NEW Cards for Kids Card Drive – Round 3!

I am so very excited to announce the next round of Cards for Kids!

CFK logosb

If you are new to this – you send cards to me and we pack for them sick kids to cheer the up.  And you can win some great prizes!

We have 13 children now, and will be adding more. To see the list of kids and their info, click HERE.

To see all the great prizes, click HERE.  (Kristina is our prize coordinator and is AMAZING at it!)

The info is all the same from the past – you can find it HERE.  One important change: When sending cards for brothers and sisters, please put "Brother Zach" or "Sister Olivia", etc on the envelopes. This helps differentiate between kids with the same name.  We also have two Emilys now, so please be sure to add the last initial.

At any time, you can find the info on card drive and the prizes by clicking the logos over there on my right sidebar at the top.  ——->

Thank you so much for considering helping out these kids.  The siblings really enjoy the cards especially.  This is a great way to enjoy our hobby and make someone smile.

(If you won in our last round of prizes and didn't receive them, please email me.)