Enabling Alert…

Just a little warning – this is an enabling post.  Lots of good stuff to buy.  Come on!  Let's help the economy!  Hee. 🙂

The new Hero Arts stamps are in at a few stores.  They got there early!  Woohoo.  You can get them HERE (with a coupon for 25% off HERE) and HERE.  This is by far my favorite release of Hero's in the 7+ years I have worked with them.  Go look at the sites to see the goodies.  My favorite?  THIS.


And, we have a new baby in our house and I am a happy camper.  I highly recommend you get one – meet Tabby:


What a wonderful toy it is.  I have a few uses for it.  First, my main computer is a 17" MacBook Pro Big Daddy.  I love him, but sometimes I could use a smaller guy to carry around.  And use on planes.  Second, I watch a lot of shows online while working.  This is like a mini TV.  Third, I can read on it while on the treadmill, or watch mindless TV. 

Oh, wanted to let you know that I will be catching up next week on email and questions.  Sorry for the delay.

Hope to see lots of you in my class tomorrow at Simply Scrapbooks

Finally, if you are a retailer who sells Hero Arts, be sure to visit Hero's retail website for an exciting event.

Off to get some rest and watch the amazing Jamie Oliver.  The world needs more people like him.  Night!