Boy, do they grow fast…

Had one of those days when I was reminded often about how fast the kids are growing.

All of Colin's long pants were too short. (It was cool here today.)
We tore down the girl's old playhouse in the backyard.
Kay ran off with friends… in their car.
Audrey wears the same shoe size as me.

My oh my. They grow fast.

So, I thought I would dig up a page with a photo of Colin when he was a bitty. I may have shared it before, but I just had to look at that face again…

111209 Ranger CH Little Man

111209 Ranger CH Little Man1

111209 Ranger CH Little Man2
(c) Ranger Ink. Click HERE for supplies.

Lots of Sticky Back Canvas painted with Claudine Hellmuth paints… embossed with the Cuttlebug and distressed up a storm. I tell ya, this stuff is such fun to play with – so easy to use. Love me some Sticky Back

Oh… and Jana and I will be co-teaching two classes on October 17th at SImply Scrapbooks. These classes are always popular, so be sure to sign up right away. We have fun teaching together.


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58 thoughts on “Boy, do they grow fast…”

  1. Jen, he is just the cutest baby! I wish I could keep mine little too! I noticed over summer that my baby boy (7) had suddenly outgrown all his jeans too. (Not his shorts though b/c he’s a twig.) Growing up is hard on a mama!

  2. Hi Jen!
    OMG – in a car that was not driven by an “adult” (not that all adults are responsible or grown up…) How do you handle the worry? Lots of stamping and checking the time?

    EEKKK…i have one that has larger feet than me…and he is only 12…

    I know how it feels to have them grow up so so very very fast.

    Where does the time go?

    The lay out you shared is priceless.. Love the use of sticky back canvas and you are truly a master of beautiful layouts.

    have a lovely Saturday.


  3. I remember this layout. . .so full of color and beautiful texture, and he is such a doll! I know just how you’re feeling. My two boys are now 15 and 19. I find myself looking back at times too. *sigh*

  4. Howdy Jennifer, Love the post …pretty scary how they grow so fast. Glad my DD isnt’ jumping in friends cards yet…soon soon 🙁
    Colin …on my what a doll young or “old” love every detail in this layout! Even if you posted it before it reminds us of the amazing you. Hugs,kathy
    Is the playground all disassembled now..making room for a garage???

  5. Look at those toes! I remind my boy all the time how I used to want to gobble his toes up. His 7-year-old-toes? Not so appetizing! Oh, how time flies! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What an awesome layout! He’s such a cutie!
    Thanks for including the links to the canvas & paint. I love the colors & your design. TFS.

  7. They certainly do grow up so quickly. I just love that layout of Colin!! Will have to track down some sticky back canvas here in Oz…have been resisting for far too long! Thank you Queen Enabler 😉

  8. Yep, mine are growing up so fast too. 🙁 My almost 4 yr year old is sitting on my lap asking who the boy in the layout is and how long it takes to get to Colin’s house. I said about 7 hours and she’s asking about helicopters and airplanes and how long they take. Wasn’t that long ago that I was cradling her in my arms. *sigh*
    LOVE the layout! I have some sticky back canvas scraps and this looks like the perfect use for them. 🙂

  9. They are growing up fast!!!! I feel the same way!
    This scrapbook page looks awesome!!! I love the layout and the colors/texture!!!
    AAAAnd of course that little cutie pie in the middle looks so…..cute! :))

  10. Love the layout of your sweet Collin…I know exactly what you mean about them growing up so fast…pulled out my little guys pants yesterday and share your thoughts…I get to take your class this Wed – can’t Wait!

  11. Jennifer, I just love reading your blog. It put another smile on my face today…thank you and God bless you and your sweet family. Happy Sabbath!

  12. Your layout is adorable with such a cutie as your son. I will have to try embossing on fabric. Great idea! Any time you share personal things I always enjoy it. Kids grow up too fast. That’s why it’s so important to enjoy them every day. Enjoy your week.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  13. Oh My Gosh…that is the cutest page. Of course, the subject is adorable!!!! I just love how you used the sticky back canvas. I think I need me some of that!!!

  14. What an adorable layout, Jennifer.
    Lately, I’ve been thinking about how quickly my own kiddos are growing up. Justin turns double digits this year, and Shailyn starts grade 1 in just a couple of days. I haven’t been alone during the daytime (for more than one day in a row) for nearly 10 years. It’s going to take some getting used to.

  15. Great Layout Jennifer ..Colin is so the hair 🙂 It is hard to believe how fast the time babies are now 37 and 30 and I still remember those toes and chubby cheeks…Mothers have the very best as well as hardest jobs in the world..letting their babies grow 🙂 Have A Great Monday!

  16. awww…. what a precious photo of Colin! he is so adorable!! love your gorgeous layout, Jennifer! such a fabulous way to record the sweet memory of your boy! love all the textures, colors and details. amazing layout!! love it!! =) have a wonderful week!! =)

  17. Ah yes, I have some cupboard cleanout ahead for my four and two year olds. Their legs have gotten sooo long this summer! And I have a pack of sticky canvas just waiting to be used, so thanks for the inspiration!

  18. They are all grown up before you know it! Mine is 14 already going on 24… it’s unreal how fast it goes! Beautiful layout as usual Jennifer, thanks for the inspiration!!

  19. I just have to say how much I LOVE this layout! I have just recently bought my first studio paints, and they are addictive! I am definitely going to make a page very similar to this… it’s gorgeous!

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