The flowers are blooming…

Spring is here, and I just love it.  That means it is almost time to plant flowers, which I am addicted to. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share some flowers I made last year for Creating Keepsakes.  Each showcases a different idea or technique. I hope a few of them inspire you!

Flowers - Red
Flowers - Orange
Flowres - Yellow
Flowers - Green
Flowers - Blue
Flowers- Purple

(c) Creating Keepsakes.  For more information, cling HERE.

My sweet husband is still stuck in Germany.  I told him to start swimming.  :)  Night!

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124 thoughts on “The flowers are blooming…”

  1. Lovely flowers. Have to start digging in my pile of creating keepsakes to find the article. I really like some of the techniques.
    Hope your husband will be home soon, I can’t do without mine for just one night.

  2. Bummer about your husband being stuck! How frusterating for him and for you! Your flowers are FABULOUS! Oh my, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some flowers theses days! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Lovely flowers. Yes, I did get some ideas. It would be fun just to sit outside with some embellishments and make a whole bunch of flowers. Have been planting color in our yard recently. Hope you husband gets home soon and has a place to stay rather than at the airport. One never knows what Mother Nature will do to our wonderful planet. Hugs to Colin!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  4. Goodness you are creative! Thank you for the fantastic ideas. I too am anxious for some real flowers to start blooming! We had a very long winter here in Colorado and these bright colors and beautiful blooms make me all the more anxious for Spring.

  5. Jen, the felt flower with the ladybird, is so cute….reminds me of Lucy….such a lovely show of colour, If only my garden was this colourful

  6. I love all your flowers – especially the red one with the lady bug and the purple beaded one. Thanks for sharing with us. I will pray for a safe and quick return for Ken.

  7. I can’t choose! They are all so cute. I love the tone on tone look of the flowers and I’m encouraged to try my own. By the way, I’m trying to get to Germany, oi.

  8. wow i just LOVE the flowers!!
    I actually get to plant flowers for the first time in YEARS! i actually have my OWN home to plant what i want…I can’t wait. My green thumb starts now 🙂

  9. Ah! These are absolutely awesome. Crazyyy ton of varieties, for sure. On the fabric one in the red section, did you use a Cuttlebug or something similar to cut the fabric? I saw a video where they can cut chipboard, foam, and a lot of other things but I haven’t tried it out myself yet with mine.

  10. Thanks for the flower info! While your husband is stuck in Germany my son-in-law who’s job is in Frankfurt is stuck in DC. I’m sure they would be willing to trade places.

    Looking forward to your Stampaway classes!

  11. Oh, no! Sorry to hear about Ken; swimming sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂 Love these monochromatic flowers! Oodles of inspiration, and thanks for the tutorial on the CK website, too! I’m gonna have to try out that beaded flower. And love the red one with all the ribbons. These are all so yummy looking. Will have to pore over some more of them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mendi-try Qatar Airways or Emirates Air. My husband was able to get out of Nigera on Qatar Airways after his flight to Frankfurt was canceled on Friday. He then got a non stop from Doha, Qatar (17 hours!) home yesterday. They flew over the length of the Mediterranean, over Spain, then on to Nova Scotia and in to the States. Hope that helps.

    Jennifer-so sorry Ken is still stuck.

  13. thanks for sharing these flower ideas. i love flowers!

    ps. hope everything’s well with your husband. will pray for his safe return.

  14. You hope SOME of them inspire me??? How about ALL OF THEM!! These are fabulous, fun, fantastic flowers, Jennifer! Love them! And I am also wishing and hoping that Ken gets home to you soon! Hang in there! 🙂

  15. Now that’s a heapin’ helping of inspiration. I’m amazed by all the different ideas for making flowers that you dreamed up. Thanks!

  16. I love your flowers, they are so inspiring!

    I feel soory for all those people who can’t fly. It’s weird to see that we are so much depending on airplains these days. Specially since this is a thing that only started in 1919!!!
    Flights from Amsterdam have been started up with 3 flights yesterday and today will follow more. It will take a few more days though they said to get the whole system running again, so today and tomorrow a lot of flights will still be cancelled. Flights to Brittain or Ireland are not possible yet, and Iceland is also a no go.
    It was weird to see the footage they shoot in Iceland, when you live at the wrong side of the vulcano there is no daylight at all and ash is everywhere. It must be so awfull to be there right now, but people stay so calm…

  17. awwwww… beautiful colors and all the different ways of making a flower! thanks for the inspiration! hope your husband gets to cone home soon.

  18. As cute as the flowers are – your concern comes through loud and clear. He will come home to you-safe very soon!! This I believe.

  19. the flowers are so beautiful, i was trying to figure out what to do with a frame that i have a picture of grand daughter in. i think i will surround it with these beautiful flowers.

    thank you

  20. Loving all the beautiful bright colors you used on those awesome little flowers you created, so much more fun than always buying them pre-packaged. Thanks for the inspiration Jen!

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