The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)

… is the one I get when teaching.  I simply love it.

And this weekend was especially fabulous because I was teaching lots of classes and such for Hero Arts at a rep show (for store owners) and getting to spend time with some of my favorite people.

And yesterday, I taught a class with Tim Holtz.  Yes, many of you women out there are likely extremely jealous of this – I know.  And, yes, you can argue that he is amazingly talented and easy on the eyes and charismatic.  But what many people don’t ever get the chance to know is that he is loyal, generous, appreciative, supportive, thoughtful, caring, giving and oozes integrity.  He works in this industry with the same approach I do – focusing on “you get what you give.”  So for me, THAT is why I liked doing this class with him.  It is because of these reasons that I personally feel most honored to call him a friend and get to work with him.

Also, I loved that the two companies worked together – Hero Arts and Ranger.  Both do made-in-the-USA, have great people and are very generous.  Perfect match.

So… the class was 6 hours with 100+.  We did a back and forth class where we took turns teaching.  Tim was set up with his presentation on one side of the ballroom… and me at the other.  He would do a tag with certain (new!) Hero Arts stamps and Ranger products, and then I would use the same goodies to do a tag.  At the end of class, the students had two canvases that mirrored each other – one in my style and one in Tim’s.  We both went somewhat extreme in our looks to really show the versatility of our products.  He called my canvas “a bag of Skittles” since is was super colorful.  I called his a “dark cloud” since it was his extreme grungy look.  🙂  There was a lot of fun teasing back and forth, of course.  Several people said they loved that we were like “a bickering brother and sister” and that pretty much sums it up.  We are very opposite in styles and such, but a lot alike in values.

Over on Tim’s blog, he shared some peeks at his canvas.  So, I wanted to share some peeks at mine here.  What is really cool about these canvases is that they are overflowing with hidden techniques and tips and such.  A great learning/teaching tool for these store owners.

RH Main



Oh, and stay tuned.  I shared video at the beginning of class that I put together for Tim.  He loved it and I think you will, too.  I will share it here soon. 🙂

OK… off to catch up here at home.  Love to all.  (Especially Tim and Mario and Carol – thank you for everything.  Love you all tons.)

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199 thoughts on “The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)”

  1. Luv the video and the canvas and Tim’s are awesome. Wish I could buy this as a kit, hint, hint, lol!

  2. WOW ! ! ! !
    LOVE LOVE LOVE both styles, but I have to say Jennifer, yours is my FAVORITE!!
    Looks like you had and an awesome time. Thanks for ALL that you share!!

  3. Wow, what fun! Thanks for sharing the video. I am looking forward to more! Both canvases are amazing. So different but so cool at the same time. Great concept for a class.

  4. Jennifer- you are so creative! TFS all of your creations
    looks like you had a bunch of fun

  5. I love the tags both that you and Tim made. I sure your class had lots of fun learning the techniques. The video was hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh today. I sure wished I had you whole class recorded.So, I can learn the new techniques as well, right from the comfort of my home.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. I think your tags are so beautiful! They are extremely colorful and I love that about your style. I also love that you rarely use patterned paper and still make such interesting projects. So glad you and Tim had such a good time at the class – as I’m sure did all of the students :).

  7. Oh Jennifer, this is just beautiful. The first place I go on the net is to yours and Tim’s blog. So much information and inspiration. Love the videos especially. I’m in Australia where we are ‘craft poor’ compared to America. But I’m slowly collecting Hero Arts and Tim Holtz goodies. How lucky are the people you taught on the weekend. I’m very jealous!!!

  8. a few things 😉
    1. i really wish he called it the “mother gilman show”
    2. what a cray fun class concept… and a HUGE undertaking 😉 look at all the people in that class!!!! you go guys!! (tim & jen)

    p.s. where do all the used supplies ( stamps etc ) go after a class like that?
    …. just curious 🙂

  9. Wow, Jennifer! I can’t imaging a more perfect class! It’s a dream of mine to take classes from both of you and as a retailer I would LOVE to attend a class like this (sometime on the West Coast a little closer to my home here in BC!) sometime in the future! I hope you do it again and let me know when you do!

  10. Jennifer, Beautiful project! I can’t wait till you share the details. I would love to have been there, it looks like a good time was had by all.

  11. I am in love with your canvas full of eye candy!!! Skittles inded, lol! I can’t wait to stop by my LSS to see what the ladies there learned (as I’m pretty sure they were able to attend this weekend)! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see more.
    Kathy Camasso

  12. Jennifer,
    You are beyond talented. But what makes that talent really shine is the person you are and what you believe in. You are inspiring, real, kind, generous and thoughtful (I have never met you in person but read your every blog post and have heard many good things from other people who have taken classes with you). Thank you for teaching and sharing, I don’t live close to a city with a LSS so I don’t have the opportunity to do hands on learning. But, I learn so much from your videos, blog posts and articles in CK. Keep up the great work…just wanted you to know I appreciate it 🙂

  13. Great video….lots of wow pieces and fun. i think my LSS was there and I look forward to what she has to share!

  14. Oh wow Jennifer. This is absolutely amazing. I luv everything about it – the colous are oh so rich and amazing. Thanks for always inspiring.

    Might just have to give this a go myself.

    Luv Sandie (Australia)

  15. Awesome inspiration. I love both of the canvases for totally different reasons. Amazing how much different the same products can look.

  16. Jennifer – what a delight. Love how you both used the same stuff but it is so different. Wish I could have been there

  17. Wow wish I was there looks like fun and I love your canvas board, how cool I would love to learn all those techniques from you. Love it love it love it. Great colors and all. Thanks

  18. Well I guess I will just have to open a store so I can attend these fun gatherings…. love this and I too would love to know how you made the blue flower…..thank you for sharing….

  19. hehe! Love the “bag of skittles” and “dark cloud” comparison. 🙂
    What a great opportunity these folks had to take your class – sounds like fun. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Oh my goodness Jennifer…such a great video seeing you and Tim…love how you play off of each other and how he refers to your projects as skittles…so funny and thank for all the details. So when will you share all this yummy stuff…totally amazing and so excited to see all these new techniques. You are a rock star! Hugs,kathy

  21. WOW! Love your tags! They are beautiful. It looks and sounds like it would have blast to be at this training with you both! Such talent and incredible people you are. 🙂

  22. Love this! Both canvas projects are amazing and I’m jealous I don’t have them to display in my craft room! 🙂

  23. Love the video! LOL!! I liked how he told the lady if she fell that she would just be shoveled out of the way!LOL!! The canvas’ were both amazing. You’ll have to share some of those techniques with me.

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