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Hey, there. I am a busy gal, getting ready for Stampaway… and for two of my favorite people to come stay at my house: Shari and Carol. We always have so much fun together. Reminds me – check out this morph Shari did of our faces. Makes me laugh – Shari call it “Jenari.” 🙂


Wanted to share a video I have up over on the Hero Arts blog. It shows lots of tips including: printing on the front of a notecard, scoring a frame on a card, using Glossy Accents for shine and more…

081010 Teacher Cards 2
(c) Hero Arts. Click HERE for info.

So, I tweeted the other day that I am now in love with Martha Stewart’s Scoring Board. I didn’t think I needed this at all, but got it as a gift from a dear friend. Now? Addicted. It is so easy to score with and does a great job. Love that the ridges are evenly spaced and that there is a holder for my scoring tool at the top. (I used a metal stylus or my own bone folder with it – not a fan of the one it comes with.) It also has an envelope template thingie that pops out. LOVE it. And this comes from a girl who never believed in scoring tools. 🙂 This is it HERE

Better yet, the price is good, too. 🙂

Oh, and I would recommend THIS stylus to use it it…

OK… off to do some last minute cleaning kitting. Bye!

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45 thoughts on “How-To Video: Personalized Cards”

  1. This is a great idea, Jennifer! I love the finished notecard, and you made it look so easy! I have never tried using a text box in Word-I usually just print my sentiment and trim it to attach to my card. This looks so clean! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  2. Love it Jen and the photo of you and Shari together is such fun photo, makes me laugh when I view it, along with also the name that she came up with, way too funny! 🙂 Your card is brilliant as always 🙂

  3. Great video — I am going out today and going to pick up some notecards and try this! Was at Archivers this weekend and they have quite a few HA stamps — looking forward to seeing some Christmas ones. I am taking their Marvelous Minis class this weekend which uses several of the HA stamps (I think the sewing set and maybe another one) anyway, thinking I may be doing some shopping after!

  4. Great video. The cards are great. What teacher wouldn’t love those?! As always, thanks for the inspiration & motivation!
    Oh and I agree with you – the Martha Stewart score board is great!

  5. At first glance of Jenari, I thought, “Wow, I don’t remember Shari looking so much like Jennifer.” When I read your words, I had to chuckle at my thought. You fooled me.

  6. Love the morphed picture, to funny!
    I always enjoy your videos because it always gives me new ideas to try or to hone my rusty skills.
    Thanks sweetie.
    Hope you enjoy your guests, who wouldn’t ?

  7. I love the MS scoring board too. I also keep a stylus in the storage at the top. The fakey bone folder it comes with isn’t so great. I sometimes pull out a regular one instead. I love it for the grooves at regular 1/8″ intervals. So versatile! I love a tool you can use lots of different ways. Thanks for the fun video.

  8. I ALWAYS look forward to your videos. Your voice, your instruction, and demonstrations are by far the best out there. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share so much of what you do, how you do it, and what you do it with.

  9. Great post and video today!!! This is just what I needed for printing on notecards. I’m giving notecard sets as my Christmas gifts to family this year and 2 are teachers, so this is perfect! I already finished a set for a pre-teen niece and they turned out so cute… were my inspiration for making them. I had also been a bit on the fence on Martha’s score board, so this just pushed me over.

  10. So I guess I am going to have to break down and buy the scoreboard.
    Thanks for the video, too cool. Love the morph of Jenari, too cute.

  11. Thanks for sharing. What a great idea! Also, thanks for the info about the scoring pad. I was wondering if it is worth it, and I think I’m sold. I’m glad you shared about the included bone folder. It looked a little flimsy to me. The stylus is a great idea!

  12. Darn you, Jennifer……I didn’t think I needed one of these scoring boards, either, but your video today showed it might be pretty useful. 🙂

  13. Great demo! Thanks for taking the time to do it for us! That Martha Stewart scoring board is showing up everywhere these days, but I keep thinking that I don’t need it either. I might just have to give it a try. Thanks for your recommendation!

  14. great video as usual. i’m thinking about getting that MS scoring board now. and the tip about putting the text box in the corner of the page is so simple/brilliant. SMH-never would have thought of it. thanks so much!

  15. Such a funny photo! Loved your video too. I’m going to have to look up that American Typewriter font–I’ve always loved seeing it in your work! I’m lovin’ my score board as well–So nice for making those little candy treat bags you love to make. 🙂

  16. I’m not a fan of scoring tools either but that thing I might need to own! That is very cool. Great video….maybe I’ll see you on Saturday!

  17. Love, love, love my Martha Stewart Scoring Board.
    I picked mine up at Michaels with a 50% coupon (usually offered on holiday weekends-remember Labor Day is coming) and got it for $10. Quite a steal!

  18. Thanks for all of those tips, i have always wanted to do some printing on my cards so now i can. I love the MS scoring board as well and actually had it shipped here to Aus so that made it quite expensive but worth every cent.

  19. Like the morph 🙂
    I have Glossy Accents – always forget to use them 🙁
    Super cute card. I don’t have guys in school anymore, but I’m thinking something like this would make good Christmas gifts for granddaughter’s 1st grade teacher this year.

  20. Does anyone know how the MS scoring board differs from the Scor-Pal? I have the scor-pal and actually enjoy the scoring tool that comes with it… and I ordered it from and they included a little guide on how to make envelopes with the scor-pal! The scor-pal also has indicators for easy reference when making different folding cards (gate fold, etc.)
    …not that I’m considering buying another scoring tool, of course 😉

  21. fun picture and another fabulous video. I just got the MS scoreboard, too. I loved it before I even got it and love it more now that I have it! Love the even lines, too and that they’re 1/8″ apart. Love the storing compartments, too. MS products are so well thought out.

  22. Awesome video. The text box tips are helpful. I used your directions to make my own text box for some cards I was making today. You have a great teaching style!

  23. This was a great project, have already made some for both of my daughters who are teachers. Want to share a tip, which is probably known by all, when dry embossing rub wax paper over your cardstock and the stylus will move along easier. Thanks again for all of the great ideas you share with us.

  24. absolutely love your card !
    thanks for sharing your talent with us.
    I thank you (thousand times) for the tip about how to use “word” to do the writing on the card…that has opened a world of possibilities for me, I tried many times unsuccessfully, I knew though It could be done but I just didn’t know how. thanks again !
    I vist your page everyday, you are part of my daily routine

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