Giveaway and links…

Hello, everyone.

I forgot I promised a giveaway to someone who has recently left me a comment. I have an extra set of these cute Cosmo Cricket papers to share…


And the lucky winner is Debi.  I emailed you.

Also have some cool links…

  • Lovin' THIS first layout.
  • THIS makes me happy.  Love Kelly.  Love Papertrey.  Proof that good things happen to good people.
  • If you are looking to feel better and be healthy, check out THIS book.  It is a quiiiick read and gives you simple, straight-up tips on ways to treat your body better.  (Example: "Avoid foods that are advertised on TV."  Think about it – they never advertise healthy stuff!)  We have been going by these rules more and more and I can't tell you how much better i am feeling.  Wow.  It really is easy and tasty. 
  • On the healthy note, I would recommend seeing if there is a CSA near you.  What a great and easy way to get a bushel of yummy fresh fruit each week.
  • Super cute card HERE.
  • I get a lot of questions about Copic Markers.  I will address this sometime soon.  But in the meantime, check out THIS post by Debbie – she is amazing.  She evens suggests her fave colors.
  • THIS card is brilliant – so funny!
  • Big giveaways HERE.
  • CK is doing a fun superbowl gig.  Check it out HERE.

Oh, and a quick enabling bit. :)  I had this stamp made to stamp on the back of cards I make.  I have several different ones, but this is my fave.  The gal who I bought it from was so nice… I ordered another.  Click HERE to order from her – she has great feedback.  Here is my stamp: (Bad photo – iPhone.)


And for all your kind angels out there sending in cards for the Cards for Kids drive… I will soon link ya up to the new prizes and such.  More soon!

Off to work on some video editing… videos just for you all… night!