Cards for Kids – Round 4! Lots of giveaways…

Hey, there.

(Before posting, I just wanted to let you know that we opened a few spots for our class this weekend. Click HERE for info. Will be fun.)

Been working on clearing out my studio. Have lots of prizes to give away to some random comment-leavers over the next few weeks.  🙂

In the meantime, I am excited to announce Cards for Kids Round 4!

We had one child retire (Kennedy is in remission!) and added one more. You can find out all the info HERE. Of course, we have TONS of FABULOUS PRIZES (thanks to Kristina's hard work) and you can see them all HERE. Lots of new, great sponsors.

We got 1500 cards last round – you all rock. And, the due date for this round is November 30, so feel free to include holiday greetings. Remember to keep things cheery.

And, just so you can see how happy these cards make these kids, here is a note from Kylie's family and a photo of Kylie opening a box full of cards…

"Hi! These are a couple pics my sister took the night they opened the box of cards. Kylie was so excited! I dropped my camera off yesterday and my sister is going to take a couple snapshots that won't be as blurry as from the ones from her cell are.  Gina is going to save the cards, and when Kylie has overnights at the hospital she is going to bring a few to remind Kylie how loved she is, even by complete strangers. Thank you again so much for selecting Kylie."


Thanks for helping to collect so many great cards for the kids. They deserve them.