The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)

… is the one I get when teaching.  I simply love it.

And this weekend was especially fabulous because I was teaching lots of classes and such for Hero Arts at a rep show (for store owners) and getting to spend time with some of my favorite people.

And yesterday, I taught a class with Tim Holtz.  Yes, many of you women out there are likely extremely jealous of this – I know.  And, yes, you can argue that he is amazingly talented and easy on the eyes and charismatic.  But what many people don’t ever get the chance to know is that he is loyal, generous, appreciative, supportive, thoughtful, caring, giving and oozes integrity.  He works in this industry with the same approach I do – focusing on “you get what you give.”  So for me, THAT is why I liked doing this class with him.  It is because of these reasons that I personally feel most honored to call him a friend and get to work with him.

Also, I loved that the two companies worked together – Hero Arts and Ranger.  Both do made-in-the-USA, have great people and are very generous.  Perfect match.

So… the class was 6 hours with 100+.  We did a back and forth class where we took turns teaching.  Tim was set up with his presentation on one side of the ballroom… and me at the other.  He would do a tag with certain (new!) Hero Arts stamps and Ranger products, and then I would use the same goodies to do a tag.  At the end of class, the students had two canvases that mirrored each other – one in my style and one in Tim’s.  We both went somewhat extreme in our looks to really show the versatility of our products.  He called my canvas “a bag of Skittles” since is was super colorful.  I called his a “dark cloud” since it was his extreme grungy look.  🙂  There was a lot of fun teasing back and forth, of course.  Several people said they loved that we were like “a bickering brother and sister” and that pretty much sums it up.  We are very opposite in styles and such, but a lot alike in values.

Over on Tim’s blog, he shared some peeks at his canvas.  So, I wanted to share some peeks at mine here.  What is really cool about these canvases is that they are overflowing with hidden techniques and tips and such.  A great learning/teaching tool for these store owners.

RH Main



Oh, and stay tuned.  I shared video at the beginning of class that I put together for Tim.  He loved it and I think you will, too.  I will share it here soon. 🙂

OK… off to catch up here at home.  Love to all.  (Especially Tim and Mario and Carol – thank you for everything.  Love you all tons.)

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199 thoughts on “The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! That canvas is amazing!! I can’t wait to get home and have another look at it and take a peek at the vid too.
    There’s too much on there to process all at once. I love it. Gonna head over and peek at Mr Holtz’s now.
    So glad you had fun. So can’t wait to one day sit under your teaching. Til then I’m believing it is transferring itself through my Mac and iPhone!! lol. xx

  2. sigh… your tags are gorgeous, Jennifer! and indeed those yummy fun colors reflects YOU! thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful canvas and the video. =)

  3. Oh how cool, I wish I was one of those lucky people. It would be so awesome to take a class with you and Tim. I love all the tags!! Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. Looks like everyone was having a good time. TFS!!! Jennifer it’s so nice to see friends having a great time. 😀

  5. wauw this is great jennifer!! but you forgot the 2 most nicest things of Tim: his humor and the great sparkle in his eyes when he talks about his art!! hihi

    greetings from holland
    XOXO petra

  6. Jennifer, I just love your style! I find you so inspiring and have learned so many wonderful new things from your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us! You are so talented and I can’t wait to see some of the new things from Ranger and Hero Arts and learn more techniques!!:)

  7. I loved the video, how fun it must have been for those students,
    I am soooo envious. I hope you will dissect the canvas and show
    us all the techniques that were used in these. I can recognize
    some of them from your thinking inking classes but not all.I am
    so intrigued with both yours and Tims work and would love to
    know how this was done.

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for another inspirational post! This had to be a wonderful day for the participants and for you and Tim.
    I so relate to your joy of teaching. My work involves teaching — about working with infants and toddlers — I love it when participants share their ideas and expertise and best of all the end product is high quality care for infants and toddlers. This work too is an art!

  9. Love the title of the class, its the name of my studio (craftroom). This must have been an amazing class.

  10. What a extremely tasty “Bag os Skittles” .I just love the beautiful bright colors. The tags are amazing. It looked like so much. So… jeaulous.Maybe I will get to meet you and Tim one day. Thanks again for sharing your weekend with us!!

  11. Love this! I think this was genius. I have always loved how you two and use the same inks and stamps, but get such different results. This class idea was inspiring.

    Oh, I got my Sizzix embossing folders yesterday. Thank you SO much. I’m gonna play with them today.

  12. Incredibly jealous of what was created by those in attendance of your class!! AND totally amazed at how the same products can have such a different look and feel to it!! Love your canvas too!! It’s so bright and just brought a smile to my face!! (shhhh, don’t tell Tim, but I may like your canvas more! hehe….must be the dreary day outside~~just need a little sunshine!)

  13. I love Skittles 🙂 Love how when you look at your canvas you see the colors blend up from the bottom right corner…reds to yellows to the greens and blues…fabulous! I would love to have something like this for my craft room.


  14. So beautiful! Are these classes just for business owners who are in the industry or can anyone sign up? Wish we had classes like this where I live….

  15. Hi Jennifer, it’s my first time posting to your blog. I love the 12×12 canvas you did with Tim, I want to learn how to do that too! It’s beautiful!

  16. While watching the video I was like, why can’t I take a class from the two “best”, what an honor it would be. Both project are gorgeous and so different, that is what is so great to see. Thanks so much for sharing, and can’t wait to see more.

    Donna C.

  17. That is what I would call a dream job. It couldn’t be more fun than that. I know all the prep before hand but the results have to be pretty rewarding. Have a great day.

  18. what fun! I love your’s, I love Tim’s it is amazing how the 2 are both wonderful pieces of art, with such different feels!

  19. This is one of my most fav projects of yours girl! So fabulous! Love all the details – so awesome! And I’m all over the colors of Skittles! 🙂 Hugs girl!

  20. I would of loved to be there with both of you. I love your tag art. Very colorful and I can’t wait to learn how you did each one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  21. I really love your canvas! It’s true that the products are versatile, especially comparing yours and Tims! You should do a book together so we can all join in, even if we live in Europe 🙂

  22. Found your blog via Tim’s blog. Love it!!!! Neat video. You must not have one ounce of ADD to be as organized and have such an organized workspace. If I could just touch you maybe a tad would rub off on me. Neat kids too. Happy Easter! Love your bright and cheerful colors.

  23. I love your “skittles” canvas! I love the bright colors and I too wish I was a store owner and could participate in a class like this!

  24. Wow, what an incredible class for some very lucky participants! Very cool idea, love your collage of tags. I like most of all that the two companies teamed together to highlight products. Thanks for sharing; a lot of inspiration here just looking at your collage and Tim’s over at his blog, even if I don’t have benefit of the class.

  25. Oh you are quite right us ladies are jealous! Happy for you though! I hope I get to meet him at SYAO along with you this summer. Fingers crossed!

  26. Just stunning, Jennifer! And I’ve been reading on many other blogs how much fun people had at this event and how WOW-ed they were by you and Tim, both as teachers and for being “just good people” in general.

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