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I get a ton of questions about my favorite tools, so I thought I would share a video and links.  Please note that these are products I have found and LOVE.  No company is paying me to promote these.  It is just me sharing with you all the products that make me happy.  Also, for each product I link to a few online stores that I love dearly, trust and respect so you can buy them easily.  So, yes, this is enabling at it’s best. 🙂

Be sure to watch the video and then read the points for each.  I share a lot of my reasons for loving them each.


Craft Premium Portable Paper Trimmer from Fiskars

  • I have been looking for a trimmer forEVER.  FINALLY, I found my soul mate.  I love this trimmer.
  • The base is wider than most trimmers – 6.25″.  This is great for scrapbookers (who cut 6″ wide often) and cardmarkers (who cut 5.5″ wide often)… no need to swing out the arm all the time.
  • Has a cut-line indicator – a wire that shows exactly where the blade will cut.  LOVE this.  Great for when you are cutting strips of journaling apart or matting something.  You can see it perfectly.
  • There is a finish over the trimmer, preventing the grid and measurements from wearing off.
  • Triple track system – cuts straight for me.
  • Arm swings out to over 15″.
  • Cuts multiple sheets at once.
  • Uses I-Blade replacement blades.
  • As Fiskars says, “Built in paper clamp and photo smudge protector on the cutting rail.”  In other words, easy to hold as you cut. 🙂

If you are interested in buying this trimmer, click HERE.


Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors


  • I use these scissors for EVERYTHING. Truly.  Even the garden. Get a few pairs.  You will thank me when all of your family steals them.  (My husband, son and mom are guilty.)
  • They are self-sharpening so they don’t dull.  I cut wire with these, and ribbon.  No need to have separate pairs.  Really.  Believe it.  It is true.  As Tim says, “cuts wire, craft metal, shanks of buttons, chipboard, grungepaper, paper, fabric, and ribbon.”
  • Non-stick – no more yuck building up on them.
  • Kushgrip handles are easy on the hands.  For both lefties and righties.
  • Micro serrated edges keep them sharp.
  • Protective cap.

If you are interested in buying these scissors, you can go HERE or HERE or HERE.


Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Knife


  • Retractable blade – no more accidents when shuffling through stuff.  (Yes, experience talking.)
  • Comes with two replacement blades and you can buy extras.  But, honestly, I haven’t changed mine yet.  Stays sharp.

If you want to get this craft knife, go HERE or HERE or HERE.


Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick


  • High quality piercer. 
  • I got rid of all my others because this one retracts (see reason above) and extends to a long 1 1/4″.  Perfection.

You can get the pick HERE or HERE or HERE.


Tim Holtz Paper Distresser


  • Safe – can’t cut yourself on it.  (Again, a good thing.)
  • Just run along the edge of the paper for distressing like no other.  Great texture.  Doesn’t have to be just for a “distressed” look, but rather anywhere you want a bit of texture.

You can get the distresser HERE or HERE or HERE.


Craft Sheets from Ranger


  • This big guy (15″x18″, but it does come in a smaller size) is a reusable, protective sheet that you can do any craft on.
  • Non-porous, withstands high heat, cleans easily.  You can just peel, wipe or scrape things off.
  • Get this: If you use a dot adhesive roller, this craft sheet is a must.  When you go to put adhesive on something thin, the adhesive doesn’t stick to this surface, so your workspace won’t get sticky.  So cool.
  • The only thing you can’t do on this?  Cut with a knife. It will cut through.
  • I have one of these for whenever my son does crafts – PERFECT surface for that.
  • It doesn’t distort.

You must get this craft sheet.  Try HERE or HERE or HERE.


Ink Blending Tool from Ranger


  • This dude applies ink to projects better than anything.
  • The foam soaks up the color and holds it – love that – so I like to get extra foam and have a foam per color.
  • You want to use FOAM for ink blending.  However, you can get felt and use it with this tool for use with alcohol inks, which is a different ball game. 🙂

This must-have inking tool can be found HERE or HERE or HERE.  You can find refills HERE or HERE or HERE.  And the spin rack to hold them is HERE.


Compact Stamp Press from Fiskars...

  • You can use this instead of an acrylic mount.  I find myself reaching for this over anything else now.
  • Has little foam feet that let you perfectly line up your inked stamp before pressing it down to stamp.  SO good for lining things up.
  • FABULOUS when stamping on acetate/transparency – keeps you from shifting and messing up.
  • You can squeeze a big cling stamp on here even… or put lots of smaller images.
  • Has a tiny bit of “give” to it, which is a good thing.  You can press at the center and be sure all the ink transfers.
  • I use this one a bit more than the bigger one, but it is up to your personal preference.

If you are interested in buying this stamp press, click HERE.  If you want the bigger one, which is shown in the video too, click HERE.


Tim Holtz / Sizzix Alteration Dies


  • These are VERY high quality dies that can be used on your Sizzix or Cuttlebug machines. 
  • They can cut through many layers of cardstock, grungeboard, etc.
  • There are many great and fancy things you can do with these dies that you can’t do with others.  Tim shows this all in his videos HERE.
  • If you aren’t into a grungy-look, no worries.  These dies give perfect, smooth cuts – can be used for any style.
  • THIS die fits nicely on the center of a card.  Delightful.
  • The edge dies are perfect for cards.  Just sayin’.

Looking for the Alterations Dies?  Try HERE and HERE and HERE.


Neenah White Cardstock

Solar White Large

  • This is the white cardstock I use for EVERYTHING.  It is 8.5×11, super smooth, crisp white.  PERFECT for stamping. 
  • The price is good, so it is all I use.  Even for matting.
  • Perfect for use with Copic Markers and Distress Inks.
  • 80 lb. cardstock, which is a great weight.

To purchase Neenah White Paper 250 sheet packs, go HERE.  For 25 sheets, go HERE.



OK… I think that is enough enabling for today.  So, how about TWO giveaways?

Just leave a comment on this post telling me if you have tried any of these goodies.  Do so by Sunday, May 9 at 11:59pmEST for your chance to win either a Compact Fiskars Stamp Press or the big Fiskars Stamp Press…


(When I emailed Fiskars telling them how much I loved their stamp presses, they sent me extras to give away here!  Thanks, Fiskars.)

Have a great day.  Come back tomorrow for another giveaway.  (And a much shorter post. 🙂

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861 thoughts on “Video: Some Favoite Tools + TWO Giveaways”

  1. I love the Tim Holtz scissors and do use them for everything. At first I was timid about cutting nasty things with them, but they work just as advertised — they cut anything and stay sharp. LUV THEM! Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp press, haven’t tried that one yet!

  2. Jennifer,
    You are such an inspiration!! I wish you would post every week on you tube!!!
    Thanks for this video, I found a few new things I have to have!!
    Looking forward to the next video,

  3. Wow…this is too cool. I have seen these and wondered if they were any good. Thanks for the two thumbs up.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for all of your product recommendations and great ideas to use them on; Got most of them (except the press)after your 2 thinking inking classes. I love Tim’s products. I also have that trimmer and I have a question about it. As I cut strips of paper, using the “dike” as the guide, the strips eventually become skewed (not exactly 90 degrees, so when I fold, the corners noticeably do not meet). How do you guide your paper in the trimmer so it is consistently squared off?
    Thank you so much.

  5. I have been stamping for over 12 yrs and had never used the stamp until recently. I saw it on a stamping video and decided it was what I needed to help get clean images right where I wanted. Why didn’t I try this years ago!!! I would have saved a ton of card stock. No more unintended dropping a corner of the stamp in the wrong place. No more lines that aren’t straight. I’m getting older and sometimes my hands are shakey. I love it, love it, love it. I didn’t know about the larger one. Now I know to look for it also.

  6. In my post I left out the word press. Stamp Press. Fiskars needs to be more aggressive in advertising these tools that older stampers need and showing us how to use them . I love Fiskars sewing tools so I know I’ll love all their stamping and scrapbooking tools

  7. I can’t live without my Ranger Craft Sheet… it is almost permanently spread out on my crafting desk. The only thing I would love more, would be my entire desk covered… like Tim!!
    I also love all the Tim Holtz tools from Tonic Studios – Scissors, Craft Pick, Craft Knife and Distress Tool as well as the Craft Scratcher which you didn’t mention, but I also use quite often. I can’t live without my Ink Blending Tools. It’s like you’ve just reviewed all my favourite tools which live on my desk permanently.
    I don’t have a Fiskars stamp press but would dearly love one as you have sold me on the values of this tool as well!!

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