Moving past the madness…


I am very excited that Colin and I will be heading to visit Colin's grandparents (Ken's parents) next week.  It is always nice to have a change of pace, and to slow done from the madness that I have been going through here.  I have my last big class of the month on Saturday (love it), then we leave on Sunday.  Can't wait.

Thought I would share a layout about his grandparents.  They are truly the kindest people in the world.  We are blessed.  Sorry that the photo of it is so bad, but you can see a better version of it in Creating Keepsakes.

CKFeb L2 (c) Creating Keepsakes

Was date night here for us.  I am really thankful this guy was foolish enough to marry little ol' me.

Ribbon Layout 1
(c) Creating Keepsakes.  Photos by Cathy Blackstone.

On another note, please send up some prayers for my SIL who lives in Africa.  She is very sick with malaria and other icks. Praying she is on the mend soon.

Hugs to all.  More soon!  And a random giveaway to a comment from this week. 🙂

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168 thoughts on “Moving past the madness…”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Your layouts are wonderful! I will keep your sister-in-law in my prayers. – jmgeisler

  2. jennifer, love the layouts. they are always so awesome. i will be in your class this this saturday! i cant wait!!!!! i am sure it will be incredible!

  3. Beautiful LO’s Jennifer, loving all that yummy ribbon 🙂

    Prayers for your SIL that she is on the mend real soon. Enjoy your time away, nothing like a break from routine. I haven’t been away for 5 years, I think a holiday is long overdue!

  4. Jennifer fantastic layouts. I love the colors on the ribbon one.
    It’s great you have a good relationship with you In-laws, I wish I did.
    I light a candle every week at church for some sick friends, I will add your SIL to the list. May she soon be on the mend.

  5. Hope your SIL gets better soon! And enjoy your weekend w/the in-laws–you’re incredibly blessed to have such a great relationship w/them!

    Love the layouts!

  6. Grandparents are da bomb! How lovely that you share a great relationship with them, and that your children can be blessed by that!

  7. I hope you enjoy your visit. I loved your layout. I am a grandmother myself.
    I sent up prayers for your SIL and I hope that she is better soon.

  8. Awww…I need to make a layout for me and my hubby too 🙂

    I like your sweet layout for Colin’s grandparents – such great attention to detail.

  9. You’re making me miss my grandparents. Hope you’re enjoying your new iPad. Let me know if you have any questions or find any fun apps. Epicurious and ABC players are my favorite so far. Also, thanks so much for the wonderful stamps. (I helped you with iMovie a little while ago) 🙂

  10. I hope you have a great vacation! I love the layout with the ribbon tied at the ends. What a clever idea.

  11. like the “kindness” LO and “the best” is awesome. i think you made a card just like this a few weeks ago. it is nice to see how you incorporate the design on either a card or a LO. thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I don’t think my post worked, I’ll try again. I love your layout but I especially like how you did the ribbon on the layout of you and your hubby. Have a great trip and spend lot’s of time with your adorable son. Shari

  13. No I don’t think he was foolish….he was LUCKY! Love your laoyouts, Colin is such a cutie! Enjoy your workshop and your well deserved time with your in laws. Prayers for your SIL!

  14. What a beautiful way to use your ribbon on ‘the best’ page. I love how you tied them off at the end instead of just running them across. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for sharing. Have a fun adventure visiting the family. I really miss our folks but they were still alive when the boys were young so we were blessed. I will keep your SIL in my prayers.

  16. I love the ribbon layout! So beautiful and unique! Hope you have a great break visiting with your in-laws! You deserve a break!

  17. What a lovely family – grandparents are wonderful!! Prayers for your SIL as well – that is a tough illness. All the very best to you and enjoy your relaxing visit w/in-laws! XXX Maureen

  18. A vacation is a wonderful thing. It restores the soul and gives you the strength to go back to your life, refreshed. You stop thinking about that never ending to do list and all your responsibility. You relax and have fun. It is like taking a long refreshing deep breath. Enjoy!

  19. It’s wonderful for everyone in your family, especially Colin, that you have an awesome relationship with your in-laws. Love the page of you and your hubby. Awesome use of ribbon! You come up with so many wonderful ideas. Prayers for your sister-in-law. I thought they had taken all the shots needed for their trip to Africa. How much longer will they be over there? Love little Sam.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  20. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your SIL; So scary to be so far from home where we take good medical care for granted. Enjoy you’re time off, you’ve sure earned it!
    Kathy Camasso

  21. Prayers are with your SIL… and I love your LO of you and your husband… life is wonderful, isn’t it? Don’t you feel like you can just do anything if your family is by your side? Love.. It is truly a gift.

  22. Said a prayer for your SIL. Hope her health improves quickly.

    I love the colors you have used on “The Best” page and also the different textures.

  23. thanks for sharing those sweet layouts, Jennifer! Hope you have a great time during your little escape with Colin. =) your sister-in-law and her family are in my thoughts.

  24. THe layouts are great! I started scrapbooking 9 years ago when I was on maternity leave with my youngest. I made a book for my mom and then she was hooked!

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