Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System

Awhile back, I shared how I store my clear stamps in binders.  (You can see the video HERE.)  This system works very well and I highly recommend it.  However, since I stamp a lot and have to quickly work on assignments, I needed something quicker to flip through.

So… I came up with another system I love.  I still keep my less-used stamps in the binders, but I put my more-used stamps on this spin rack.  I also have my cling stamps here, too.

Thought I would do a video of this new system for you.  Please forgive my rambling – I am on quite a few get-over-this-ear-infection meds. 🙂  AND, if you like this new system, it is on sale at 2peas – for 50% off!  Click HERE to find it.  I bought two of the Simply Renee Clip It Minis and stacked them together.  You could also the get Jumbo and do the same and hold even more.  I am so excited… I love how this works for me!

Here is the video of the spin racks…

And here is the old video of my binder system…

By the way, those sleeves that the stamps are in?  HERE they are.  When I put them on the rack, I cut them in half.  Works fab and easy to get into.

And, if you wanted to see the other types of systems similar to this (but all on sale 50% off), you can click HERE.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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111 thoughts on “Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System”

  1. Smile Colin – that boy is so dang cute.
    Like this idea for stamps, it would certainly keep me more organized. Thanks for having a scrap space that looks like mine does – but mine looks like that more often than not. It’s my granddaughter’s favorite space to be in our house, so I often see her doing just what Colin is – “working” Too cute.

  2. you crack me up. Love the mess, the cuties.. but especially the stamps hanging up. You are so smart. 😉 I too continually evaluate what I’m doing and what isn’t working. I’m glad you found something that is working for you. 😀

  3. Hi Jennifer….I just want to watch Colin lol..He is SOOOOOOOOOOO adorable….that smile melts ya! I too tried to get it at the price, but alas it is sold out and it wont let me add myself to I know when they get them again…and Reness doesn’t ever sell them half off lol…I love the system tho…already have some Renee products…and I am thrilled you know how to make a mess …AND LET IT BE! lol…feel better…and do another video of that bundle of cuteness…xox

  4. Your son Colin is a real sweetheart, loved the video, my mess
    is just as bad if not worse, it`s all over the house and not
    contained to one room! I seriously need some organization help.

  5. Thanks for the video—that looks like a cool system!

    Colin is so SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just curious?—you seem to be wearing banaids alot—PAPERCUTS?

  6. Hey Jennifer, Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to share your organizing tips. I love seeing Colin and his smile and your MESSY studio. Really happy to see that! Enjoy your date night and the new mini van! Hugs,kathy

  7. Oh Jennifer, Colin is SOOOO CUTE! Thanks for the glimpse into your “real life”, I LOVE it! I also use the Clip it Up system for my stamps and stickers. It does work great, since it makes things easy to find. Thanks for the adorable video :}
    ~Rachel in Sacramento

  8. AWESOME! I have a little Colin too… At 16 months, he’s not QUITE at the “whispering to avoid being on the video” stage… 🙂 Thanks for the laugh today (and the great tips, too)…

  9. Love the Clip It Up!
    I have a 2-tier set up but I use them for my alpha stickers.
    Recently I pulled a bunch of alphas off and put them on binder rings ’cause I was going to a crop and wanted to bring a selection. That really seemed to work pretty well; I could just drop them all into some sort of carrying envelope or case.
    So I might be converting my Clip It Up to stamps, too; I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m going to give it a lot of thought!

  10. Your Colin is such a sweetie pie! Couldn’t help smiling when he gave those smiles for the camera. Reminded me of my boy when he was that age! Thanks!
    I was about to give away my Clip it up system, but now I have a new use for it! Thanks for the enabling! You’re the best!

    Louise C.

  11. Like everyone else I agree colin is a cutie. My son is collin’s age but currently going threw speech classes, lets me take a peek of what it will be like when he starts saying clear sentence’s LOL. Right now I just say “HUH okay honey” LOL. Clear stamp Idea was awesome thanks for showing.

  12. Colin and Roxie are adorable……love you system….wish I had that many to have to worry about a system….also I’m glad to see your craft room like that….I guess we are all like that…messy when we play….thanks for the video…

  13. Hey Jennifer, you have to check out Kathy’s blog..she was so inspired with the butterflies that you’ve been doing..she made a ton of them and put it as her blog banner…
    Since you love butterflies, I thought you would love to see what superb work she’s done…they are just about ready to fly off..

    Here’s here blog add..


  14. I had aready thought of putting mine on the clip-it mini’s. I’ve been waiting for their arrival. But I like the DVD holders as a save-guard against the stamps fallng out. Have already lost a few of the smaller alpha stamps. Thanks for the tips

  15. Jen – what a great idea!!!! I do wonder if you could tell me how you stacked the two units……did you need to get an extender or were you able to just put the two on top of one another?


  16. thanks for the ideas for storing the clear stamps – mine need redoing. love the peek at colin – what a cutie!

  17. Colin Rocks!!! Rory just saw him and yelled, “That’s my friend…he’ 4 and I’m 4”
    (I can’t remember saying anything about Colin’s age to Rory…??? Do 4 year olds recognize each other? LOL!!!
    I love your new system! Absolutely agree that having them out and accessible that way will help to put them back and away a binder, I’d let my stack up and put them away when they were in my way!
    Great video..thanks for sharing your new system with us!

  18. Thanks for sharing this system with us – love that you put in on video – visual is so much better – Also thanks for letting us know that it is on sale. Colin is so cute – you are one awesome mom.

  19. very cool.
    I actually use your binder system and I love it.
    I have pulled out my stamps that I am using for a project and put it in a flip file index so I can flip through them quickly.
    (of course, this only works because I don’t have millions of stamps)…

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!


  20. Looks like a great system. I do have a question, though, on storing your PTI stamps. How do you deal with the separate index label for the stamps? Do you put the label on a piece of acylic and then stick the stamps to that? I have lots of PTI and just wondering how that works. Thanks for the video and Colin is a cutie!

  21. Now I have another reason to want the spinner racks…too bad they are sold out. I just love how your scrapspace looks, lots of great ideas.

  22. Jennifer,
    I love your idea. I have been using your binder system for my clear stamps, but may have to change. Colin is so sweet. It was so nice seeing him.

  23. thanks for sharing. I am using your binder organizational method right now and I since I don’t have that many stamps, it works great. Maybe some day, I can move to the next phase into the clip it up! feel better soon!

  24. Oh my – what an adorable video. A very handy storage tip, and a cute (if a little reluctant!) co-star. Thanks for sharing that.

  25. Since your fantastic tip a while back, I’ve been keeping up with my favourite blogs with Google Reader, which has been a real time saver for me, but has also meant that I’ve not been leaving comments as I just check and run. Your fab video has moved me out of my Reader solitude to say thanks for sharing a) your storage, b) your mess (love it – makes me feel better) and c) your gorgeous son. All three made me smile (though Colin got the biggest smile) 😀

  26. What a cutie your son is!

    And thanks for the tips on storing stamps…I’ve been researching storage options and this one looks totally worth the $!

  27. Love that Colin is cute even when he’s feeling anti-social!! You are truly blessed.
    TFS the stamp storage idea, I may well invest!

  28. Jennifer, LOVE the system you use… thanks for sharing. Love seeing your craft room less than perfect… makes you a more of a mere mortal and less of a creative goddess!!!!! LOL!!!! Colin is a cutie ! so like my boys….

  29. All I can say is “Wow”!! I so wish I was as organized as you. I just love your clip system for the clear stamps. I just recently started getting into clear stamps and so far have just kept them in their orginal packing in a drawer. I don’t have too many right now and stamp so infrequently that I might start with your binder system. I have something similar for my stickers.

    Thanks as always for the great ideas!!!

  30. Thanks for sharing the storage info…..I get SO MUCH from your blog!
    Your son is sooo adorable. It made me misty cause I remember my now eight year old at that age….watch out because Colin will be eight soon before you know it.

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