The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)

… is the one I get when teaching.  I simply love it.

And this weekend was especially fabulous because I was teaching lots of classes and such for Hero Arts at a rep show (for store owners) and getting to spend time with some of my favorite people.

And yesterday, I taught a class with Tim Holtz.  Yes, many of you women out there are likely extremely jealous of this – I know.  And, yes, you can argue that he is amazingly talented and easy on the eyes and charismatic.  But what many people don’t ever get the chance to know is that he is loyal, generous, appreciative, supportive, thoughtful, caring, giving and oozes integrity.  He works in this industry with the same approach I do – focusing on “you get what you give.”  So for me, THAT is why I liked doing this class with him.  It is because of these reasons that I personally feel most honored to call him a friend and get to work with him.

Also, I loved that the two companies worked together – Hero Arts and Ranger.  Both do made-in-the-USA, have great people and are very generous.  Perfect match.

So… the class was 6 hours with 100+.  We did a back and forth class where we took turns teaching.  Tim was set up with his presentation on one side of the ballroom… and me at the other.  He would do a tag with certain (new!) Hero Arts stamps and Ranger products, and then I would use the same goodies to do a tag.  At the end of class, the students had two canvases that mirrored each other – one in my style and one in Tim’s.  We both went somewhat extreme in our looks to really show the versatility of our products.  He called my canvas “a bag of Skittles” since is was super colorful.  I called his a “dark cloud” since it was his extreme grungy look.  🙂  There was a lot of fun teasing back and forth, of course.  Several people said they loved that we were like “a bickering brother and sister” and that pretty much sums it up.  We are very opposite in styles and such, but a lot alike in values.

Over on Tim’s blog, he shared some peeks at his canvas.  So, I wanted to share some peeks at mine here.  What is really cool about these canvases is that they are overflowing with hidden techniques and tips and such.  A great learning/teaching tool for these store owners.

RH Main



Oh, and stay tuned.  I shared video at the beginning of class that I put together for Tim.  He loved it and I think you will, too.  I will share it here soon. 🙂

OK… off to catch up here at home.  Love to all.  (Especially Tim and Mario and Carol – thank you for everything.  Love you all tons.)

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199 thoughts on “The greatest buzz in the world for me… (with video and Tim Holtz)”

  1. Wow!!! How fun! Love the idea’s you came up with for your tags Jennifer! I am hoping to be able to make it to one of your classes someday… (road trip!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your canvas is amazing! And so are you- so very creative!! I had the pleasure of meeting Tim- years ago he did a make and take at an expo here in NJ. He was everything you said and my friends and I were a bit starstruck. He posed for pictures an autographed the tags we made. We used them on a layout. Such a fun time.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the video! I followed the link over from Tim’s blog and it was great getting a peek at the workshop. What an awesome idea to teach two versions of the same thing!

  4. It seems like you and Tim had a lot of fun. And I loved your tags. I guess I’m a “sprinkles” kind of girl. 🙂

  5. Oh I envy all the participants. Just to be able to take a class with both of you. Looks like so much fun and the techniques look just wonderful!

  6. The video is well-done. It captures the essence of an empowering day with Hero Arts and Ranger. Hero Arts has always been one of my most favorite stamp companies. I have HA rubber stamps dating back to the mid 80s. Nice to see how 2 solid companies came together in a creative fusion of styles. By the way,I’m a newcomer to your site, so I’m bookmarking it right now!!

  7. Ugh, I can’t decide whose I like more, yours or Tim’s!!!! Both so different yet absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, Jennifer! Can I ask one itty-bitty favor? Can you post which stamps you both used on the projects? I would really like to purchase some of them! Thanks Jennifer!

  8. Lots of FUN, lots of TALENT and CREATIVITY. Thanks for sharing with those of us who probably will never attend one of these workshops! It was fun to watch!

  9. Both of your creations are beautiful! It’s amazing how the same exact products can look so totally different! LOVE THEM!

  10. I know two people who where there from CT-Inspiration Station–Awesome video-looked like a fun time as well as instructional..will look forward to the owners giving classes from what they learned.

  11. This would be my DREAM class. You and Tim together playing off each other and your unique styles. I’m soooooo jelous. I hope some day you will do this for us West Coast Retailers. 🙂

  12. You got way more applause than Tim Holtz!!!!! Thanks for showing the new Artists Proof stamps. I am a little scared of them, but seeing your work makes me anxious to buy some and give it a go. You are so generous with your talent. I saw Carol twice in the video. Kinda like a Where’s Waldo!!!!

  13. You’re so lucky.I think after I’d finished peeing my pants ,I would have started drooling…lol.Your two’s creations are so fantastic.I love the difference between the 2 yet familiar.Great job.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing the projects you made last weekend and the video that just gives us a glimpse of all of the fun you had. I know you put so much work into each class you teach….it certainly shows! I am sure every participant was loving the day learning new techniques and having the opportunity to work with you both! SO.JEALOUS!

  15. It sure sounds like you had an awesome time teaching your class with Tim. I hope you plan a similar class here in Cincinnati!

  16. Jennifer, I just can’t get over the beauty of your canvas! WOWWOWOWO! Thanks so much for sharing! Glad your class went well. 🙂

  17. Love your project Jennifer! I can’t taste the Rainbow (skittles), but I can see the Rainbow. It is just beautiful!!

  18. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your bag of Skittles! 😉 It was so fun getting a sneak peek into your class–It made me wish I was there!!! Any hope of you guys ever doing something in Portland? (or Maybe even Seattle?)

  19. Wow, jennifer, this piece of art is amazing! Secretly, between you and me, I prefer your bag of skittles to the grunge look lol…love the whole thing. Can you share any of the tips you taught at the class on your blog?

  20. A bag of Skittles…too funny! Really loved the video and look forward to seeing more of you two dynamic teachers (and apparently good friends). 🙂

  21. How different your projects looked, yet using the same products. Loved the video…made me want to be in that class.

  22. That was so much fun watching that video. I would have loved to be there. I want to try to make one of those canvas’s. Beautiful!

  23. I absolutely love your project! The tags are so bright and cheery and the wording so meaningful. Terrific job!

  24. oh wow… made some AWESOME tags!!! now there is a class I would have loved to have attended….am a huge fan of your work it is always fresh and inspiring and LOVE Tim Holtz!!!

  25. I am loving all your canvas creations!!! Thanks so much for sharing and for the constant inspiration!

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