Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope it is a good one for you all.  We are celebrating Ken's birthday today, too (it is later this week) and so it is a fun day all around.  It is especially on days like this that I feel extremely blessed to have such a fabulous husband.  I am so thankful.  So very thankful.

And I just have a quick question.  If you are a fan on my videos, could you leave a comment on this post letting me know?  I have a question I want to ask of some of you.  Thanks!

(ETA: Thanks – I didn't expect so many comments!  You all are too kind.  I have emailed a few of you – just needed a handful of people – thanks!)

Off to hug my family… 🙂

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348 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. You are my go-to gal for video tutorials! Love them. Sorry I didn’t get to take a class last August at Stamp Away! I came from CT to OH for the preview party. I’m getting to be a Hero Arts junkie..

  2. i think i have watched every one of your videos – they are well done, very little down time – very professional. Keep them coming!

  3. YOU are my absolute favorite to watch on video….watch you EVERY single day – you are an endless source of wonderful inspiration!

  4. I love you videos! You find a way to put alot of info. in just one video. Have tried many different techhiques after seeing how easy they seem in the videos!
    Happy Heart Day!

  5. Hello Jennifer, Just another one of your fans letting you know how much we love you. I think that what impresses me most is your humbleness. I think I have it right by saying that in your former life you were an engineer. It is so awesome to see the change that you have made and what a difference it has made in your life. I love that Christ is part of your life and though you don’t say much about Him, You let His light shine thru. Thanks so much for all you do. PS Ask me, Ask me! LOL!

  6. I absolutely love your videos Jennifer!! I have learned SOOO much and I love your technique and just the way you make everything look so easy!! Hope you had a very Happy Valentine’s Day with your family 🙂

  7. Hello! I enjoy all your videos very much! I subscribe to you on YouTube. I also subscribe to Hero Arts, so I see your videos there as well. Also, all the Thinking Inking at Two Peas…Are there any more? lol Several have been saved in my favorites for reference when I need them. I thank you now! :o)

  8. Hi, Jennifer! I love watching your videos. Often, I will play the video as I try the technique. Helps me so much! Thank you for sharing all your work with us.

  9. ol..u are kidding right? HUGE FAN! and Im..not kidding! HUGE! I love the way you present…so clear, understandable, often answering my next question before I ask it! like you have a crystal ball…really…I yearn for yours…can’t say that about all tutorials I see…ty for asking…cher

  10. I really enjoy your videos. They have introduced me to so many new products and wonderful techniques. You also edit the videos so there is no wasted time. I do look forward to any new video you post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us!

  11. yes, Jennifer I watch your helpful videos! they are so much help for me since I don’t live near a LSS or know anyone to ask questions! 🙂

  12. I haven’t tried much of the techniques, but have saved a few to do and bought the stamps you used—-you are a good enabler and I love your videos! Just keep it up–except I’m afraid you are burning the candle at both end. 🙂

  13. Happy Valentines Day Jennifer

    Love your vides? HECK YES, Total fan. I so look forward to them and so does my granddaughter. And gosh do we adore that little boy of yours, he is a sweetie.

  14. Totally a big fan of your videos. I have to tell you I watch them on my iPhone on the train going to/from work. Once in the Thinking Inking video you had embossing powder in a container and you were spooning it out and heating it up. I had my headphones on, but I noticed the woman sitting next to me was glancing at it and she gave such a look – I don’t think she knew what embossing powder was and I think she thought I was watching something dealing with narcotics. She got up and left before I could explain. Oops. I got a chuckle from it.

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day Jennifer! I am very new to stamping and have been watching your videos for the awesoe techniques that you share. Thank you very much for them! Keep up the great work.

  16. Your videos are the best. I go over them again and again, and see something new every single time. Please keep making them!

    I also love that your husband invented “Press and Seal”! We have our patients cover their incisions after their surgery with it, it keeps them dry. I always wanted to let someone know about this new use for it! Tell him thank you for me!

  17. I am a HUGE fan of your video’s Jennifer! they are the first ones I ever watched when starting card making.
    thank you so much for taking the time to make them.


  18. Happy Valentines Day Jennifer and Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband Ken! I too am blessed with an awesome guy and we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary 2 weeks from now! I love your videos as they show how fast and easy it can be to get fabulous results with fun products. It doesn’t have to take an hour to make a great card!
    Kathy Camasso
    PS, thanks for sharing the notes and photos of the kids with cards. It does the heart good! Who needs prizes when you see that?!

  19. I love, love, love your videos!! They have helped me so much to improve my stamping and card making – thank you so much for doing them!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. As everyone before me has said you’ve pretty much nailed it with video tutorials. Everything about them is exceptional from the positioning of your camera to your clear and concise instructions to your easy-listening voice. Hey we even like it when you get ink all over your fingers ! Seriously, you just seem to have a knack for getting across to us (slightly) less-talented card makers how easy and do-able your different techniques are. Is it any wonder all us girls consistently keep coming back to you. Don’t change anything !

  21. Another fan of your videos checking in! I refer back to them often and look forward to seeing what you will do next – thank you for sharing your tips and for inspiring me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  22. Fan? More like stalker!LOL…If it wasn’t for your videos I wouldn’t know all those cool techniques I’ve learned!And my wallet would be a lot fatter!

  23. I really love your videos. You are an excellent teacher and I have learned so much from you. You have re-energized my love of stamping, and especially, my Hero Art stamps. Thanks again.you

  24. Happy Birthday and valentine wishes to your family! My daughter and I (she is 5 years old) both love your videos. They are always fun and inspiring.

  25. Hi Jennifer

    I live in Australia and I absolutely adore your videos so much, it is nice to find more information on certain things that we sometimes don’t have information for out here, your videos are always so informative and such a pleasure to watch as is reading your blog.

    Thank you so much for all the lovely inspiration that you give us we are all truly blessed to have someone like you in our lives each day.


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