Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System

Awhile back, I shared how I store my clear stamps in binders.  (You can see the video HERE.)  This system works very well and I highly recommend it.  However, since I stamp a lot and have to quickly work on assignments, I needed something quicker to flip through.

So… I came up with another system I love.  I still keep my less-used stamps in the binders, but I put my more-used stamps on this spin rack.  I also have my cling stamps here, too.

Thought I would do a video of this new system for you.  Please forgive my rambling – I am on quite a few get-over-this-ear-infection meds. πŸ™‚  AND, if you like this new system, it is on sale at 2peas – for 50% off!  Click HERE to find it.  I bought two of the Simply Renee Clip It Minis and stacked them together.  You could also the get Jumbo and do the same and hold even more.  I am so excited… I love how this works for me!

Here is the video of the spin racks…

And here is the old video of my binder system…

By the way, those sleeves that the stamps are in?  HERE they are.  When I put them on the rack, I cut them in half.  Works fab and easy to get into.

And, if you wanted to see the other types of systems similar to this (but all on sale 50% off), you can click HERE.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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111 thoughts on “Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System”

  1. colin is so cute! thanks for sharing your new set-up … i still haven’t gotten mine in the binder i got months ago. lol! and love that you showed us your desk in it’s messy stage πŸ™‚

  2. Colin is adorable! (I even brought my mom in the room to see him lol).

    This is a great idea. I now need more stamps and counter/table space πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am using the binde system you suggested, and it had been working great for me. Have a good weekend!@

  4. I have watched the video about 10 times, but only the first 45 seconds or so. My daughter who is 4 thinks Colin is “cute”. So is Roxie. Love your new system.

  5. Jennifer, Thanks for letting us know about this system!! Love it!! I have a request….Could you make a video of just Colin? I would watch it over and over again!!! He reminds me so much of when my boys were that age!! Enjoy every minute you have with him!! Before ya know it, they are grown and gone!! He is just the cutest!! Always makes me giggle!

  6. This system is fab! Thank you sooo much for showing your “mess” – I do feel so much better now! Colin is such a cutie and Roxy is, too! Hope your meds work and you are feeling fine again, soon!

  7. I have to say, Collin is just adorable, ‘specially his smile! Love your new storage system…I have the problem where…if I don’t see it…I don’t use it, so this is a great idea for me…thanks!

  8. Jennifer, Colin is adorable!!!!

    Love your new system, I’d love to use it oo but I have a very small space. so I’ll keep use my binder system.

    oh, I love your messy desk πŸ˜‰

  9. Jennifer,

    I like your “new” stamp storage system. I’m looking for a sample card storage system to display all my cards. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

  10. Thanks for the great videos Jennifer. Colin is absolutely adorable and so funny! Love seeing your storage systems – I really need to get organised. I’m so glad to see your workspace isn’t always perfect – now I know I’m not the only one!

  11. You’re son is seriously cute, what a sweet heart! I loved the look after you asked if he was being anti-social.

    Right now I store most of my stamps in a binder system but I have no idea what I have because I never look… this would probably be a great thing for me. I like how you used the CD sleeves, I’d probably cut that top flap off though so I could just pull them out easily. Love this idea and those racks are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. That’s a great storage system! I have a big storage problem with my stamps. The only thing that would worry me, would be that the stamps would get too much sun and light, but that is because my study gets a lot of sun througout the day.

  13. Thanks for the storage tips. The small one is already sold out at that great price. I was wondering how folks like that system so good to know and I will keep my eyes out for it.

  14. Great storage idea! My one binder of clear stamps is full and my Cling stamps often go neglected because their hiding in a box waiting for a proper home. Do you happen to know what the diameter of the clip it up mini is when it’s full of stamps? I have ONE spot I could possibly put it…
    Colin’s too cute (as always)… and it’s great to see your space all messy. πŸ™‚

  15. I have the Clip it Up too & highly recommend it to all your readers!! I can easily access all of my clear stamps & I even clip my HA Notecards on it. Works fantastic!

    I do want to mention that I hang my stamps up by the packaging they come in. I love the idea of using the CD envelopes, though. This would work for those stamps that I don’t have packaging (I’ve had some packaging completely rip or have been lost). Thanks for the tip!

    Loved seeing your workspace messy…just means you are making great things! Colin’s a cutie…have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  16. thank you so much for sharing your storage systems with us. I have been wondering about storing my clear and clings from hero arts. I am starting to get quite a pile and needed something….Now to just get a room like yours…messy or not!!

  17. I like your way of storing clear stamps. I have notebooks full of them but haven’t found those cd rom protective sheets…I’ll have to look for them. thanks, stamping sue

  18. Love your video!!! Colin is such a cutie – so full of personality and charm. And of course, Roxie! Good to see your studio in such a mess. I mean that in a great way!!! Hugs to you!!!

  19. Colin is so CUTE! He was cracking me up how serious he was about not being on the video….good job mom! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea of storing stamps–it looks GREAT!

  20. I love this system. I’m currently using your binder storage but haven’t been able to find the CD pockets. Can you tell me where to find them? Hi Colin.

  21. Collin is so adorable and funny! Glad you included that in the video! Thanks for sharing this storage solution and unfortunately it’s sold out at two peas already. Oh well… Thanks Jennifer!

  22. What an awesome organization system, it’s great for a small space. I will have to give it a try. Colin is sooo cute!

  23. Oh, what great ideas. Right now all my clear stamps are in a grocery sack in my crafting pile. This would make things so much easier.

  24. hi,
    just found your blog a couple days ago. It inspired me to try more techniques
    (I went and bought some perfect pearls and crackle paint and just love the results!!). Thanks for sharing all those how-to videos, can’t wait for more πŸ˜‰
    have a nice weekend!

  25. Jennifer

    I hope you are feeling so much better. You cracked me up with your entertaining video:) Love the clip up idea very fast to store and at
    a glance you see what you own. Sb room shows you have been working very
    hard designing cool projects for CHA:) I am sure you have lots of
    projects to show us on the blog soon after you’re feeling better. Colin
    warms my heart. I love his sweetness. By the way my sb room is looking just
    like yours after the card drive.

    Sandi N.

  26. Your Colin is so stinkin’ cute πŸ™‚ And I thank you for sharing your messy environment…I will be sharing with my husband as reinforcement for my mess…I say, messes happen-it’s one of the perks of creativity! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your new storage system!

  27. Following your binder lead I recently moved most of my clear stamps into page protectors and have them in heavy duty magazine files that I just pull out. I am really pleased with this as I am now using more stamps than just my favorites πŸ™‚

  28. Awesome video! I love the CD holders, going to have to get some of those. I just started on a DT for a store with no kit club and I think the CIU would be great for storing all the products that I own that the store carries so I know what I can use on projects.
    Thanks, Jennifer! πŸ˜€
    ps~love your room
    pps~love Colin!

  29. Man, that Colin is going to be a heart breaker–Too cute! Love your set up with the clip system–Sad that I didn’t see your post sooner because the set you have is sold out now (Although I don’t have a single surface available to set it on right now so maybe it’s for the best. LOL!) Loved seeing your mess too–Looks like mine right now. πŸ™‚

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