Stamping with water…

Hey, there.

Trying like mad to play catch up.  But all I want to do is go out and plant flowers.  My oh my, that is my summer addiction. 🙂

Thought I would share a card inspired by the project I taught with Tim last month.  For the main floral piece on this, I started with white Neenah cardstock.  I covered it heavily with Broken China Distress Ink until it was totally blue.  I then took the lovely Wildflower Garden stamp and inked it with Versamark.  Before stamping it, I sprayed the stamp with a Perfect Pearl and water mix.  After stamping this on the inked piece, I zapped it with a heat gun.  Thanks to the unique properties of Distress Inks, I am left with the sparkly, ghost-like stamped image.  Lovey that technique…

052010 Distress Ink Water JenMcGuire 

The background is Grass Chalk ink on a Grass notecard – both from Hero.  This is a favorite combo of mine.  The flower was white, but then was inked with Wild Honey Distress Ink and sprayed.

Love the silver look of the butterflies.  Just covered Neenah white cardstock with Pumice Stone Distress Ink.  Sprayed it with lots of pearlized water (Perfect Pearls in water) and let it dry.  Punched… creating metallic accents.  (This finish matches my MacBook Pro exactly – lovely.)

052010 Distress Ink Water JenMcGuire 2
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (dots, flower, greeting) and Grass chalk ink and Grass notecard; Prima flower; Distress Inks; Neenah cardstock; Versamark; Perfect Pearls; Mini Mister; Punch; Pin; Papertrey Ink button; Creative Impressions silk ribbon and twine.

I get a lot of questions on the Perfect Pearls I use.  The white-silver-like one I like is called Perfect Pearl.  So, it's full name is "Perfect Pearl Perfect Pearls."  Nice and confusing, eh?  You can find the right one HERE – can't beat the price…


Oh, and THIS is my current most-used stamp set. Delicious.


Off to put laundry away.  Jealous, aren't you?  Blech.

Night! 🙂

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72 thoughts on “Stamping with water…”

  1. The stamping with water technique is one of my favorite I learned in the class you taught with Tim. LOVE the look and it’s so basic & easy. Thanks for sharing this technique with us!

  2. Know the feeling….I gave in and planted 9 pots for my back patio yesterday! So pretty….just like your card. I too have a stack of laundry waiting on the steps to be put away! Blech is right…I would rather stamp/scrap right now!
    Enjoy your summer addiction!

  3. i live in an apt so i wish I had the area to plant beautiful flowers. my parents owned a florist growing up and i loved spending time around all the pretty flowers. I love the technique you showed. i will have to try using the pumice stone like that as well. Beautiful and TFS!!

  4. Would love to see the steps to making this card in a video! What kind of flowers are you planting? We had to re-do a good bit of our landscaping after the unusual freeze we had this winter; lost lots of tropical plants :(. My gardenias survived, tho, and have been blooming like crazy-love that scent.

  5. Great card, sounds like a fun technique. I adore this stamp set. I’m wondering if Michaels carries Hero or I’d have to order from Hero?

  6. like this technique so will have to try… need to find Perfect pearls first…. here in NZ can get Pearl Ex but it doesn’t have the fixative in it. As usual Jennifer you work is inspirational.

  7. I’ve just recently found your blog and have a renewed interest in stamping thanks to you. I’m learning so many new techniques from you. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. What a great technique. Love the result, the card is beautiful.
    I’m having a “color with distress ink” workshop at my house next week, looking forward to that. The new colors are so great.

  9. Just finished my laundry LOL!!! Love your card, what a fab technique – TFS. Summer here now too… everything blooming…yipee!

  10. This is just lovely Jennifer. Got to have the stamps. I live in a major city in a row home so my garden is in pots my yard is all cement. I’m having fun with my garden too. TFS!!! 😀

  11. I can’t believe all of the wonderfully creative ideas that you come up with daily – I am in awe!!! Thanks so much with sharing your ideas with all of us – you have certainly expanded my creative mind!

  12. Stunning card, Jennifer! Love it! Always learning something new from you. 🙂 Which reminds me… I left a comment under your comment on my facebook wall. 😉

  13. Jennifer

    These colors and designs are well put together:) I think I am going to stay
    home and stamp with my(thanks) new stamps. It will be nice after yesterdays busy day:)

    Thanks so much for writing out the instructions and photos:)

    Sandi N.

  14. Just love this card. I have used water on stamps but never the Perfect Pearl directly on the stamp. Really love that look. TFS

    Donna C.

  15. i love this card! I have some distressing inks, but haven’t gotten to use them just yet…I also have perfect pearls, but I am not finding the spray bottles like what you use for the Perfect Pearls. Where do you get your bottles from?????
    Love your inspirations!!! Can;t wait until the next post!!!

  16. Love your Perfect pearl tip. I started buying misters and assorted colors of pearlex (and a dabb of liquid glue) in water after seeing how beautiful your cards turned out. Thank you for sharing. Have started “collection” the Clings myself, just love them. And love the fact that they don’t take up so much storage space.

  17. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for planting, Jennifer! I do love flowers, just not the gardening part. LOL! And happy for me, whomever lived in this house before me, love plants and flowers, so I have the benefits without the work. And I love your card. I love that you share your techniques. 🙂

  18. Planting, I’ve got a hundreds of plants to put out – the danger of having greenhouses! But it’s raining, so I’ll stamp. I want to try your technique and I just got a bunch of white flowers to color.

  19. Ok, I have finally given in and have added perfect pearl perfect pearls to my cart at Two Peas. Actually, my cart is more like a pick-up truck right now! I better finalize my order before it gets any bigger!

  20. great technique and card – thanks for the laundry reminder … I too have to get busy with mine!

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