Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 3

Sitting in our kitchen. Like most people my age, there are a few other places I’d like to be. Like riding a roller coaster, attempting to train a scorpion to sit, etc… But it’s okay, because I’m writing this blog post, which makes the kitchen more exciting! It almost makes me feel poetic.

Ode To Kitchen:
The sound of a Wii game in the other room
Colin is playing, his racecar goes “ZOOM!”
I sit at my laptop, the blog post and I –
But as dinner is cooking, I will soon say “BYE!”

On another note, the latest card that I’ve created is not as cute as the others, but has rhinestones. So I’m sure that you’ll forgive me. Anyway, here it is!

Kay 3
Supplies: Scraps of Mum's papers; Green card; 12 green rhinestones from Hero Arts; Corner rounder; Hero Arts “Thinking Of You” stamp

See? It’s a good card. Decent, or as mum phrased it “a good card for a guy." It’s also pretty simple to make. (Aren’t they all?) I started with cutting my dark green paper into three 1 1/4” X 2 1/2” pieces and adhering them to the paper. Then I cut my brown strips so 5” X 1/4” and adhered them. Finally, I cut a piece of white paper, stamped it with my greeting, rounded the corners, and pop-dotted it to the card. This, my friends, is a fabulous way to use up yummy scraps of papers.

Oh, and just add rhinestones 🙂

Kay’s Daily Words of Wisdom: Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

Off to train my scorpion,


(PS from Mum: There is no scorpion. 🙂

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68 thoughts on “Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 3”

  1. lolol now those are some darn good words of wisdom lady! I needed that giggle tonite! Actually, I like the card…for a guy! Was thinking of repeating it with the strips being embossed …or not…and the card being embossed…just to flip it up…and u know some days…are just harder than others to get your creative juices flowin…but…I like it!

  2. Great card! I love when scraps can be put to good use. Your words of wisdom are great…can’t wait to hear more! Good luck with your scorpion training! 😉

  3. This card actually gave me a great inspiration for a guy’s card… I have some brad’s that are made to look like screws that I think I may replace instead of the bling! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. GREAT guy-card layout – just imagine swapping that bling for screw-head brads! And you have already learned the ability of bling to elevate any layout – good job! Now have fun with your scorpion!

  5. Great card for a guy Kay–and since I’m here in scorpion land in AZ, I’d be happy to send you a few–if you could train ’em to behave–I’ll send ’em!

  6. I love the card-it’s my kind of card. I’ve got some of the same brads above has-I’ll have to give it a try. We have some huge 6″ banana spiders I could send you-they’re big enough to learn to fetch.

  7. Kay, you are the wisest young person I’ve met in a long time. Love your words of wisdom , sense of humor and talent! Really like the card, you did good! Now about that scorpion…NO..they can’t be trusted lol..Have a Great Day and looking forward to your next project.

  8. Fun card, Kay! I need to do this a few hundred times to get through my pile of scraps! Love the added gems! I also love reading your posts late at night. Makes the end of my day better! Thanks for always being so cheerful (and funny too!)

  9. Kay I admire your bravery for posting a card that your not completly in love with. I sometimes put on my brave tights and leap into the land of uncertainity but usually end up deleting the post. Keep leaping. You do it well.

  10. Great blog post. I can see that “arts” as in theatre in you.
    Thanks for sharing the card and any successful tips on the scorpion training you achieve let us know.

  11. I am sure there’s SOME kind of string in J’s craft room to train the scorpion to walk! Good luck. (; A little bling goes a long way!

  12. Well Kay, I know you’re great at card-making and blogging but a part of me thinks that “comedy” is definitely one of your talents too. Hope you are enjoying your week as much as I. Thank you 🙂

  13. Kay, what a nice card and gotta love the bling! You crack me up, love the poem!! Glad to hear there is no scorpion lol : )

  14. Kay, I love the Bling! Great card and a great way to use those massive amounts of scraps we all have. Good luck training the scorpion! Let us know how that goes.. 😉

  15. Love your words of wisdom and love your card! It inspired me to try it with some fun birthday patterned paper for a guy birthday card.

  16. I love the card Kay. Simple, but effective. However, I am wondering if you really cut the green cardstock to 2 1/2 inches.. it looks more like 3 1/2 inches long to me, but maybe my eyes are going. The greens are nice, and I’m not even a green fan.

  17. Kay, you’re doing a FABULOUS job taking our your mum’s blog! You are a natural! Your mum is SOOO lucky to have you in her life.

    Keep up with the good work!

  18. FABULOUS Kay!!! Love the card, the poem, and your “scorpion”…LOL

    CUTE! Keep up the great work…

  19. I love how you have such a bright view on life…and can describe it in word making me feel the same way. Thanx for the happy outlook on life, I’m off to train my gecko to jump on command =) LOL

  20. Kay, you are a hoot! And your mum is lucky to have you! Loved the poem and the card is perfect. Keep up the digressing and let us know about the scorpion training. Your mum just thinks you don’t have one, right! 🙂

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