Enabling Alert…

Just a little warning – this is an enabling post.  Lots of good stuff to buy.  Come on!  Let's help the economy!  Hee. 🙂

The new Hero Arts stamps are in at a few stores.  They got there early!  Woohoo.  You can get them HERE (with a coupon for 25% off HERE) and HERE.  This is by far my favorite release of Hero's in the 7+ years I have worked with them.  Go look at the sites to see the goodies.  My favorite?  THIS.


And, we have a new baby in our house and I am a happy camper.  I highly recommend you get one – meet Tabby:


What a wonderful toy it is.  I have a few uses for it.  First, my main computer is a 17" MacBook Pro Big Daddy.  I love him, but sometimes I could use a smaller guy to carry around.  And use on planes.  Second, I watch a lot of shows online while working.  This is like a mini TV.  Third, I can read on it while on the treadmill, or watch mindless TV. 

Oh, wanted to let you know that I will be catching up next week on email and questions.  Sorry for the delay.

Hope to see lots of you in my class tomorrow at Simply Scrapbooks

Finally, if you are a retailer who sells Hero Arts, be sure to visit Hero's retail website for an exciting event.

Off to get some rest and watch the amazing Jamie Oliver.  The world needs more people like him.  Night!

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74 thoughts on “Enabling Alert…”

  1. Looking forward to new stamps but might be a while until they come to the UK! Same as ipad. I love ipad too but hubby wants one first (it’s his turn for an upgrade – we have 4 macs in our house.

  2. I can’t wait to check out the new Hero stamps! They’re my favs!

    That Jamie Oliver…he’s quite amazing, isn’t he. I love watching his new show on Friday nights.

  3. Hello – love your site and your work. I have an ipad question – how are you watching tv on it if it doesn’t have flash support and therefore cannot support hulu? Just curious as this is my main reason for NOT getting one.


  4. sorry if this posts twice – having trouble with pop-ups.

    Hello – love your site and your work. 🙂 I have an ipad question – how are you watching tv if it doesn’t support flash and therefore does not allow Hulu? Just curious as this is my main reason for NOT getting one. 🙂


  5. You’re lucky to have this baby! It will be released in Europe only at the end of the month! And thanks for all the links, love those beautiful stamps!

  6. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new stamps. Also, have fun with your i-pad. Check out last week’s episode of Modern Family on abc.com. It was about trying to et an i-pad. Hilarious!!!

  7. The last thing I needed was MORE reasons to buy the stinking iPad. I want one so badly, but I’m trying to wait for 2nd gen. I don’t know if I can!

  8. My husband is trying convince me that I need an iPad, too! I told him about your blog and how much you loved it. He said, “See!!”. BTW – he knows you as “the gal with the best crafty room”.

  9. Hello Jennifer~ thanks for the 411 on the Hero Arts newbies. My LSS does not have it in yet but it is on order. Can’t wait to get them.
    Crafty hugs,

  10. LOVE this!! My husband & I went to the Apple store to play! ha! We are converting our house over to Macs! I cannot wait! I do alot w/photos & this is will be a marriage made in heaven! We have had iphones for 2 yrs now & love them! This will be the next step. And I will take my ipad w/me always. =)

  11. I was reading your blog on my iPad when I found this! Funny! Have you tried it as a portable portfolio — photos of cards look great on it. Thanks for all that you do!

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