Happy Birthday

I try not to share too many personal posts on here, and instead stick to crafting.  However, I gotta wish my little guy a happy 4th birthday.

Oh my, how time flies…

031806 Colin and Audrey 2
 031806 Colin and Kay 3

And Colin's sisters honestly are still as crazy in love with him now as they were on day one.  Anyone who has been around us is amazed by the bond, even though they are supposedly only "half" siblings.  It is clear God had a hand in their connection, and still does today…


Thank you, Mr. Colin, for being such a great kid.  And even though you are only 4, I love that you act like a 40-year-old trapped in that little body.  I am so glad you are just like your dad in every way.  I couldn't ask for more.

OK… enough of that sappy stuff.  Off to watch Marriage Ref with the girls.  Night!

(OH! And by the way… new Hero stamps are now at 2peas HERE!)

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90 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. So super sweet, happy b-day to your little guy, he’s so adorable in every way and I certainly don’t mind hearing more personal stuff from you!

  2. Happy Birthday Colin.
    It’s great to see how his sisters love him. God does work in wonderous ways.
    Enjoy the day with the birthday boy.

  3. Happy Happy 4th Birthday Colin! May you always be blessed. May they always be filled with bright days and happiness

  4. Sweet pictures Jennifer!! Love them. They all look so adorable. happy Birthday Mr. Colin.
    My daughter celebrated her 6th Birthday yesterday too! and for sure time flies!

    God bless.

  5. Happy birthday, Colin! I have enjoyed watching you grow up thru the layouts that your Mom does. You are a cutie and I hope you had a great day!

  6. Wow! God certainly has a hand in their relationship- without a doubt. My little one turned 5 today the 19th, and I, too, am amazed at how fast time goes. I always think back to your don’t ever blink page you did a while ago, and I scraplifted, if you blink- we are going to miss their childhood! Thanks for sharing- your blog rocks!

  7. The “Little Guy” an I share a birthday! Happy Birthday to Him! You have a lovely family and God Bless you. Janet

  8. aww…enjoy him…and those cute girls!Im sure he is the perfect blend of YOU and daddykins…just a hunch…xo

  9. Oh my goodness those pics are so precious Jennifer! What a little sweetheart! The girls are so stinkin cute holding their bundle of joy. The look on their faces say “Madly In Love” Wow time does fly doesn’t it. All three of these beautiful kids have grown so much. God is so good and to see this love shared between these three is such a blessings. Happy Birthday Sweet Colin! May your day be filled with loads of presents, laughter, and fun, fun, and more fun. Have a great one sweetie. Haven’t meet him, and I don’t know him, but give him a kiss for me and tell him it’s from Canada. Lol! P.S. Talking about your kids is never sappy and you can spill any time. Blessings.

  10. Jennifer

    Oh I love seeing photos of the children. Your family is so
    very sweet. You and Ken are so blessed with wonderful children.

    I hope Colin had a great birthday and made a few strikes at his
    birthday party too.

    Sandi N.

  11. Happy Birthday Colin! I hope you have a great birthday and many, many more good times with your big sisters!

  12. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your warm and loving thoughts about your family. It does my heart good. And the happiest of birthdays to Colin! What are you going to do to celebrate!

  13. Happy birthday, Colin! My “little” one is turning 12 tomorrow so I can certainly relate to your feelings of wondering where the time has gone!

  14. Happy Birthday, Mr. Colin-cutie! My middle one just turned 4 last month; time does fly!! I adore the photos of Colin with the girls! What a great blessing of family.

  15. Such a sweet post! It’s ok if you deviate from crafting posts every now and then! 🙂 Happy belated birthday to your little guy! My sweetpea turned 4 in December – too bad we don’t live closer, I bet they’d love playing together!

  16. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Don’t blink, he’ll be in high school before you know it. Mine is 16 and it seems like just yesterday she was 4. Shari (cricutrookie)

  17. Ahhhh This just made me smile, Jennifer!! Our youngest just turned 5. Looking at her baby pictures makes me realize how much our older kids (now 16 & 15) have changed in the past 5 years…It’s amazing…something you don’t really realize day to day!!

  18. Jennifer, you are definitely a go-to-gal for me! I needed an idea for a birthday card and searched your website. I came across this post. I couldn’t help but notice the pink “Kentucky” shirt. I’m originally from Lexington, KY so I got excited at the thoughts of one of my favorite crafters might be from my home state. 🙂

    Take care!

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