher. That was one of the best clsses I ever took. Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon!

  22. Jennifer, Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.
    I have had the pleasure of taking your classes at Scrapfest at the Mall Of America. You are just a truly genuine class act. I hope you never lose your love for creating and for the people who admire you.

  23. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks again for coming to teach at the store. I am truly grateful that you didn’t tire of my “nagging” you to come. It was truly a memorable occaision for all of us!! I am sorry for your new chocolate addiction. I truly feel responsible.


  24. Beautiful card, can hardly wait to try a card like yours…. Wish I could attend one of your classes…lucky people in your teaching areas!

  25. Oh lucky Canada! Wish you would come ot our small town!! I love, love your card, Jennifer and the liquid pearls are beautiful. That is on my list of wishes:)

  26. That’s a really beautiful card!
    I love teaching too, and that’s what i do. love it. Teaching art to children. =) Let us know when you’ll be teaching in NYC!!!!!!

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