Cards for Kids FAQ’s – and prize info

Hello!  Thought I would do a quick update on the Cards for Kids drive.  Here are some answers to some of the FAQs I get.  Some good info here:

  • Turns out the siblings of the ill children are really enjoying the cards.  So, feel free to send cards just for the siblings if you are  short on time.
  • Many people want ideas for cards for kids.  HERE are some excellent ones from Heather.  The more cheerful the cards can be, the better.  Talk about your pets.  Include a silly picture.  Anything.
  • I have added two new children to the card drive. Their stories are unbelievable – check them out here: Karli and Aria.
  • We are extending this next deadline to April 30th.
  • If you are new to the blog, you can find out all the information HERE about the drive.

Now… here are the many rockin' prizes you could win for sending in cards…

Each child has a prize associated with them.  If you send in cards for a child, you have a chance of winning that prize.  For more information on the Cards for Kids card drive itself, click HEREThis round of prizes will be pick from cards sent by April 30 – so get your cards in!

First up is sweet KateTo learn more about Kate and her story, click HERE.

Here are the great prizes you could win if you send in cards for Kate and her family:


A custom blog design by Blog Designs by Two Happy Mamas. Blog Designs by Two Happy Mamas will work with you to give your Blogger blog a new fun design. You'll get the works!  And a $30 gift certificate to Elle's Studio.  Looooove their papers.

Next up is cutie patootie GavinTo learn more about Gavin and his family, click HERE.

If you send in cards for Gavin and his family you could win these lovely prizes:


A collection of American Crafts Markers & Precision Pens donated by Jill Hicken at A Million Little Things.  And a $25 gift certificate to 2peas in a Bucket donated by Shannon Tidwell.

Next we have beautiful Sami. To learn more about Sami and her family, click HERE.

And, how about the prizes you can win for sending in cards for Sami? Check this out…

Photobucket Photobucket

A large assortment of red rubber cling cushion ready stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms.  Retail value for the stamps is over $100!  And a $25 gift certificate from Stampin' Treasures.  Stampin' Treasures has a great selection.

The fourth sweet child is Meg. Or Princess Meg, I should say. 😉 For more info on Meg and her family, click HERE.

For sending cards in for Meg and her family, you may win…

A 1-year subscription to Scrapbook Trends Magazine!  This is a great magazine – great prize.

Next up is Zach.  For info on Zach and his family, click HERE.

And, for each card you send in for Zach or his family, you will get a chance to win:


A $25 gift certificate to Stampin' Treasures.  And a $25 gift certificate to purchase any of Crystal Wilkerson's collections.

Meet the sweet 6th child, David.  For more about David and his family, click HERE.

By sending in cards for David and his family, you could win these goodies..


A pack of 50 multi-colored clay buttons donated by Jane Beljo and also donated by Jane, your choice of four of her digital stamps that you can see HERE.  And a $25 gift certificate to 2peas in a Bucket donated by Shannon Tidwell.

Next up is Braden.  For more info on Braden and his family, click HERE.

And for sending in cards for Braden, you could win…



This collection of goodies from Kaiser Craft – a $36 value.  And a $25 gift certificate from Stampin' Treasures.

Next is EmilyFor more info on Emily and her family, click HERE.

For sending in cards for Emily and her family, you may win…

A 1-year subscription to Scrapbook Trends Magazine!

Next is our newest child in the card drive, Karli.  For more on Karli and her family, click HERE.

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By sending in cards for Karli and her family, you could win these goodies…

An assortment of beautiful acrylic stamps and four great punches!

And sweet Aria.

For sending in cards to Aria and her family, you could win:

A beautiful handmade hat from Sweet Abbie Torroll, who makes all of those beautiful hats, has graciously donated a hat of your choice and your size. Check out her shop HERE.  And also a $25 gift certificate to spend on Shabby Chic Crafts' new spring line of goodies.  Check out their blog HERE, too! Thank you, Shabby Chic Crafts!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending in cards for these children and their families.  And a big thanks to Kristina for putting these prizes together!

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18 thoughts on “Cards for Kids FAQ’s – and prize info”

  1. It’s awesome that you’re doing another round of cards for the drive! Thanks to the generous sponsors who support this project. Hoping that the kids receive a lot of cards! 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    This is off-topic from your post above regarding the
    Cards for Kids campaign (which I think is awesome, btw),
    but I didn’t know where else to ask this question.

    I am not alone, I know, when I say how inspiring your cards
    and videos are. I love them all! I was wondering if you are
    considering producing card kits, so we can reproduce some of
    the wonderful cards you make.

    Let me say that I’m not a big fan of the typical card
    kit, where you have precut paper and preprinted chipboard pieces
    that you simply adhere to precut card stock. I would rather purchase
    kits that include the stamp set, ink(s), and different paper
    and ribbon choices, along with an instructional sheet (with perhaps
    other card options to use the included supplies for). If you didn’t
    want to include the inks, you could simply make suggestions as to what
    can be used on the card, just in case people already have the inks in
    their stash. This would be a card kit I would buy! I enjoy doing the “work” myself…I just have a hard time coming up with the creative ideas! And I
    always enjoy seeing your card ideas (in fact, I’ve reproduced several at home).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, Jennifer. I
    understand you do what I just mentioned above in this blog, with
    your videos, but purchasing a kit where I can make 8-10+ cards and still
    be able to use the reusable supplies to make more cards later on, would be

    Hope all is well. I’m planning on making some cards for your Cards for
    Kids campaign. I love how this is making some kids so happy!

    Take care,

  3. So glad to participate in this…the kids and I sat around yesterday looking for the jokes to include in the cards…Will do a few more cards this time around and will send them off soon…

    Thanks for the opportunity to brighten up a child’s or family’s day…

  4. I have a small group… once mine are done I will add them and get them in the mail… I had my Brownie troop make a bunch… they were so cute personalizing them, adding jokes and flowers…
    such an amazing thing to be a part of!!

  5. Jennifer, thank you so much for putting this together. I have a ton of cards just sitting here. I really need to send a few of them.
    Also, the offer still stands if you are in need of more prizes or sponsors. I co-own Wags ‘n Whiskers rubbers stamps and I also own an on-line stamping store…so what every you need, I would be more than happy to help.
    ~Lacey Stephens

  6. Well….I have been working on mine and hopefully get them mail out tommorrow…thank you Jennifer for all your hard work…..
    NOTE*..I want to also include some money for your expenses with all that mailing….

  7. Too funny! I used jokes/riddles on all my cards in the last batch I sent! I’m in the process of moving and with a 1 year old and 4 year old its proving more challenging than I though! I’m not sure if I’ll get time to make more cards or not! I sure hope I will though!

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