I *heart* NYC…

OK. I will admit. The first time I went to NYC? I hated it. Really hated it.

But then I went with my dear friend Nichol and met up with Kelly there. And it all changed. I now love it.

Those who know me well know that I am one of those people who never stops. Never sits. Never relaxes. My mind is always running and thinking of "what do I need to do next." Constantly. Then I went to St. John in the Caribbean and my mind was able to rest for the first time ever. (Especially when on a boat.) I could only find rest in the islands.

Until NYC. I think the hustle and bustle of the city keeps my mind for over-thinking. Instead there is so much to see and hear and do. It is a great escape for me.

Therefore, I have been there twice in a few weeks. 🙂 I decided to take Kay this last weekend and she loved it so VERY much. This was especially meaningful to me because Kay got to meet Kelly. Kelly is such a strong, smart, independent, adventurous, joyful, loving gal – exactly the type of person I see/hope Kay grows into.  Seeing them next to each other? Made my heart happy…

062110 NYC Kelly and Kay

I love the little flower shops scattered throughout the city…

062110 NYC Flowers 

I also love the oasis-like parks in the city. LOVE them. My favorite is Bryant Park. This was in Madison Square Park…

062110 NYC Me small 

(I get a lot of questions about that necklace. Jana gave it to me for my birthday. So fun. You can find HERE.)

I LOVE the flowers in these parks…

062110 NYC Kay

(By the way – that dress Kay is wearing? We both bought it. We wear the same size dress, but I didn't want to share – ha.)

Kay and I also like all the restaurants where you can eat outside basically on the sidewalk. So fun to people-watch…

062110 NYC Kay Dinner 

And the shows. Broadway has a way of grabbing your soul and drawing you back. We saw Wicked (Kay's fave), Chicago and Promises Promises (my fave – second time seeing it). Kelly got us to go to the stage doors to meet the actors afterward. LOVED this. Something so cool about it. Here is a picture of Sean Hayes (from Will and Grace) that Kelly took…


Sean was SO kind.  And Tony Goldwyn from Dexter, Ghost, etc…

062110 NYC Tony

Kristen Chenoweth was in Promises Promises, too, but we couldn't wait any longer for her – had to catch a plane.

I wasn't going to share photos from this trip here (I feel I have shared too many non-crafting things lately) but several people requested them. I know I love seeing people's travel shots. 🙂

Ah… I *heart* NYC… and I never thought I would say that.

I will be back tomorrow with a crafty post. Night!

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62 thoughts on “I *heart* NYC…”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I will be going to NYC in two weeks (my first time), and your photos really make me excited to go!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had an awsome time. Great shots of the celebrity’s ; )

    speaking of celebrity’s your friend Kay looks very very much like Scarlett Johansson.
    Very Pretty!


  3. Wow, it sure looks like an amazing trip, thanks for sharing some of it with us. By the way, I adore the lucite bead necklace you are wearing … clicked on the site and have ordered one for my duaghter, I think she’s going to love it. Have a great day Jen!

  4. It looks like you and Kay had an amazing time!! Kay is very blessed to have you in her life, as I am sure you are blessed to have her! I think your relationship is so very special!

  5. Thank you so very much for sharing your trip photos. I adore NYC (haven’t been since 2004) so “traveling” there vicariously through your pics is truly enjoyable and much appreciated!!!

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