Simple card and random stuff…

Hey there, folks.

Here is a super fast card I did with some new Hero stamps.  Love stamping with markers.  Memento Markers are my favorite for coloring directly onto rubber stamps and then stamping with.  Here they are: GREENS, PURPLES, BLUES, PINKS, YELLOWS/ORANGES and BROWNS.  (Stampin' Up markers also work for this.)  I just colored the stamp, spritzed once or twice from far away with water and stamped.  Easy peasy.

042010 Memento Markers
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (flower and greeting) and cards and gems; Memento Markers; Mini Mister with water.

BTW… I get a lot of questions about greetings for the inside of cards.  THIS set has several that can be used on the inside and outside.  (For example: "Friend" on the outside and "Thank you for being you" on the inside.)


Thought I would give a quick update on Cards for Kids.  We are still going strong!  I passed along information of those of you who sent in cards to Jana.  She hopes to post them on her site this weekend.  I will keep you posted. Remember – we have great prizes (HERE)!  You have to get them in the mail before the end of April.  I will be starting another round of prizes after that.  But these kids and families really need us!

Oh, and a big round of applause to Jenn Shurkus and her friends at Colorful Creations.  They sent a TON of cards for the kids – thank you!

Other random goodness and such:

  • Still a rockin' stamp sale over at 2Peas.  25% off!  HERE are the Hero Arts stamps.  I ordered a few days ago from 2Peas and got it so quick.  Gotta love that.
  • Working a video totally intended to enable you.  Just a warning – get your wallet ready. 🙂
  • I am very sad to say, but I stepped down as a Garden Girl on 2Peas.  I have been one for 8 or 9 years and it was hard to leave.  That role has opened so many doors for me, and I will be forever grateful to Kristina for that.  I also made many friends there.  But I needed to cut back and that was one of the things I had to do.  I will still be a part of 2Peas from the outside and will hopefully still have projects with them.
  • BTW… part of my reason for cutting back is for making more time for the teaching that I love to do – to devote to that as opposed to squeezing it in and taking time away from my family.  I do plan to add a few stores/events to my schedule in the future – places where I can drag my family along.  :)  Please contact me if you are interested.  (I get a lot of emails about this, but please resend if you are still interested.)
  • Getting ready for a big event at Hero Arts in May.  It is for store owners and employees – a weekend of classes *in* Hero's factory!  How cool is that?  If you are a store owner, email me for details.  If you know a store owner – pass on the info!  There are limited spots available.  (Oh – and we will have special assistants – Ken and Colin.  Fun!)  Shari Carroll and I will be teaching.

OK… off to do computer work.  Night!

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94 thoughts on “Simple card and random stuff…”

  1. such a pretty card Jenn, I wish we had a store in the USA…I would be at Hero Like a shot with a chance like this!!! Oh well…..I am sure you will have lots of fun with Lovely Shari!

  2. Oh this is sooo pretty! I love the colors! So happy that your family will be together soon. So glad that you’ll get to teach more!! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be a real-live student one day (I’m already an online one). 🙂 Sounds like these changes are good ones. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear that you had to leave the 2 Peas Garden… But I know it will make some peaople happy as you’ll teach more! Wish to attend your class once!

  4. Hi Jennifer, I would love to take a class with you, if you ever come to Colorado I’ll be the first to sign up!
    In the meantime, which event are you teaching at in Arizona soon? I saw it somewhere and can’t remember the name or link…

  5. So sorry to hear you won’t be a Garden Girl anymore (but know your family life is 1st!). You have been one of my very favorites for great inspiration there. Looking forward to seeing what direction you turn your energies. Looking forward to your next “enabling” post.:)
    BTW – love this card, I need to get some markers!

  6. Jen- the garden won’t be the same without you…you rock gal! Everything you touch shines just a little brighter when you bless it with your talent! 🙂 God Bless you girl!

  7. if memory serves, Colo is only 6-7 hrs from chicago! would love it if you came
    this way. luv that family comes first + everything u do.

  8. OH it would be so nice to see you in Indiana! I will put a bug in Pages In Time Forever ear and see if they can have you in Mishawaka..i would soooo LOVE that!
    GREAT card..I use the Stampin UP! markers this way…Love them

  9. oh i would LOVE to see you at Pages In Time Forever in Mishawaka…hope you could come this way sometime!
    love your card…i use the stampin up markers this way

  10. Maybe this will work for the 3rd time 🙂

    I would love to see you at Pages In Time Forever in Mishawaka! I hope to see you there sometime

    LOVE Your card how pretty….i use Stampin Up! markers this way

  11. Love the colors used, great look to the whole card and again I love the little dots you applied, they are in the right place to add just that little touch. Your work is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lovely choice of colors on the card. I like the inside setiments too, I will have to look for that.
    So sad you are leaving 2 Peas. You will be sorely missed there. Your insiration there was truly amazing. Just don’t stop your blog, or Hero stuff, we all need “Jennifer fixes”.
    I wish I was a Stamp Store owner or employee so I could attend the event. I was at one of Jana’s classes at SYAO and you and Colin stopped in and he was the best little assistant. He was so good at getting everyone water. 🙂
    Best wishes in your new direction, I know you will be blessed.

  13. beautiful simple card! i am hoping one day i’ll get to attend one of your classes, they must be fun and amazing!! can’t wait to see the dangerous/enabling video! =)

  14. Uh- oh… an enabling post from you always has pros/cons. Can’t wait to see what next to go on my wish list! 🙂

  15. This card is a delight. Love your painting techniques. They always seem to come out so flawlessly.
    Sad to hear about the 2peas but glad that you found a way to manage your time to fit in more family. We can certainly all understand that!
    Besides we have your blog, your classes & your creating keepsakes segments.
    Of course can’t wait for the “enabling” video. A bit scared but excited!
    Gonna have to hide the wallet for sure.
    Take care,

  16. Such a pretty card!
    I’ve often found myself uncomfortably squeezed trying to fit in too much. Sometimes you just have to say no. Enjoy the extra time with your family and your teaching. And thanks so much for continuing to share your time here.
    Hope your hubby is able to come home soon!

  17. Love this card, thanks for sharing!! I will miss you at 2peas, just loved your Thinking & Inking class last year, it really jump started my stamping … You are an awesome teacher, Thanks for all your great inspiration!!

  18. Making more time for family and the things we love sometimes requires difficult choices . . . but in the end we always discover that it was the right decision. I have been there . . . but havent’ regretted the decisions I made at all.

  19. love all the new hero arts stamps. i purchased two (dont ask me how i made the choice) and plan to go back and purchase 2 or so a week. i count on you to show me the best usage of the stamps and try the new techniques (new to me). thanks and have a great summer!

  20. I know this is a super old post, but I am hoping you (Jennifer) can still supply an answer. Can you use Memento markers directly on clear stamps as well? I would presume so, but it would be nice to know for sure.

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