A bright day…

Man.  This sunshine is amazing.  Such gorgeous days.  Makes me feel inspired.

Did some super bright Copic Marker cards for the Hero blog this weekend.  Was so excited to do cards inspired by my new dear friend, Kathy.  Be sure to go HERE to check out her amazingly fabulous cards.  Yowsers.

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire

That scallop is made with THIS new punch from EK.  Lovin' it.  And I drew the stems longer…

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire 1

And the center of the flowers?  First did Walnut Stain Distress Stickles, then a touch of Antique Linen Distress Stickles.  Perfect for daisy centers…

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire 2
(c) Hero Arts blog – Click HERE for supplies.

And, next, some tulip bookmarks.  They are actually on a narrow folded acetate piece to fit over the page to keep your place.  Love coloring these…

040210 Bookmarks JenMcGuire
(c) Hero Arts blog.  Click HERE for details.

Some random fun stuff for today:

  • Want to see an example of what I consider a perfect scrapbook page?  THIS one.  It has lots of photos, captures so many memories and is full of great embellishments.  PERFECT.
  • I love my new necklace HERE from my friend Latrice. You can get them HERE.  I have THIS one on my wish list.
  • Please, if you are voting to keep Kate on DWTS, please stop.  Pains me to watch her.  Ha.
  • If you haven't watched yet, I HIGHLY recommend watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  It will be an eye-opener for many.  Great information in it.  Just love it. At least check out the quick videos HERE, or watch the full episodes.  I love seeing this guy be so passionate about helping so many people.
  • Adore THIS card by a friend of mine – one who has saved the day for me recently.  And, she has a great blog candy HERE.
  • A lot of people have asked me about CSAs after I mentioned joining one. Some simple info HERE.
  • I have mentioned that we are eating (mostly) only fresh foods at our house now.  And I LOVE the change.  Ken has lost 25 pounds (Mr. Skinny) and I feel a ton better.  I mentioned that we spend less money on food now, and people asked how that was possible since organic foods are pricey.  Well, I find by not going down the middle aisles of the store, I avoid a lot of the pricey stuff.  (We shop only on the outer edges of the store, where you find veggies, meats, etc.)  Also, there are some great cost-saving tips HERE.
  • I have one word for THIS: Wow.

Off to snuggle up.  We were swimming tonight and I am exhausted.  Take care!

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57 thoughts on “A bright day…”

  1. Wowser! What a beautiful set of cards and awesome bookmarks too! I love the bold coloring and really have to sit down with my Copics and give that a try; thanks for all the fun links too!
    Kathy Camasso

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I enjoy reading your blog, seeing all the wonderful cards you make, and watching your videos! I live in Michigan, north and west of Detroit, and will be coming to your class at Simply Scrapbooks this Saturday. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and learning lots of new things! Take care till then!

  3. Always feels good to eat healthier. I was just munching on some strawberry spinach salad watching DWTS. Love the Stickles in the centers of the flowers!

  4. Loved your cards on the blog last week, Jennifer! Lots of great sharing in your links too. Thanks so much!

  5. Lovely cards Jennifer! I love all your random stuff, but the one that made me laugh really hard was #3!! I agree with you 100%.

    God bless

  6. Beautiful cards!! I agree with you about eating fresh and organic foods and think CAS is
    a great way to go. Knowing which foods to buy organic (ones that have the most pesticides),
    has helped us to eat healthy and still keep a reasonable budget.

  7. Thanks for all of the links. I found the organic food link is very helpful! You mentioned you went swimming – sounds like fun. I was a swimmer, so you saying you went swimming makes me want to get back in the water. Also, I read somewhere that you were an engineer. What type of engineering? I am an engineer. I like my job but also love to make cards. I learn a lot from you! So Thanks!

  8. LOVE Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. My 13 YO watched and will no longer eat chicken nuggets (thank goodness!).

    Such pretty cards and bookmarks, too.

  9. Lovely cards–and I loved the bookmarks, too! I currently have too many books I’m reading so this may be a good idea for me… 🙂

    Just found a CSA close by…will have to chat w/my hubby about it…Thanks for the info!

  10. These are incredible cards, wow! Did you just cut out the daisy petals separately to add them on top? Fabulous, I love them!

    p.s. I agree…she (KG) danced the worst tonight, in fact she didn’t dance at all, she walked around, barely!

  11. Great layout by Nichol (as always) and I also think everyone should stop voting for Kate. I think she would be relieved to be done with the show.

  12. Here is a fabulous radio show you can listen to. (i highly recommend subscribing to the podcast.) the web site for the radio show is called Nutritional Weight and Wellness. it is a nutrition consultation service based out of Minnesota. a wealth of healthy eating information.

  13. Jennifer, I love, love, love the tulip bookmarks! So bright and chipper. Shari (cricutrookie)

  14. Your top card is SO cool! I bought some Copics and those cards will be the first tries with Copics!

    Thanks for the tips!

  15. a bright day indeed seeing the flowers you created… love it. this inspired me to make a bookmark like yours. thanks for the inspiration. and oh your boy is so CUTE.

  16. Your cards and bookmarks are stunning! And I have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver for years! It shocked me to see him crying after he was trying to change things at a school. It shocked me to see all this stuff they called food, too – I can’t even imagine giving that to a child…

  17. really love the bookmark idea! i have heard Jamie Oliver being interview a few time on the radio and think what he is doing is really interesting. will go and find that show to watch! thanks for all the inspiring links once again!

  18. Oh how I wish that I could cut like you Jennifer. I flunked cutting 101. LOL! The cards and bookmarks are gorgeous. I too enjoy all the links that you share, I’m the curious type so I’m always afraid that i will miss out on something. So glad that you share like you do. TFS!!! 😀

  19. I just ended up making a 36 cards for my Aunt’s Sunday School class ladies and by the 30th card I was running out of ideas, so I looked to your blog for inspiration and I have to say I was stunned as usual. Thanks a million for sharing so much. It is much appreciated. 🙂

  20. I read every post in my email & I am so lazy that I don’t comment on your beautiful work enough lol.

    These cards are so pretty – they just scream spring. Thanks for the inspiration girl you are so talented.

  21. Love these bold and bright cards Jennifer. They are amazing. I love most the simplicity of these cards. The stamped images speak for themselved. I love all the info you give us, but I have to say the thing I love the most is that pic of your gorgous, sweet, little man. What a little doll. This is the age group that I use to teach in pre-school and looking at this guy, reminds me of why I loved teaching these special little people. I know I am a stranger, but give him a hug for me and tell him he is such a sweet little boy. You are blessed indeed with this one. Hope your Easter was filled with many blessings. All the best.

  22. Such cool cards! Just ventured into the world of copics last week, finally breaking down! They really are not as difficult to work with as I thought they would be! As far as the CSA…I am so excited! My family joined one last fall for this summer. Can’t wait to get my first bin of goodies!!!

  23. I live near Milford, MI and yes, I wanted to take your class, so my hubby and I are taking a little weekend trip to Ohio. He’s a great guy – it’s Master’s Golf Tournament weekend and he LOVES golf! I think he’s going to be looking for a sports bar to watch it!

  24. In addition to the fabulous crafty stuff you shared, just wanted to say thank you for sharing the link about eating healthy on a budget. I love the idea of eating organic and do as much as possible, but I’m also trying to live on a budget. So thank you for that good info!!

  25. I love these cards! Micro beads would be awesome in the middle too! So much inspiration! You know I honestly come and see what you’ve created before I go shopping at 2Peas for new Hero stamps…thanks for the inspiration!

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