A bright day…

Man.  This sunshine is amazing.  Such gorgeous days.  Makes me feel inspired.

Did some super bright Copic Marker cards for the Hero blog this weekend.  Was so excited to do cards inspired by my new dear friend, Kathy.  Be sure to go HERE to check out her amazingly fabulous cards.  Yowsers.

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire

That scallop is made with THIS new punch from EK.  Lovin' it.  And I drew the stems longer…

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire 1

And the center of the flowers?  First did Walnut Stain Distress Stickles, then a touch of Antique Linen Distress Stickles.  Perfect for daisy centers…

040210 Big Flowers JEnMcGuire 2
(c) Hero Arts blog – Click HERE for supplies.

And, next, some tulip bookmarks.  They are actually on a narrow folded acetate piece to fit over the page to keep your place.  Love coloring these…

040210 Bookmarks JenMcGuire
(c) Hero Arts blog.  Click HERE for details.

Some random fun stuff for today:

  • Want to see an example of what I consider a perfect scrapbook page?  THIS one.  It has lots of photos, captures so many memories and is full of great embellishments.  PERFECT.
  • I love my new necklace HERE from my friend Latrice. You can get them HERE.  I have THIS one on my wish list.
  • Please, if you are voting to keep Kate on DWTS, please stop.  Pains me to watch her.  Ha.
  • If you haven't watched yet, I HIGHLY recommend watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  It will be an eye-opener for many.  Great information in it.  Just love it. At least check out the quick videos HERE, or watch the full episodes.  I love seeing this guy be so passionate about helping so many people.
  • Adore THIS card by a friend of mine – one who has saved the day for me recently.  And, she has a great blog candy HERE.
  • A lot of people have asked me about CSAs after I mentioned joining one. Some simple info HERE.
  • I have mentioned that we are eating (mostly) only fresh foods at our house now.  And I LOVE the change.  Ken has lost 25 pounds (Mr. Skinny) and I feel a ton better.  I mentioned that we spend less money on food now, and people asked how that was possible since organic foods are pricey.  Well, I find by not going down the middle aisles of the store, I avoid a lot of the pricey stuff.  (We shop only on the outer edges of the store, where you find veggies, meats, etc.)  Also, there are some great cost-saving tips HERE.
  • I have one word for THIS: Wow.

Off to snuggle up.  We were swimming tonight and I am exhausted.  Take care!

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57 thoughts on “A bright day…”

  1. Love the flowers. Oh, If I only I could shade the colors like you…that is my goal for this year.

    And yes…I too wish they would stop voting for Kate…ugh. It does look like he is pushing a shopping cart around.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    We love Jamie Oliver too…I have three boys who use his recipes, in fact we turn to his “Ministry of Food” cookbook often – the recipes always work and there are step by step photos – from start to finished dish. Your girls would be able to use it and make exciting meals for the whole family, without a huge input from you! Great life skills and good for their self confidence and self esteem 🙂

    I have enjoyed stamping for a long time and use hero arts products – they are amongst the best. Your website and contributions to the Heroes Blog is truly inspiring – I’ve viewed some of the technique videos and tried out some new things too – thanks 🙂

  3. I knit for charity. I mailed 25 beanies to a friend who gives them to charities for distribution. I also excluded a thank you card for being so kind to do the distribution. Love your new web site. Ann

  4. Love the tulip book marks. I am looking for ideas for acetate bookmarks. How did you attach the tulip to the acetate?

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