Happy kids… thanks to YOU!

Hi!  As we are at the start of our next part of the Cards for Kids card drive, I thought it would be good to share some of the notes I have received about how wonderful these cards are for the children.  I will be picking the first round winners early this week, and posting the next round of prizes along with some new children so after.

From Kate's mom, Holly:

"The cards have been wonderful. Olivia and Will especially love them, as it makes them feel a part. Thank you."

Deliece, Braden's mom, said:

"You are so sweet–cannot WAIT!  I just can't begin to tell you how excited he is when he opens those cards!  He's a kid who would rather have the card and tissue paper than a gift–he absolutely LOVES cards!  Thank you SO much Jennifer!"

This is from Sheyla, David's aunt:

"My sister called me last night crying of happiness.  She said she received the cards that were sent in for David.  David had his 3rd month MRI yesterday and was a little down and when he saw the cards he was sooo excited.  Debbie (his mom) said he was almost in tears.  I want to tell you how much this means to our family and that I really appreciate you and what you are doing.  May God bless you tremendously for bringing so much happiness…"

And also from David's mom, Debbie:

"I wrote a couple of cards to you just to throw them away because it did not explain well enough what these cards have meant to our family specially to the kids.  David loves to get the packages in the mail, he feels like a big boy getting mail addressed to him.  Please let the people know how much their words, their care, and their creativity has meant to our family specially the kids.  My husband was so surprise that they had cards even addressed specially to him.  This is truly an amazing act of kindness on your part and those that have been involved with it.  David has been through some great days and some not so great days but he is a trooper.  The envelopes with cards and much more that he receives puts a big smile on his face and he tells his brother and sister that he is special and that people are thinking about him even in places like Belgium and Canada.  We homeschool the kids and we go to the globe to show where all these cards are coming from and they love it.  I am sending a picture of the kids with the last batch of cards sent to them…they had a blast coloring the pictures sent and with the stickers.Here is a photo of David and his siblings…

Fots do david 002

Melissa, who introduced me to Meg's story said:

"I talked to Sheri, Meg's mom, and her face lit up when I told her you had more cards to send.  She said they sat down as a family last night and opened the box of cards they received last week and had a wonderful time going through all of them. Meg came to the door with Sheri and could NOT stop telling me about all the cards she received."

From Meg's mom, Sheri:

"Thank you for setting up the Cards for Kids card drive for Meg.  She absolutely loved getting all the cards as you can see by the photos.  What a wonderfully thoughtful group of incredibly talented scrapbook/cardmakers.  We all really enjoyed reading the neat and  heartfelt cards and felt the love from many different places. . .Australia, Italy, Canada, Florida. . .and right next door."  Here are some photos of Meg opening her cards:


I am so touched by these messages and hope they brighten your day, too.  It amazes me how one simple gesture – a card from a stranger – can bring smiles to these kids faces. 

Thank you!

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48 thoughts on “Happy kids… thanks to YOU!”

  1. You have a wonderful heart for
    others, Jennifer. Thank you
    for all that you do!

    Matt. 5:16 “Let your light
    shine before men in such a
    way that they may see your
    good works, and glorify
    your Father who is in heaven.”

  2. Your post makes me so happy. It’s wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces. Thank you so much for organizing this Jennifer.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is a great to read how much they are appreciate. My SU gal has the sig line ‘a hand made card is a hug with a fold in the middle.” How true!

  4. THANKS so much for sharing these messages with us Jennifer….How wonderful to read and feel the gratitude, and how such a small gesture on our part can make such a huge difference!!! I’m a little teary now…and I will definitely be getting some more cards in the mail on Tuesday :)Hugs, TRace

  5. This post brought me to tears! Such a WONDERFUL feeling to know these families are comforted by seeing that others care for them. Even a better feeling to know that God is working through us to bless them.

  6. Jennifer

    You are so kind and giving to care for these children. These letters make me feel happy to know how our cards made these littles have many smiles when they open them.

    Thanks so much for being there for these children.

    Sandi N.

  7. Thank you Jennifer…..this really means a lot to me……I sent in a bunch myself and to know they really love them makes my heart sing….I would like to sent in more but will wait until you put up some more names….I don’t want to leave a child out……thank you again…..

  8. Hi..you and everyone who does this are so very kind and wonderful…I am over committed with some other things so have not sent cards as yet…I send to our troops pretty much every day tho…and they get all excited with mail too…but these kids…these beautiful kids…they tug my heart strings like no other…just keep it going til I can partake..I follow some of them on caring bridge and surely send up prayers…we need some big prayers in my family right now tho…thankful God has helpers! and big ears! Happy Valentine’s day..

  9. Thanks for sharing those notes. God Bless all the cardmakers, organizers, postal workers, recipients and their familes as wellas those who pray at their computers for these little ones.

  10. Jennifer, Thanks for sharing the letters from the families–it really reinforces how much they are appreciated.

    In response to your question on the videos…yes I do love love love the videos as its so much easier to learn something new by watching versus reading the procedure

  11. I saw my card and stickers I gave in David’s photo. How fun is that! Thanks for sharing this with us. I have another envelope just waiting to go to the post office. Thank you for putting this together.

  12. These are so sweet. It’s nice to see how the little bit that you can do is really helping. I have enjoyed making cards for these kids as have my children. Having been through similar things in our home, it’s nice to know we can return the kindnesses we rec’d. Thank you for all you do in organizing and carrying this out.

  13. It is so amazing to see how a little card can impact so many and thanks for passing them on. I want to tell you that I love all of your videos. They teach me so much! I have seen a lot of tutorials out there but none compare to yours. The instructions and detail to technique is amazing. I think the thing that comes through is your love for what you do and the love you have for others.

  14. Thank you for letting us be part of this very special ministry. What a blessing!
    I just now saw your post asking about your videos…I love seeing your videos – always so inspiring and convey things that maybe don’t come across in photos. Thanks for sharing your creativity (and amazing techniques).

  15. I love hearing about these children and how excited they get when they receive cards. Thank you, Jennifer, for organizing — just one of the many wonderful things you do.

  16. this weekend my eyes were opened.

    my husband of 20 years gave me 20 valentine’s day cards…one for each year. i can’t tell you how fun it was to receive a huge stack of cards to open! honestly, it ranks up there at the top of the list of cool things that have happened to me in my life. i wanted that moment to last forever.

    and so, i shall send you cards for these delightful, precious children.

    I GET IT!!

  17. Jennifer & gang: Thank you so much for doing this. I have been a card angel to someone going through cancer treatment for over a year now & she has said over & over how getting a cute card in the mail with kind words how it makes her smile even on the hard days. My kids & I were talking today about what we can do for lent & they decided to make cards for these kids each week. Let’s hope that they get some smiles. They are so amazing & have wonderful families. This really is a wonderful thing that you are doing.

  18. Hi Jennifer,

    I missed this post between visits to your blog. (Iโ€™m behind on too much stuff right now). But I didnโ€™t want to miss the chance to thank you for sharing this. I LOVE the pics of the kids with some of their cards and the sweet comments from their families. That the cards brightened the spirits of these sweet kids and their families – even for a few moments – makes me so happy. Itโ€™s so good to be reminded to reach out to someone in need and that it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to be appreciated. Thank you!

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