Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System

Awhile back, I shared how I store my clear stamps in binders.  (You can see the video HERE.)  This system works very well and I highly recommend it.  However, since I stamp a lot and have to quickly work on assignments, I needed something quicker to flip through.

So… I came up with another system I love.  I still keep my less-used stamps in the binders, but I put my more-used stamps on this spin rack.  I also have my cling stamps here, too.

Thought I would do a video of this new system for you.  Please forgive my rambling – I am on quite a few get-over-this-ear-infection meds. 🙂  AND, if you like this new system, it is on sale at 2peas – for 50% off!  Click HERE to find it.  I bought two of the Simply Renee Clip It Minis and stacked them together.  You could also the get Jumbo and do the same and hold even more.  I am so excited… I love how this works for me!

Here is the video of the spin racks…

And here is the old video of my binder system…

By the way, those sleeves that the stamps are in?  HERE they are.  When I put them on the rack, I cut them in half.  Works fab and easy to get into.

And, if you wanted to see the other types of systems similar to this (but all on sale 50% off), you can click HERE.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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111 thoughts on “Video: New Clear/Cling Stamp Storage System”

  1. Super!

    Thanks for letting me know! I am going to give it a try because I have way too many stamps that don’t get used because I forget I have them 🙂


  2. great idea. will try this…then maybe I will do more stamping. thanks for sharing…and your son is tooooo stinkin’ CUTE!!!!!…

  3. Just wondering a year later if you still like this as well and what do you think about it being out in the open to catch dust?

  4. Thank you for sharing!! I just purchased the large floor style clip it and it is so worth it!! I have it sitting close to my worktable and all I need to do is reach over and and choose a stamp or stamp set. I love the idea of using the soft plastic CD holders – perfect for the ones that I also threw away the packaging. Having my stamps organized and close at hand has allowed me more time to create!
    I appreciate your thoughtfulness in thinking about our everyday needs as we all become more experienced in stamping. Take care!

  5. That Colin, what a cutie patootie pie. Wish my 7 year old grandson was still his age and size. So enjoyed watching him on your video. Please keep sharing him with us.
    Also enjoyed your stamp storage solution. Only problem was that when I clicked on your links, it didn’t take me where it should.
    Oh, by the way, Kay does rock. She did a super job.
    Have fun with the kiddies, especially that new precious little bundle.

  6. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas. I just came across your videos and just love all the tips and examples you give! Your son is adorable! Happy Scrapbooking!

  7. Hi…Love the ease of finding your acrylic stamps with your new system, but what about the ones that come on longer acrylic sheets? Do you just cut them down to size to fit in the cd holders? Thanks….

  8. Great article! I loved the ighnist and also the advice given . In addition, your writing style is very fun to read. If you have time kindly make sure you visit my brand new blog and let me know what you think.

  9. I, I check the link for the sleeve end it dosent work. it’s not the same than we see on the video
    But aniway I love your methode of work
    I’m from Canada Québec Bye

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